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2019 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: IRMMW-THz Technologies and Applications
Editor(s): Cunlin Zhang; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Zhiming Huang
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Volume Number: 11441
Date Published: 12 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11441
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Non-uniformity correction technology of infrared thermal imager without shutter based on noise template
Author(s): Zhi-qiang Zhang; Ping Wang; Xu-dong Yu; Yu-mei Zhou; Ting Li
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Analytical method for studying terahertz vibrations in different ginseng
Author(s): An-jie Wei; Zi-han Zhou; Shang-jian Liu; Jian Zuo; Cun-lin Zhang
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Method for detecting blasting beads in cigarette filter
Author(s): Rui Wang; Yuejin Zhao; Zhenwei Zhang; Wenzhen Luo
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Terahertz wave generation from laser-induced air plasma influenced by the external electric field
Author(s): Aoxue Yu; Liangliang Zhang; Shijia Feng; Tong Wu; Cunlin Zhang
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Terahertz vortex beam generation based on complementary open rings metamaterial
Author(s): Xiao-Nan Li; Guo-Zhong Zhao; Lu Zhou
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A simple approach to generate a monochromatic plate-like THz beam
Author(s): Zhenwei Zhang; Yuejin Zhao; Kejia Wang; Cunlin Zhang
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Temperature dependent terahertz spectroscopy of azithromycin dihydrate
Author(s): Meijiao Huang; Jian Zuo; Cunlin Zhang
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Research on scene-based IRFPA non-uniformity correction technology
Author(s): Lin Zhu; Xiaoyong Jiang; Xiubao Sui; Guohua Gu; Qian Chen
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Evaluation of outputted and leaked power for a micro-cavity laser in the terahertz region
Author(s): Haoyu Li; Kepeng Rong; Qing Luo; Jiao Yang; Lijuan Tan; He Cai; Xiaoxu Liu; Goufei An; Haizhi Song; You Wang
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Infrared target detection and tracking based on brain-inspired model and DNNs
Author(s): Yong Song; Yufei Zhao; Xin Yang; Yao Wu; Feifei Teng; Qun Hao
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Progress of THz traveling wave tube in IECAS
Author(s): Wenxin Liu; Xin Guo; Chao Zhao; Meng Wang; Zhaochuan Zhang
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Enhanced terahertz imaging of electronic packaging materials with deconvolution algorithm
Author(s): Chan Zheng; Zheyu Song; Shihan Yan; Jingbo Liu; Dongxiong Ling; Dongshan Wei; Jinyun Zhou
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Flexible infrared electronic eyes for multispectral imaging with colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Xin Tang; Matthew M. Ackerman; Philippe Guyot-Sionnest
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Qualitative detection of mycelium in cordyceps powder using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Mengying Wang; Haishun Liu; Jian Zuo; Cunlin Zhang
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Causality relations in analysis of diffuse reflectance spectra obtained by infrared quantum cascade laser
Author(s): I. L. Fufurin; A. S. Tabalina; A. N. Morozov; Ig. S. Golyak; S. I. Svetlichnyi
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Terahertz detection of chemical analytes using a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber sensor
Author(s): Lu Xue; Yani Zhang; Yuyu Zhu
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Investigation of typical sartan pharmaceuticals by terahertz absorption spectroscopy and density functional theory
Author(s): Ziming Zhang; Zhi Hong; Jianjun Liu; Yong Du
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Filtering path variable FDK (v-FDK) reconstruction algorithm for circular cone-beam CT
Author(s): Chen Wang; Bo-zhong Tan; Qing-guo Yang; Ze-ren Li
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All optically-controlled multifunctional VO2 memory device for terahertz waves
Author(s): Hong-Kuan Yuan; Si-Chao Chen; Li-Guo Zhu; Zhao-Hui Zhai; Liang-Hui Du; Jiang Li
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Particle filter tracking method for small infrared target based on combination of the high frequency feature
Author(s): Miao Yan; Fei Zhao; Hongyan Wang
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Research on terahertz non-destructive testing technology for internal defects of insulation layer
Author(s): Yuan Hou; Jing Xue; Guo Qi; Zhenwei Zhang
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