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MIPPR 2019: Remote Sensing Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, and Other Applications
Editor(s): Zhiguo Cao; Jie Ma; Zhong Chen; Yu Shi
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Volume Number: 11432
Date Published: 14 February 2020

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 11432
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Graph fusion based hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Haokun Luo; Lin He; Long Yu
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Adaptive locality preserving projection for hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Lin He; Xianjun Chen; Xiaofeng Xie; Haokun Luo
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Analysis of land cover change in Shiyang River Basin of Qilian Mountains
Author(s): Youyan Jiang; Tao Han; Dawei Wang
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Comparison of four sand-dust intensity quantitative identification method based on Himawari-8
Author(s): Dawei Wang; Tao Han; Lili Li; Youyan Jiang; Enqing Shen
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Comparison of five sand-dust distribution quantitative identification method based on Himawari-8
Author(s): Tao Han; Dawei Wang; Youyan Jiang; Enqing Shen
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Multiscale DEM generation on basis of singular value decomposition
Author(s): Caixian Zhang; Junli He; Wenguang Hou
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Accurate bounding box for ship detection on remote sensing images with complex background
Author(s): Kaixiang Ji; Zhong Chen; Zhongze Jiang; Jian Yang
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An adaptive local contrast enhancement method for low visibility aerial image
Author(s): Yangyang Xu; Xiuhua Zhang; Jian Liu
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Application analysis and prospect of deep learning in remote sensing image classification
Author(s): Xiajiong Shen; Yan Jin; Ke Zhou; Yanna Zhang
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Assimilation of HJ-LAI into the WOFOST model for estimating regional rice yield
Author(s): Jing Wang; Zhiming Wang; Bihui Lu
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A blockchain based approach to the sharing of pet healthcare data
Author(s): Gengsheng Zheng; Xiaoke Wang; Yao Fu; Meng Wang; Liya Wang
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Hierarchical attention networks for hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Zhengtao Li; Hai Xu; Yaozong Zhang; Tianxu Zhang
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Transfer learning for hyperspectral image classification using convolutional neural network
Author(s): Yao Liu; Chenchao Xiao
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Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral images based on subspace combination clustering and adaptive band selection
Author(s): Chunsen Zhang; Hengheng Liu
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Discussion on the surface rupture in the south segment of the Minjiang fault inferred from remote sensing images
Author(s): Qichao Jia; Huaguo Liu; Feng Li
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Research and implementation of plug-in maize planting area extraction tool
Author(s): Ke Zhou; Yan Jin; Yanna Zhang; Xiajiong Shen
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A novel model for edge aware sea-land segmentation
Author(s): Peng Gao; Jinwen Tian Sr.
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Semantic segmentation of very high resolution remote sensing images with residual logic deep fully convolutional networks
Author(s): Sheng He; Jin Liu
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Multi-scale oriented object detection in aerial images based on convolutional neural networks with global attention
Author(s): Jingjing Fei; Zhicheng Wang; Zhaohui Yu; Xi Gu; Gang Wei
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Anchor points prediction for target detection in remote sensing images
Author(s): Jin Liu; Yongjian Gao
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Real-time pedestrian video segmentation using memory network
Author(s): Fan Zhao; Jin Liu
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Object-based loss function in segmented neural networks
Author(s): Jin Liu; Qun Li
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Determination and elimination of fiber cable fault points
Author(s): Jianping Yu; Jie Xiao
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Troubleshooting of DS6-K5B computer interlocking system
Author(s): Xiping Yu; Kaixia Lu
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Generating satisfactory terrain by terrain maker generative adversarial nets
Author(s): Yiqing He; Kai Xie; Tong Li; Xingyu Sun; Ting Li; Shilong Chen
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Analysis and treatment of circuit faults of S700K electric switch machine
Author(s): Kaixia Lu; Jie Xiao
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Application and research of soft-switch technology in Wuhan metro communication system
Author(s): Li Huang M.D.; Kaixia Lu M.D.
