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Polarization Science and Remote Sensing X
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Volume Number: 11833
Date Published: 20 August 2021

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Front Matter: Volume 11833
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
UV linear stokes imaging of optically thin clouds
Author(s): Clarissa M. DeLeon; James Heath; W. Reed Espinosa; Dong Wu; Meredith Kupinski
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Cloud thermodynamic phase measured with a low-cost, ground-based, all-sky imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Musaddeque A. Syed; Erica Venkatesulu; Joseph A. Shaw
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CloudCT 3D volumetric tomography: considerations for imager preference, comparing visible light, short-wave infrared, and polarized imagers
Author(s): Masada Tzabari; Vadim Holodovsky; Omer Shubi; Eshkol Eytan; Orit Altaratz; Ilan Koren; Anna Aumann; Klaus Schilling; Yoav Y. Schechner
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3D cloud tomography and droplet size retrieval from multi-angle polarimetric imaging of scattered sunlight from above
Author(s): Aviad Levis; Anthony B. Davis; Jesse R. Loveridge; Yoav Y. Schechner
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Pale polarized dots: spectropolarimetry of the Earth as an exoplanet with LOUPE
Author(s): Dora Klindžić; Frans Snik; Daphne M. Stam; Christoph U. Keller; Thijs Stockmans; H. Jens Hoeijmakers; Dirk M. van Dam; Michele Willebrands; Theodora Karalidi; Vidhya Pallichadath; Chris N. van Dijk; M. Esposito
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Snapshot spectral imaging using Solc-based multivariate optical filters and pixelated polarization cameras
Author(s): Michael W. Kudenov; Ali Altaqui; Cranos Williams
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Jones matrix holography with metasurfaces
Author(s): Noah A. Rubin; Aun Zaidi; Ahmed H. Dorrah; Zhujun Shi; Federico Capasso
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Structured and unstructured modulation and reconstruction of DoFP image data
Author(s): Connor J. Flannery; Qiwei Li; Joe Kurtz; Andrey S. Alenin; J. Scott Tyo
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Fieldable Mueller matrix imaging spectropolarimeter using a hybrid spatial and temporal modulation scheme
Author(s): Michael W. Kudenov; Danny Krafft; Clifton G. Scarboro; Colleen J. Doherty; Peter Balint-Kurti
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Single-shot omnidirectional Stokes polarimetry using radially polarized light
Author(s): Mahdi Eshaghi; Aristide Dogariu
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Polarimetric characterization of a monochromator to measure the spectral response of a pixelated polarization imager
Author(s): Erica Venkatesulu; Musaddeque A. Syed; Joseph A. Shaw
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Comparing the polarimetric response of hyperspectral imagers
Author(s): Riley D. Logan; Erica Venkatesulu; Joseph A. Shaw
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Stokes resolved differential temperature: an important metric of polarimetric precision in the long-wave infrared
Author(s): Kira A. Hart Shanks; Russell A. Chipman; Dong L. Wu; Meredith K. Kupinski
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Performance limitations in optical retarders
Author(s): Tom Baur; Michael Kraemer
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Spectral and imaging Mueller polarimetry for the metrology, sensing, and biomedical diagnosis
Author(s): Tatiana Novikova
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Calibration and demonstration of a snapshot Mueller matrix spectropolarimeter
Author(s): Nathan Hagen
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Spatial polarization modulators: distinguishing diffraction effects from spatial polarization modulation
Author(s): Willeke Mulder; David S. Doelman; Christoph U. Keller; C.H. Lucas Patty; Frans Snik
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Full characterization of the instrumental polarization effects of the spectropolarimetric mode of SCExAO/CHARIS
Author(s): Joost G. J. 't Hart; Rob G. van Holstein; Steven P. Bos; Jasper Ruigrok; Frans Snik; Julien Lozi; Olivier Guyon; Tomoyuki Kudo; Jin Zhang; Nemanja Jovanovic; Barnaby Norris; Marc-Antoine Martinod; Tyler D. Groff; Jeffrey Chilcote; Thayne Currie; Motohide Tamura; Sébastien Vievard; Ananya Sahoo; Vincent Deo; Kyohoon Ahn; Frantz Martinache; Jeremy Kasdin
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Near-monostatic angular Mueller matrix measurements using a simple laser polarimeter
Author(s): Nathaniel J. Field; Michael R. Roddewig; Joseph A. Shaw
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Mueller matrix BRDF measurements using random sampling and fiber-coupled detectors
Author(s): Clifton G. Scarboro; Michael W. Kudenov
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An empirically-driven model for reflective-band polarization phenomenology
Author(s): Bradley M. Ratliff; Andrew J. Niklas; Collin J. Bright
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Vispol: Open-source software modules for polarimetric imaging visualizations
Author(s): Andrew W. Kruse
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Panel Discussion on Light in Nature
Author(s): Katherine Creath; Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan; Lorian Schweikert; Joseph A. A. Shaw; Brian Vohnsen
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Deep learning based adaptive filtering technique for spectral–temporally modulated channeled spectropolarimetry
Author(s): Qiwei Li; Jiawei Song; Andrey S. Alenin; J. Scott Tyo
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Machine learning based adaptive channel filter in multi-domain modulated polarimeter
Author(s): Jiawei Song; Andrey Alenin; J.Scott Tyo; Qiwei Li
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