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French-Israeli Workshop on Solid State Lasers
Editor(s): Georges Boulon; Christian Klixbull Jorgensen; Renata Reisfeld

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Volume Number: 1182
Date Published: 1 December 1989

Table of Contents
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Excited States Of Laser-Emitting Ions
Author(s): Christian K. Jorgensen
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Single Crystalline Solid State Lasers Based On The Lanthanum Magnesium Hexaaluminate Matrix (LMA)
Author(s): D. Vivien
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Fluoride and Oxide Holmium Doped Lasers
Author(s): Yehoshua Kalisky
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The Tunable Laser Systems Based On The Transition Metal Ions : Laser Characteristics And Excited-State Spectroscopy
Author(s): R. Moncorge
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Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers at 2 and 3 micron for the Biomedical Field
Author(s): Leon Esterowitz
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Will Er3+ Become As Useful As Nd3+ In New Solid State Laser Materials?
Author(s): F. Auzel
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Raman Effect And Phonon Replicas In Ruby And Alexandrite Crystals
Author(s): Bernard Canny; Jean-Claude Chervin; Daniel Curie; Veronique Venkatapen; Liu Jing-Qing
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Stacking Faults Induced Luminescence In A Quasi One-Dimensional Material
Author(s): C. Andraud; F. Pelle; B. Blanzat
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Optimization Of Low Divergence-High Power Solid State Lasers
Author(s): T. de Saxce
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A New Design for Solid-State Lasers
Author(s): Itamar Shoshan; Haim Bezdin
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Rare Earths In Fluoride Glasses As Integrated Fiber Optics Sources
Author(s): Renata Reisfeld
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Fluoride Glasses, a New Host for Bulk and Fiber Lasers
Author(s): Jacques Lucas; Jean-Luc Adam
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Energy Transfer For Better Efficiency Of Nd(III) Lasers
Author(s): Marek Eyal
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Non-Radiative Energy Transfer in Doubly-Doped Solid-State Laser Materials
Author(s): S. R. Rotman; F. X. Hartmann
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The State Of Art Of Chromium And Neodymium Activator Ions In Oxyde Garnet Laser Hosts
Author(s): A. Monteil; G. Boulon; C. Garapon
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Excited State Dynamics Of Erbium, Thulium, Holmium Ions In Lithium Yttrium Fluoride And Fluoride Glasses
Author(s): C. Pedrini; A. Brenier; J. Rubin; R. Moncorge; B. Moine
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The Search for Solid State Fusion Lasers
Author(s): Marvin J. Weber
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(Ho,Tm,Er):YAG Crystals For 2.09µm LASER
Author(s): Y. Shimony; Y. Kalisky; J. Kagan; H. Lotem; Z. Goldbart
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Absorption and Fluorescence Investigation of Pr3+, Sm3+, Dy3+, Ho3+ and Er3+ in LaMgAl11O19 Single Crystals
Author(s): B. Viana; P. Derouineau; L. Gervat; D. Vivien; A. M. Lejus
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Perylene Dye In A Composite Sol-Gel Glass - A New Solid-State Tunable Laser In The Visible Range
Author(s): R. Reisfeld; D. Brusilovsky; M. Eyal; E. Miron; Z. Burshtein; J. Ivri
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