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2019 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Imaging/Spectroscopy and Signal Processing Technology
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Volume Number: 11438
Date Published: 12 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11438
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Non-contact continuous blood pressure measurement based on imaging equipment
Author(s): Ying Guo; Xiaohua Liu; Lingqin Kong; Ming Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Liquan Dong
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Parylene-C diaphragm-based fiber-optic gas sensor based on photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Zhenfeng Gong; Tianli Gao; Yewei Chen; Yexiang Jiao; Ke Chen; Qingxu Yu
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Photoacoustic detection of glucose based on the pulsed laser induced ultrasonic combined with scanning position method
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Chuncheng Zhang; Lvming Zeng; Yu Ding
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Computer tomographic sounder with hyper-spectral resolution for OH radicals in the upper and middle atmosphere
Author(s): Hailiang Shi; Wei Xiong; Zhiwei Li; Haiyan Luo
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Research on high frame rate scene projection method based on digital micromirror device (DMD)
Author(s): Jian Song; Yanze Gao; Zhuo Li; Jitian Li; Xiaole Zhang; Lang Zhou; Qingfeng Shi
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Classification of common recyclable garbage based on hyperspectral imaging and deep learning
Author(s): Rui Wu; Bin Zhang; Dong-e Zhao
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Research on the color deviation detection for the satellite remote sensing image
Author(s): Dongxing Tao; Chao Zhang; Yanqiang Bi; Yonghong Shang; Jing Wang; Zhongke Yin
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A super-resolution reconstruction method for remote sensing images based on Adam optimized depth convolution network
Author(s): Yanqin Jia
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3D localization of point source based on light field imaging and deep learning
Author(s): Shizhu Yuan; Yao Hu; Rui Cao; Chengqiang Xu; Qun Hao; Xuemin Cheng
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A compact visible bionic compound eyes system based on micro-surface fiber faceplate
Author(s): Jiaan Xue; Su Qiu; Xia Wang; Weiqi Jin
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Noninvasive object imaging with single-shot low-resolution speckle pattern through strongly-scattering turbid layers
Author(s): Yingbo Wang; Jie Cao; Qun Hao; Chengqiang Xu; Mingyuan Tang
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Research on disturbance characteristics in high temperature DIC measurement due to heat flow and its correction method
Author(s): Chang Ma; Zhoumo Zeng; Xiaobo Rui
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Performance comparison of coded apertures in push-broom hyperspectral compressed sampling imaging
Author(s): Mengzhu Li; Weizheng Wang; Junli Qi; Xujian Li; Jiying Liu; Wei Wang; Wusheng Tang; Wenjun Yi; Yanfang Guo; Mengjun Zhu; Jubo Zhu
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A new 3D imaging technology through a diffuser using structured illumination
Author(s): Bingxin Tian; Jun Han; Changmei Gong; Ailing Tian
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High-quality imaging through scattering media with single-pixel photodetection
Author(s): Ziqi Gao; Xuemin Cheng; Linfeng Zhang; Qun Hao; Yao Hu
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An adaptive window motion blurred star restoration based on energy equalization
Author(s): Fengqi Jiang; Xin Song; Zhenguo Yan
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Dynamic detection system for thermocouple cable insulation defects based on line scan camera
Author(s): Chun Liu; Runze Wang; Ye Li; Yong Jiang; Lei Wang; Beixing Qian
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Segmentation for high spatial resolution remote sensing images by combining quadtree with minimum spanning tree
Author(s): Yongqiang He; Jie Jiang
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Thermocouple welding joint defects detection system based on computer vision
Author(s): Runze Wang; Yan Zhou; Ke Xu; Xincheng Xu; Qiong Li; Chunlin Du
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Undersampled phase retrieval by a lateral shearing and zooming approach
Author(s): Yun Liu; Mingxing Jiao; Xuan Li; Junhong Xing; Chuxian Zhan; Bang Wang; Zhichao Zhang; Jinyu Wei; Lu Si
