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Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics
Editor(s): Leon McCaughan; Mark A. Mentzer; Song-Tsuen Peng; Henry J. Wojtunik; Ka Kha Wong

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Volume Number: 1177
Date Published: 5 January 1990

Table of Contents
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Shallow Buried Waveguides Made By Purely Thermal Migration Of K+ Ions In Glass
Author(s): Peter C. Noutsios; Gar Lam Yip
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Thermal Tuning Of Wavelength Demultiplexers Monolithically Integrated On InGaAlAs/InP
Author(s): C. De Bernardi; S. Morasca; C. Rigo; A. Stano
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Laser Doppler Velocimeter With Multi-Function Integrated Optic Circuit
Author(s): P. G. Suchoski; J. P. Waters; M. R. Fernald
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Characterization Of Proton-Exchanged Optical Waveguides In Z-Cut LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Using Pyrophosphoric Acid
Author(s): John Nikolopoulos; Gar Lam Yip
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Proton-Exchanged Lithium Niobate Optical Waveguides Made From Phosphoric Acids: Detailed Studies And Comparisons With Guides Made With Benzoic Acid
Author(s): M. A. Faod; A. Loni; R. W. Keys; J. M. Winfield; R. M. De La Rue
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High Performance Proton-Exchange LiTaO[sub]3[/sub] Devices For Integrated Optical Sensor Applications
Author(s): K. K. Wong; T. G. Palanisamy; K. P. Dimitrov-Kuhl; H. van de Vaart
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Design Considerations for Ag Ion Implanted Waveguides in Glass
Author(s): Paul R. Ashley; Darrell K. Thomas; C. W. White
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Organic Materials In Future Integrated Opto-Electronic Circuits
Author(s): L. M Walpita
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Polymeric Guided Wave Optics
Author(s): A. McDonach; M. Copeland; G. R. Mohlmann; W. H. G. Horsthuis; M. B. J. Diemeer; F. M. M. Suyten; E. S. Trommel; P. Van Daele; E. Van Tomme; P. Fabre
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Polymeric Integrated Electro-Optic Modulators
Author(s): G. H. Cross; A. Donaldson; R. W. Gymer; S. Mann; N. J. Parsons; D. R. Haas; H. T. Man; H. N. Yoon
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Silica-based Single-Mode Guided-Wave Devices
Author(s): Norio Takato; Masao Kawachi; Motohiro Nakahara; Tadashi Miyashita
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Performance Considerations Of Lithium Niobate Modulators For Analogue Applications
Author(s): Martin Lawrence; David Parker; Richard Booth; Alan Beaumont
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Generation of Ti:LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Directional Coupler Based Photonic Switching Architectures With Optimal Substrate Real Estate Utilization
Author(s): Subrat Kar; A. Selvarajan
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A New Configuration Of An On-Board Optical Preprocessor On Lithium Niobate Waveguide
Author(s): Mario N. Armenise; Vittorio M. N. Passaro
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Integrated Optics for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Detection and Signal Processing
Author(s): W. Charczenko; H. Klotz; P. Matthews; A. R. Mickelson
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InGaAsP/InP Heterojunction Interface Lattice Mismatch Effect On LPE Crystal Quality
Author(s): Liu Yi-Chun; Xing Xu; Zhang Yue--Qing
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Relaxation of Optically Excited Gallium Arsenide Doping Superlattices
Author(s): M. S. Tobin; J. D. Bruno; C. A. Pennise
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Low Loss, High Performance Integrated Optic Wavelength Demultiplexers Fabricated By Na-K Ion Exchange On Glass
Author(s): C. De Bernardi; S. Morasca; D. Scarano
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GaAs/AIGaAs Guided-Wave Optical Ring Resonator
Author(s): A. Tate; M. Yanagisawa; Y. Ohmori; T. Miya; M. Kobayashi
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Bidirectional Method For Optical Channel Waveguide Attenuation Measurement By Detectors Integrated On The Wafer
Author(s): Jaakko Aarnio; Matti Leppihalme
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Optical Waveguiding In An Epitaxial Layer Of Silicon-Germanium Grown On Silicon
Author(s): Richard A. Soref; Fereydoon Namavar; Joseph P. Lorenzo
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Numerical Methods in Integrated Optics
Author(s): David Yevick; Teoretisk Fysik
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Numerical Modelling Of 2-D Field Assisted Ion-Exchange In Glass.
