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New Methods in Microscopy and Low Light Imaging
Editor(s): John E. Wampler

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Volume Number: 1161
Date Published: 22 December 1989

Table of Contents
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3-Dimensional Microscopy Using Tilted Views
Author(s): Peter J. Shaw
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Three-Dimensional Analysis Of Molecular Distribution In Single Cells Using The Digital Imaging Microscope
Author(s): Fredric S. Fay; Walter Carrington; Larry M. Lifshitz; Kevin Fogarty
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Three-Dimensional Microscopy: Image Processing For High Resolution Subcellular Imaging
Author(s): David A. Agard; Yasushi Hiraoka; John W. Sedat
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Software And Hardware For 3-D Gray Level Image Analysis And Quantization
Author(s): Hans Chen; John W. Sedat; David A. Agard
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Reconstruction Of 3-D Refractive Index Fields From Multi-Frame Interfetometric Data
Author(s): K. Liu; J. Y. Yang
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A Four-Megapixel Solid-State Image Sensor
Author(s): W-C . Chang; G. R. Moore; K. W. Wong; T. H. Lee; B. C. Burkey; R. P. Khosla
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Silicon CCD Optimized For Near Infrared (NIR) Wavelengths
Author(s): Gary R. Sims; Fabiola Griffin; Michael P. Lesser
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Very Large Area 2048 And 4096 CCD Image Sensors
Author(s): Richard A. Bredthauer
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Improved Uniformity In Thinned Scientific CCDs
Author(s): Rusty Winzenread; Pat Chiao; Weng-Lyang Wang; Lloyd Robinson
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High Fill Factor 512 X 512 PtSi Focal Plane Array
Author(s): Weng-Lyang Wang; Rusty Winzenread; Buon Nguyen; James J. Murrin; Robert L. Trubiano
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CCD Chemical/Mechanical Thinning Results
Author(s): M. P. Lesser
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Thirty Years Of (Image) Intensified Physics And Biology
Author(s): Geo. T. Reynolds
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Sonoluminescence And Its Application To Medical Ultrasound Risk Assessment
Author(s): Lawrence A. Crum; D. Felipe Gaitan
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Significance Of Chemiluminescence In Biological Systems
Author(s): H. H. Seliger
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Spectrally And Temporally Resolved Low-Light Level Video Microscopy
Author(s): John E. Wampler; Ruth Furukawa; Marcus Fechheimer
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High Resolution Gamma-Ray Telescopes And Medical Imagers Using Scintillating Fibers And Position Sensitive Photomultipliers
Author(s): M. Atac; D. B. Cline; D. Chrisman; E. J. Fenyves; R. C. Chaney
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GaAs/AlAs Super Lattice Photocathodes
Author(s): Jon R. Howorth; John Roberts; Mike F. Robinson
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Simulation Tests Of Restoring Truncated Fluorescence Micrographs
Author(s): Timothy J. Holmes; Yi-Hwa Liu
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A Variable Intensity Electroluminescence Standard For Video Microscopy
Author(s): Dennis J. O'Kane; John E. Wampler
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Use Of Low Light Image Microscopy To Monitor Genetically Engineered Bacterial Luciferase Gene Expression In Living Cells And Gene Activation Throughout The Development Of A Transgenic Organism
Author(s): W. H.R. Langridge; A. Escher; M. Baga; D. O' Kane; J. Wampler; C. Koncz; J. Schell; A. A. Szalay
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Construction Of A Novel Functional Bacterial Luciferase By Gene Fusion And Its Use As A Gene Marker In Low Light Video Image Analysis.
Author(s): A. P. Escher; D. O' Kane; J. Lee; W. H.R. Langridge; A. A. Szalay
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The Geometric Correction Of Position Changes And Shape Distortion In Digital Fluorescence Images Of Living Cells
Author(s): Steven Vernino; Zeljko Jericevic; Brent A. Wiese; Louis C. Smith
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Computer Aided Microscopy And Image Processing: An Overview Of Studies On Cell Movement.
Author(s): John E. Wampler; D. Lansing Taylor
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Recent Advances In Light Microscopy
Author(s): Shinya Inoue
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Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Of Dynamic Intracellular Signals
Author(s): A. T. Harootunian; J. P.Y. Kao; Roger Y. Tsien
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Nanometer Measurements Of Motor Protein And Membrane Glycoprotein Movements
Author(s): M. P. Sheetz; J. Gelles; E. R. Steuer; B. J. Schnapp; J. Dubinska; H. Qian; E. Elson
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Application Of Digitized Fluorescence Microscopy And Video Photobleaching To Study Membrane Dynamics During Cell Locomotion
Author(s): K. Jacobson; A. Ishihara; B. Holifield; J. Lee
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A Video Rate Confocal Laser Beam Scanning Light Microscope Using An Image Dissector
Author(s): Seth R. Goldstein; Thomas Hubin; Scott Rosenthal; Clayton Washburn
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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Noisy Confocal Scanning Microscope Images
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello; Eric W. Hansen
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Numerical Simulation Of Images Of Perfectly Conducting Rough Surfaces In Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): J. Felix Aguilar; Eugenio R. MENDEZ
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Surface Tension Microscopy
Author(s): Burkhard Neumann; Horst Engel; Bernd Schleifenbaum
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An Auto-Microscope System For Image Processing
Author(s): Zhang Yimo; Li Heqiao; Huang Zhijin
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Interferometric Measurement Of In-Vivo Contact Lens Wetting
Author(s): Marshall G. Doane
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Laser Beam Scanning System Using Acousto-Optic Deflectors And Its Application To Fundus Imaging
Author(s): K. Kobayashi; K. Akiyama; I. Yoshizawa; T. Asakura
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Confocal Laser Tomographic Scanning Of The Eye
Author(s): G. Zinser; R. VV. Wijnaendts-van-Resandt; A. W. Dreher; R. N. Weinreb; U. Harbarth; H. Schroder; R. O.W. Burk
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Noninvasive Measurement Of The Retinal Thickness
Author(s): M. Shahidi; R. Zeimer; M. Mori
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Confocal Microscopy Of The Eye.
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Real-Time Confocal Imaging Of The Living Eye
Author(s): James V. Jester; H. Dwight Cavanagh; John Essepian; William J. Shields; Michael A. Lemp
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Optical Sectioning With The Scanning Slit Confocal Microscope: Applications In Ophthalmology And Ear Research
Author(s): Charles J. Koester; Shyam M. Khanna; Robert B. Tackaberry
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Optical Characteristics Of A Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
Author(s): Andreas Plesch; Ulrich Klingbeil
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Extraction Of Blood Flow Characteristics From Choroidal Angiography
Author(s): G. J. Klein; R. W. Flower; R. H. Baumgartner
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Imaging, Reconstruction, And Display Of Corneal Topography
Author(s): Stephen D. Klyce; Steven E. Wilson
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Imaging Of The Retina By Scanning Laser Tomography
Author(s): J. F. Bille; B. Grimm; K. Mueller
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Holographic Contour Analysis Of The Cornea
Author(s): Phillip C. Baker
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