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Multi-scale wavelet thresholding denoising algorithm of Raman spectrum
Author(s): Peng Sun; Yuzhang Shi; Lu Li; Gao Wang; Jinge Guan; Fang Qian; Yang Yu
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The influence analysis of reflectance anisotropy of canopy on the prediction accuracy of Cu stress based on laboratory multi-directional measurement
Author(s): Huijie Zhao; Bolun Cui; Guorui Jia; Fuping Gan
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Research on memory effects and recovery algorithm in imaging through scattering layers via speckle correlations
Author(s): Rui Cao; Qun Hao; Yao Hu; Shaohui Zhang; Xuemin Cheng; Shaokun Han
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Differences in calculation methods of effective emissivity of blackbody cavity
Author(s): Yuxuan Ma; Guojin Feng
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Multi-polarization parameter target detection method based on modulation contrast
Author(s): Yutong Zhang; Kun Gao; Yingjie Zhou; Zizheng Hua; Lu Han
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Research on imaging spectrometer for contamination monitoring of waters and plants in rivers
Author(s): Yian Zhang
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Measurement method of noise characterization of highly coherent laser and its applications in coherent sensing and imaging
Author(s): Jiejun Zhao; Fei Yang; Zhidan Ding; Rui Wu; Haiwen Cai
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Multi-scale retinex image enhancement algorithm based on fabric defect database
Author(s): Huang Wang; Fajie Duan; Weiti Zhou
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A signal processing technology for simulated turbine blades
Author(s): Jing Jiang; Ying Duan; Zezhan Zhang; Peifeng Yu; Xueke Gou; Yekui Zhong; Anmei Qiu; Shan Gao; Chao Wang
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Study on non-negative matrix factorization based endmember extraction algorithm for ballistic missile
Author(s): Li Lu; Wen Sheng; Shihua Liu; Jinqian Zou
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Color image enhancement algorithm based on edge extraction
Author(s): Chong Zhang; Binghua Su; Jialin Tang; Hao Yang; Qinglang Su; Zhuang Zhou
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Improved 3D imaging and measurement with fringe projection structured light field
Author(s): Xiaojie Zhang; Zewei Cai; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Peng
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A method of 3D light field imaging through single layer of weak scattering media basd on deep learning
Author(s): Weihao Wang; Zichuan Wang; Ya Wen; Lipei Song; Xing Zhao; Jufeng Yang
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A mosaic method for multichannel sequence starry images via multiscale edge-preserving spatio-temporal context filtering
Author(s): Zhijia Yang; Xiaozheng Liu; Yuxuan Mao; Tinghua Zhang; Kun Gao
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A deeply-enforced method for extracting ships in remote sensing satellite video data
Author(s): Likun Liu
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An improved kernelized-correlation-filter spatial target tracking method using variable regularization and spatio-temporal context model
Author(s): Yuxuan Mao; Zhijia Yang; Xiaozheng Liu; Tinghua Zhang; Kun Gao
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Starry image matching method based on the description of multi-scale geometric invariant features
Author(s): Xiaozheng Liu; Yuxuan Mao; Zhijia Yang; Kun Gao; Tinghua Zhang
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Computational phase microscopy with modulated illumination
Author(s): Peng Gao; Kai Wen; Lixin Liu; Juanjuan Zheng
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Effect of temperature on CO2 absorption spectrum near 1432nm
Author(s): Honglian Li; Shuai Di; Wenjing Lv; Yaqing Jia; Lide Fang
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Design of large-array CMOS real-time imaging system based on FPGA
Author(s): Ting Zhang; Feihong Yu
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Influence of spectral characteristics of Cd and Fe elements in soil on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Honglian Li; Yichen Huang; Hongbao Wang; Hongjie Xie; Shasha Kang
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Pedestrian dead reckoning fusion positioning based on radial basis function neural network
Author(s): Haiqi Zhang; Lihui Feng; Chen Qian
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