Author(s): Jacques Albert; John W. Y. Lit
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Numerical Modeling Of Optical Waveguide Nonuniform Directional Coupling Satisfying Power Conservation
Author(s): Hung-chun Chang; Je-Hsiung Lan
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Waveguide Fresnel Lenses For Integrated Optical Processors
Author(s): Giancarlo C. Righini; Giacomo Belli; Mauro Varasi; Antonello Vannucci
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Design Optimization And Implementation Of An Optical Ti:LiNbO3
Author(s): M. A. Sekerka-Bajbus; G. L. Yip
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Finite Element Solution Of Nonlinear Optical Waveguides
Author(s): B. M. A. Rahman
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Glass Sealing Of Optical Fibers
Author(s): Kathleen S. Abbott
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Packaging Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Author(s): Robert A. Boudreau; Joanne S. LaCourse
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Direct Coupling Of Single-Mode Nd Fiber Laser To Multimode Laser Diode Pump
Author(s): T. Haw; L. Zenteno; H. Po; N. M. Cho
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Space coherence effect of 1.3µm InGaAsP/InP DCC structure semiconductor laser
Author(s): Liu Yi-Chun; Dina Tie-Nan; Zhang Yue--Qing
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Radiation Damage Of Titanium Diffused Lithium Niobate Devices
Author(s): C. A. Jack; A. S. Kanofsky
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Radiation-Induced Attenuation In Integrated Optical Materials
Author(s): B. D. Evans
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Nuclear - Induced Refractive Index Effects Observed In Typical Guided Wave Devices
Author(s): E. W. Taylor; V. R. Wilson; A. D. Sanchez; S. De Walt; S. Chapman; M. L. Vigil; R. J. Padden
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Electro-optical mixing using GaAs Field Effect Transistors
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Ames; Luis Alberto Campos
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Fabrication of 1-Gigabaud Thick Film Optical Transmitter and Receiver
Author(s): M K Rao; Brian Lee
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Interferometric Pressure-Sensing System Using Ion-Exchanged Glass Waveguides
Author(s): F. Seguin; E. Johnstone; J. Lu
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Performance And Yield Of Pilot-Line Quantities Of Lithium Niobate Switches
Author(s): F. T. Stone; J. E. Watson; D. T. Moser; W. J. Minford
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Recent Developments in Integrated Optics at Crystal Technology
Author(s): Richard V. Johnson
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Use of MgO Indiffusion To Improve The Optical Performance Of Ti Indiffused LiNbO3 Waveguide Modulators
Author(s): D. R. Gibson; C. Sharp
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High Optical Power Performance Of High-Quality LiTa03 Integrated Optical Waveguide Devices
Author(s): T. Findakly; J. Farina; P. Suchoski; F. Leonberger
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Integrated Optical Devices With Grafted III-V Semiconductor Layers
Author(s): A. Yi-Yan
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Recent Developments In Magneto-Optic Waveguides
Author(s): Yasuyuki Okamura; Sadahiko Yamamoto
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Recent Developments in Integrated Optics Technology in Taiwan
Author(s): Ching-Yi Wu
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Effective Interaction Lengths In The Collinear Magnetostatic Wave - Optical Interaction
Author(s): Nykolai Bilaniuk; Daniel D. Stancil
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Robust Interfacing Of Integrated Optics With Optical Fibres Using A Self-Aligning Technique
Author(s): C Edge; M J Wale; F A Randle; D J Pedder
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Polymeric Optical Waveguides
Author(s): J. M. Hagerhorst-Trewhella; J. D. Gelorme; B. Fan; A. Speth; D. Flagello; M. M. Oprysko
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Optical Waveguides In GaAlAs/GaAs And GalnAs/InP Multiquantum Well Structures
Author(s): B L Weiss; A C Wismayer; N J Whitehead; W P Gillin
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Active Mode Locking Of A Brewster Angled Integrated Waveguide External Cavity Laser Diode
Author(s): R. Bachen; J. I. Vukusic; J. R. Cozens; M. Green
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Microwave Semiconductor Laser Nonlinear Characteristics and System Applications
Author(s): J. J. Pan; W. Z. Li
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New DFB Laser Module With Optical Isolator For High Bit Rate Communication Systems
Author(s): E. Grard; J. L. Beylat; A. Gateau; D. Mousseaux; J. P. Hebert; E. Duda
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Synthesizing of Sensitizing Glasses in Very Small Volumes and Strictly Controlled Atmospheres for Fiber and Integrated Optic Sensors
Author(s): Ryszard Stepien; Longin Kociszewski; Jan Buzniak; Ryszard S. Romaniuk
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1.3 µm Tilted-Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Author(s): Joanne S. LaCourse; William Rideout; Paul Gasloli; Edmund Meland
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