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Design and implementation of intelligent assessment system for S700K switch transaction devices in rail transit
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Kaixia Lu; Jianping Yu
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A novel dynamic test method of asphalt concrete permeability based on machine vision
Author(s): Xin Yuan; Genqiang Jing; Dayi Lu; Lu Peng
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A measurement method of curved glass thickness based on 3D laser vision
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Shuhan Zhao; Qingsong Zhao; Xiuhua Zhang
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Orbit optimization of spacecraft for remote sensing of Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Author(s): Hu Jiang; Lei Deng; Jinpei Yu; Yuesheng Jiang
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Measurement of gear size parameters based on Hough transform circle segmentation
Author(s): WenHao Xiong; YiBin He
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Marine biological monitoring and managing system based on Java technology
Author(s): Yu Lei; Li Cheng; Wei Lei; WenYa Hu
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Three-dimensional measurement method for thickness of LED tape coating based on linear array spectral confocal
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Jiaowei Shi; Xiuhua Zhang; Qingsong Zhao
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Method for quantifying crop residue burning in the Yangtze River delta based on MODIS fire products
Author(s): Guanwen Chen; Daoqin Zhou; Chaoyong Shen; Long Ma; Zhenhua Li
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The application of space targets polarization detection and recognition
Author(s): Hong Liu; Weijun Zhong; Tao Yun; Yuan Lei; Ping Song; Rong Xu
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Emergency monitoring and post-disaster reconstruction monitoring in the tornado disaster in Yancheng, Jiangsu
Author(s): Yan Cui; Ming Liu; Suju Li
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Smoke detection in infrared images based on superpixel segmentation
Author(s): Min Dai; Peng Gao; Mozhou Sha; Jinwen Tian
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A real-time noise suppression method for target image on unmanned underwater vehicle platform
Author(s): Zhuofan Xu; Xia Hua; Yu Shi; Hanyu Hong
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Underwater image dehazing and color correction algorithm based on scene depth estimation
Author(s): Dianjun Sun; Yu Shi; Xia Hua; Yayuan Feng; Hanyu Hong
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An improved identification method for hollowing instrument
Author(s): Ke Liu; Xiangjin Zeng; Jian Chen
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Rapid path planning for unmanned surface vessels
Author(s): Yueming Qin; Junxin Liu; Xing Shao; Suping Duan
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Design of smart home control system based on infrared and cloud platform
Author(s): Shihong Qin; Zhao Xiong; Ruixing Wang; Hongcheng Zhou; Jun Jian; Ziyi Mei
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Comparison of bare soil extraction methods in black soil zone for AHSI/GF-5 remote sensing data
Author(s): Kun Shang; Chenchao Xiao; Shuneng Liang
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Study on sophisticated vegetation classification for AHSI/GF-5 remote sensing data
Author(s): Kun Shang; Yisong Xie; Hongyan Wei
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Study on the comprehensive statistical analysis framework of regional geography and national conditions
Author(s): Daoqin Zhou; Chaoyong Shen; Guanwen Chen; Xiaojing He
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Prediction of the propagation effect of emergencies microblog
Author(s): Shengtao Zhong; Rui Sheng; Ran Wang; Yiyao Li
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Daily maintenance and fault handling of UPS signal power supply system in Wuhan metro
Author(s): Kaixia Lu; Li Huang M.D.
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Comparative study on colorimetric characterization of LCD based on polynomial
Author(s): Tong Li; Kai Xie; Hongtai Guo; Zixuan Li; Qi Zheng
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Spectral distortion correction of photon counting detector based on neural network
Author(s): Zheng Fang; Shuyan Li; Weifeng Hu; Jiajie Zhang; Siyuan Chen
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An intelligent garbage classifier based on deep learning models
Author(s): Jianghai Liu
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Restoration of haze-free images using generative adversarial network
Author(s): Weichao Yi; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Xiaohua Liu; Mei Hui
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3D target detection of Geiger mode APD array lidar image
Author(s): Tianming Zhao; Jinwen Tian; Hang Liu; Peng Jiang
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An image encryption method based on logistic chaotic mapping and DNA coding
Author(s): Jiayu Lin; Kangnan Zhao; Xin Cai; Danning Li; Zuxi Wang
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Group detection assisted by density map
Author(s): Yuan Xiao; Yihua Tan
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Outdoor cycle three-dimensional intelligent parking lot system
Author(s): Shihong Qin; Ruixing Wang; Hongcheng Zhou; Zhao Xiong; Jun Jian; Ziyi Mei
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Research on intelligent logistics AGV control system based on PLC
Author(s): Hongcheng Zhou; Shihong Qin; Zhao Xiong; Ruixing Wang
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