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X-Ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods V
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Volume Number: 11839
Date Published: 13 October 2021

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Front Matter: Volume 11839
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent advances in nano-scale spatial resolution x-ray microscopy instrumentation at NSLS-II
Author(s): E. Nazaretski; Wei Xu; H. Yan; X. Huang; Weihe Xu; N. Bouet; J. Zhou; D. S. Coburn; L. Huang; Y. Yang; A. Kiss; M. Idir; Y. S. Chu
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X-ray microscopy developments at Sirius-LNLS: first commissioning experiments at the Carnauba beamline
Author(s): Hélio C. N. Tolentino; Renan R. Geraldes; Gabriel B. Z. L. Moreno; Artur C. Pinto; Cassiano S. N. C. Bueno; Leonardo M. Kofukuda; Anna P. S. Sotero; Antonio C. P. Neto; Francesco R. Lena; Willian H. Wilendorf; Giovanni L. Baraldi; Sergio A. L. Luiz; Carlos S. B. Dias; Carlos A. Pérez; Itamar T. Neckel; Douglas Galante; Veronica C Teixeira; Dean Hesterberg
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Design of the in situ nanoprobe beamline at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Jörg Maser; Vincent De Andrade; Steven Kearney; Jonathan Knopp; Barry Lai; Tim Mooney; Curt Preissner; Luca Rebuffi; Ruben Reininger; Oliver Schmidt; Xianbo Shi; Christian Roehrig; Deming Shu; Si Chen
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Fast multi-scale x-ray imaging
Author(s): Christoph Rau; Darren J. Batey; Andrew J. Bodey; Silvia Cipiccia; Peng Li; Shashidhara Marathe; Malte Storm; Gunjan Das; Ralf Ziesche
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Development of a user-friendly time resolved scanning transmission x-ray microscope at the Advanced Light Source
Author(s): Hendrik Ohldag; Thomas Feggeler; David Shapiro; Yatish Kumar; Gregory Portman; Eric Norum; Anastasiia Butko
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Visualization of shocked material instabilities using a fast-framing camera and XFEL four-pulse train
Author(s): Daniel Hodge; Silvia Pandolfi; Yanwei Liu; Kenan Li; Anne Sakdinawat; Mathew Seaberg; Philip Hart; Eric Galtier; Dimitri Khaghani; Sharon Vetter; Chandra B. Curry; Franz-Joseph Decker; Bob Nagler; Hae J. Lee; Cindy Bolme; Kyle Ramos; Pawel M Kozlowski; David S. Montgomery; Matthew S. Dayton; Leora Dresselhaus-Marais; Suzanne Ali; Liam D. Claus; Marcos O. Sanchez; Thomas Carver; Richard L. Sandberg; Arianna Gleason
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Image-based wavefront measurement for full-field x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Yuto Tanaka; Satoshi Matsuyama; Takato Inoue; Nami Nakamura; Jumpei Yamada; Yoshiki Kohmura; Makina Yabashi; Kazuhiko Omote; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Color ptychography with a hyperspectral x-ray camera
Author(s): Wiebe Stolp; Silvia Cipiccia; Sander Vanheule; Darren Batey; Frederic van Assche; Matthieu N. Boone
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Soft x-ray linear dichroic ptychography: the study of crystal orientation in biominerals
Author(s): Vanessa Schoeppler; Matthew A. Marcus; Young-Sang Yu; Richard S. Celestre; Karen C. Bustillo; Roger Falcone; David A. Shapiro
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Multi-slice ptychography for continuous object within the depth of field
Author(s): Yi Jiang; Junjing Deng; Yudong Yao; Jeffrey A. Klug; Zhonghou Cai; Barry Lai; Stefan Vogt
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Ptychopy: GPU framework for ptychographic data analysis
Author(s): Ke Yue; Junjing Deng; Yi Jiang; Youssef Nashed; David Vine; Stefan Vogt
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X-ray tomography reconstruction with machine learning: a study focusing on accuracy and fidelity
Author(s): Jiayong Zhang; Mingyuan Ge; Thomas Flynn; Sandeep Mittal
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Reconstruction with nonrigid alignment in tomography and 3D ptychography
Author(s): Viktor Nikitin; Vincent De Andrade; Doga Gursoy; Francesco De Carlo
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High-resolution phase-sensitive x-ray imaging technique based on the bilens system in an advanced optical layout
Author(s): M. Sorokovikov; D. Zverev; V. Yunkin; S. Kuznetsov; I. Snigireva; A. Snigirev
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Hard x-ray nano-XANES and implementation deep learning tools for multi-modal chemical imaging
Author(s): Ajith Pattammattel; Ryan Tappero; Yong S. Chu; Mingyuan Ge; Dmitri Gavrilov; Xiaojing Huang; Hanfei Yan
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Recent progress in precision mirror optics for synchrotron-based x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Kazuto Yamauchi
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Attosecond chronoscopy on solids
Author(s): Reinhard Kienberger
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Dynamic x-ray detectors for high-energy-density experiments in high density
Author(s): Sabrina R. Nagel
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