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MIPPR 2019: Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Editor(s): Nong Sang; Jayaram K. Udupa; Yuehuan Wang; Zhenbing Liu
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Volume Number: 11430
Date Published: 14 February 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11430
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Heterogeneous features extraction based on deep learning for drug-related webpages classification
Author(s): Ruiguang Hu; Qi Gao; Yujiao Jia; Yanxin Liu
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Research on vehicle detection method for multi-polarimetric SAR image based on scene analysis
Author(s): Bochuan Zhang; Xuehui Shao; Peng Nie; Ruiguang Hu
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Blind deblurring of Gaussian blurred images by blurred edge image
Author(s): Yacheng Li; Lerenhan Li; Wenhao Li; Zhihua Fan; Zongmei Chen; Changxin Gao; Nong Sang
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Performance evaluation of SIFT under low light contrast
Author(s): Hao Wang; Songzhi Jin; Xiaodan Wei; Cong Zhang; Ruiguang Hu
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Research on binocular real-time ranging method in window area
Author(s): Liubin Zhang; Haihui Wang; Jun Li; Ziwei Wang; Meng Wang
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Cloud bottom height estimation methods for optical imaging terminal guidance
Author(s): Shuai Liang; Meng Liu; Zhongyang Wang; Tianxu Zhang
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Rural settlements extraction based on deep learning from high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Qi Li; Liang Hong; Huiling Sun
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G-CNN type recognition of typical aircraft based on target characteristics
Author(s): Jiaxing Mao; Hao Dou; Jinwen Tian
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Semantic segmentation network combined with edge detection for building extraction in remote sensing images
Author(s): Zhongze Jiang; Zhong Chen; Kaixiang Ji; Jian Yang
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Multi-scales feature integration single shot multi-box detector on small object detection
Author(s): Jianbang Zhou; Bo Chen; Jiahao Zhang; Zhong Chen; Jian Yang
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Space objects attitude discrimination via light-curve measurements and deep convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Weijun Zhong; Hong Liu; Yuhan Gong; Yan Geng; Zhenqian Yang; Congyu Zhao
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Pose estimation for non-cooperative targets using 3D feature correspondences grouped via local and global constraints
Author(s): Angfan Zhu; Jiaqi Yang; Zhiguo Cao; Li Wang; Yingying Gu
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Bidirectional LSTM-CRF models for keyword extraction in Chinese sport news
Author(s): Yiqi Jiang; Tongzhou Zhao; Yue Chai; Peidong Gao
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A method of adaptive learning rate tracking for embedded device based correlation surface evaluation
Author(s): Teng Zhang; Siyu Zhang; Zhimin Li; Sheng Zhong
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Object detection for rotated and densely arranged objects in aerial images using path aggregated feature pyramid networks
Author(s): Xiangyu Liu; Hong Pan; Xinde Li
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Chinese news text classification based on attention-based CNN-BiLSTM
Author(s): Meng Wang; Qiong Cai; Liya Wang; Jun Li; Xiaoke Wang
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Delaunay growth algorithm based on point cloud curvature smoothing improvement
Author(s): Ruiqi Huang; Hanyu Hong
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Image categorization based on visual saliency and Bag-of-Words model
Author(s): Wenxiang Li; Yanfei Chen; Zechang Wu; Hongsheng Peng
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Research on improved meanshift algorithm based on fuzzy control principle
Author(s): Yang Zou; Zhikang Xiao; Zheng Wang
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Coupled discriminant mappings for heterogeneous face recognition
Author(s): Xinli Cao; Ke Wen; Likun Huang; Bing Tang; Wei Zhang
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ISAR target recognition system design based on artificial intelligence
Author(s): Bingning Li; Wei Pei; Junqiang Li; Xian Zhang; Yang Liu
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Hybrid feature fusion for person recognition in photo albums
Author(s): Sheng Li; Likun Huang; Wei Zhang; Bing Tang
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HOG and SVM algorithm based on vehicle model recognition
Author(s): Jinkun Yang; Zhong Chen; Jiahao Zhang; Changheng Zhang; Qianqian Zhou; Jian Yang
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Optimization calibration of fish-eye camera and its research in 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Chunsen Zhang; Lu Yan
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Dehazing network based on haze density
Author(s): Yanling Hua; Zhengrong Zuo
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An improved patch matching algorithm based on fireworks algorithm
Author(s): Huili Shi; Sheng Zhong; Luxin Yan
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Improved modality-invariant feature learning for degraded face recognition
Author(s): Zhifang Yang; Zhengxin Song; Ke Wen
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Detection and identification of insulator defects using hierarchical networks in the high-speed railway overhead contact system
Author(s): Mingyang Yue; Bo Yang; Sheng Zhong
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An anomaly detection algorithm based on K-means and BP neural network in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Jun Yuan; Xingfeng Guo; Houfan Xiang; Zican Hu; Bin Chen
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Remote sensing image ship detection based on feature pyramid
Author(s): Lamei Zou; Changfeng Li; Weidong Yang; Shiyang Zhou; Shiwei Nie
