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MIPPR 2019: Automatic Target Recognition and Navigation
Editor(s): Jianguo Liu; Hanyu Hong; Xia Hua
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Volume Number: 11429
Date Published: 14 February 2020

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 11429
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reference image generation for space target recognition on ground-based observation
Author(s): Hang Li
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The maritime infrared target detection based on mixture Gaussian background modeling in the Fourier domain
Author(s): Anran Zhou; Weixin Xie; Jihong Pei
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A new robust image feature point detector
Author(s): Yi Zhao
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A medical image segmentation methods based on SOM and wavelet transforms
Author(s): Liping Zhang
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Ultra-close non-cooperative target measurement method for aircraft in-orbit maintenance mission
Author(s): Bing Zhu; Dongdong Li; Jingzong Li
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Inshore ship detection based on improved faster R-CNN
Author(s): Xiangyu Tan; Tian Tian; Hang Li
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Non-contact pantograph detection and location algorithm for monocular infrared images
Author(s): Shuo Wang; Xuan Li; Jianguo Sun; Zhenghua Huang; Hanyu Hong
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A small dim targets detection method with dark-spots interference based on infrared images
Author(s): Shuai Dong; Tianxu Zhang; Siman Lv
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Air target tracking method based on spectral unmixing
Author(s): Siman Lv; Tianxu Zhang; Shuai Dong
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Center extraction for non-uniform line structured light stripe with wide view field
Author(s): Xiuhua Zhang; Jian Liu; Yangyang Xu
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Semantic image segmentation network based on deep learning
Author(s): Bo Chen; Jiahao Zhang; Jianbang Zhou; Zhong Chen; Jian Yang; Yanna Zhang
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A semantic segmentation method for satellite image change detection
Author(s): Jiahao Zhang; Bo Chen; Jianbang Zhou; Jingkun Yang; Zhong Chen; Jian Yang; Yanna Zhang
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Scale adaptive infrared small target detection with patch contrast measure
Author(s): Siyu Zhang; Teng Zhang; Zhimin Li; Luxin Yan; Sheng Zhong
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Maneuvering dim target detection based on space-time salient graph
Author(s): Ruo-lan Hu; Lu Liu; Jun Jiang
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A real-time location algorithm for critical points based on TMS320C6678
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Huiyuan Chen
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Combined infrared simulation and pix2pix model for underground target detection
Author(s): Yifan Wu; Zhengtao Li; Xin Qu; Tianxu Zhang
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Realization of real-time detection algorithms for key parts of unmanned aerial vehicle based on support vector machine
Author(s): Weixiang Wang; Hanyu Hong; Yaozong Zhang; Shiyang Li; Jiaowei Shi
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Object detection based on hierarchical visual perception mechanism
Author(s): Hao Dou; Qianqian Deng; Jiaxing Mao
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Location recognition based on image local feature matching
Author(s): Zhuoyue Gao; Lin Chai; Lizuo Jin
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The research of image segmentation methods for interested area extraction in image matching guidance
Author(s): Yaozong Zhang; Pan Chen; Hanyu Hong; Zhenghua Huang; Chen Zhou
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Feature enhanced faster R-CNN for object detection
Author(s): Jun Jiang; Zhongbing Hu
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A method for centroid extraction based on Faster-RCNN
Author(s): Xiaodan Zhang; Zhifeng Qiu; Luofang Jiao; Yu Yang; Bin Sun; Limei Xu
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An improved detection and tracking method for small dim moving target based on particle filter
Author(s): Nan Zhang; Feng Li; Xiaotian Lu; Xue Yang; Lei Xin
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Aircraft detection in remote sensing imagery with lightweight feature pyramid network
Author(s): Zhenrui Wang; Gongyan Wang; Weidong Yang
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Research on aerial object tracking algorithm based on multi-tracker relay
Author(s): Jinghui Huang; Tao Shen; Yaoxin Cao; Danfeng Xu; Weidong Yang Jr.
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A fast multi-target detection method based on improved YOLO
Author(s): Xiechang Sun; Hao Jiang; Tongtong Huo; Weidong Yang
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A CNN-based method for adaptive landmark selection in remote sensing image
Author(s): Yongzhan Chen; Weidong Yang; Yaoxin Cao; Chenhua Liu; Yang Dong
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Adding identity numbers to deep neural networks
Author(s): Xiangrui Xu; Yaqin Li; Yunlong Gao; Cao Yuan
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A general fine-tune method for catastrophic forgetting
Author(s): Yang Tao; Mingming Zhu; Hao Li; Cao Yuan
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Anti-occlusion target tracking algorithm based on template filtering
Author(s): Wangrong Cheng; Chunpu Xu; Jinwen Tian
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Tiny object detection using multi-feature fusion
Author(s): Peng Yang; Yuejin Zhao; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Mei Hui
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A tracking method to stabilize a target in the region of inherent noise in an image
Author(s): Shuai Dong; Tianxu Zhang
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Infrared ship target detection based on the combination of Bayesian theory and SVM
Author(s): Jin Lin; Qinzhang Yu; Guibin Chen
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Joint modeling of operational rules and motion-radiation characteristics of targets recognition
Author(s): Ting Gao; Shuwen Wang
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Image registration and change detection method based on wavelet transform and SURF algorithm
Author(s): Zhaozhen Jiang; Yanhou Zhang; Hao Zhai
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