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Anti-interference recognition using 3D convolutional network with improved attention block
Author(s): Jincheng Han; Zhengrong Zuo
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Infrared imaging simulation of atmospheric turbulence based on a improved GAN network method
Author(s): Xin Qu; Yuehuan Wang; Yifan Wu
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An improved dynamic double threshold Canny edge detection algorithm
Author(s): Zhikang Xiao; Yang Zou; Zhen Wang
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Semantic segmentation of buildings in high resolution remote sensing images using conditional random fields
Author(s): Chunsen Zhang; Yingwei Ge
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Real-time semantics based plane object tracking for augmented reality
Author(s): Shaowu Peng; Ju Chen; Honggang Guan; Ruojing Huang; Shichao Ou
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Image caption generation method based on adaptive attention mechanism
Author(s): Huazhong Jin; Yu Wu; Fang Wan; Man Hu; Qingqing Li
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A cascaded method for transmission tower number recognition in large scenes
Author(s): Yuanchun Xia; Guoyou Wang; Ran Wang; Feng Zhou
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Turnover and shape filter based feature matching for image stitching
Author(s): Shuang Song; Xinguo He; Lin He
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Machine vision based 2D measurement method for industrial glass
Author(s): Chen Zhou; Hanyu Hong; Xiuhua Zhang; Shuhan Zhao; Pan Chen
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Groundwater level abnormal detection based on correlation analysis
Author(s): Shifen Zhou; Bin Tian; Hang Xia; Pianpian Chen
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Research and application of object recognition method based on depth neural network
Author(s): Qiong Li; Xiaofeng Ma
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Oracle-bone-inscription image segmentation based on simple fully convolutional networks
Author(s): Guoying Liu; Xu Song; Wenying Ge; Hongyu Zhou; Jing Lv
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A cross mosaic based partial fingerprint recognition strategy with multiple templates
Author(s): Jing Liao; Kaizhi Wu; Yanbing Kang
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Facial micro-expression recognition based on local region of the key frame
Author(s): Wenjun Zhong; Xinhe Yu; Ling Shi; Zhihua Xie
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Research on speech accurate recognition technology based on deep learning DNN-HMM
Author(s): Wanyu Xia; Wu Qiu; Xiancheng Feng
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View prediction using manifold learning in non-linear feature subspace
Author(s): Maliha Arif; Abhijit Mahalanobis
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ATSGPN: adaptive threshold instance segmentation network in 3D point cloud
Author(s): Yu Sun; Zhicheng Wang; Jingjing Fei; Ling Chen; Gang Wei
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Increment adaptive correlation filter for visual tracking
Author(s): Gang Chen; Zhiwen Fang; Zhou Yue; Bo Liu; Yang Xiao; Yanan Li
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Facial morphe via domain translation and FM2RLS
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Huabing Zhou
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TLCS-Anchor: a new anchor strategy for detecting small-scale unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Tao Xiong; Jing Hu; Xinxin Lu; Kan Jiang; Xiangjun Li
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Image fusion for multimodality image via domain transfer and nonrigid transformation
Author(s): Yicheng Yang; Huabing Zhou
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A new aircraft classification algorithm based on sum pooling feature with remote sensing image
Author(s): Binzhe Li; Jing Hu; Li Fang; SuSu Kang; XiangJun Li
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Crop extraction based on ultra-simple neural network modeling in the normalized rgb and CIE L*a*b* color spaces
Author(s): Lei Hu; Xiaodong Bai; Aiping Yang; Kun Zhang; Chonghua Zhang; Bo Liu
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Single image super-resolution based on enhanced deep residual GAN
Author(s): Zhiyong Chen; Jing Hu; Xuyang Zhang; Xiangjun Li
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Method of quality assessment based on convolution feature similarity for laser disturbing image
Author(s): Xiang Gao; Jing Hu; LiJun Ren; WeiPing Zheng; XiangJun Li
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Line segment detection via random line fitting
Author(s): Ke Shang; Tao Lei; Quan Wang; Yu Zhang; Hao Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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Co-occurrence relationship encoding via channel merging for vehicle part recognition
Author(s): Qinwei Chang; Nong Sang; Changxin Gao
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Large margin multi-kernel tensor correlation filter for visual tracking
Author(s): Cong Yu; Guoxia Xu; Yu-Feng Yu; Hao Wang
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A new ground plane detection method based on continuous multi-frame images and hierarchical screening
Author(s): Bin Zhou; Songzhi Jin; Yanxin Liu; Mengxi Hao; Hui Zhang
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A novel neural network approach for error transfer analysis in electronic instrument transformer
Author(s): Xiaofei Li; Rui Pan; Xiang Peng; Zhou Feng; Nie Qi; Haoliang Hu; Junchang Huang
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Large-scale book page retrieval by deep hashing networks
Author(s): Jiao Huo; Yi Zhao; Leyuan Liu
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Object direction estimation by Constrained Convolutional Neural Network
Author(s): Jin Liu; Chuxuan Luo; Fang Gao
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Inference and sampling of gamma poisson process stick breaking construction model
Author(s): Yang Cheng; Dehua Li
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