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5th European Conf on Integrated Optics: ECIO '89
Editor(s): Alain Carenco; Daniel B. Ostrowsky; Michel Roger Papuchon

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Volume Number: 1141
Date Published: 6 December 1989

Table of Contents
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Recent Progress In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Osamu Wada
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GaAs/A1GaAs Double Heterostructure Laser Monolithically Integrated With Passive Waveguide
Author(s): D. Remiens; L. Menigaux; L. Dugrand; G Ben Assayag; J. Gierak; P. Sudraud
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Polyimide-Embedded Semiconductor Ring Lasers.
Author(s): Andrzej F. Jezierski; Peter J.R. Laybourn
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Monolithic Integration Of Short Length Photodetector With Optical Waveguide.
Author(s): Jean-Francois Vinchant; Franck Mallecot; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Didier Decoster; Manijeh Razeghi
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Monolithic Integration Of GaAs Electronics And Inp Waveguides For Long Wavelength Optical Switching Networks.
Author(s): A. Ackaert; P. Demeester; D. Lootens; P. Van Daele; D. Rondi; G Glastre; Y. Bourbin; A. Enard; R. Blondeau; M. Papuchon
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Spectral And Temporal Development Of The Emission Of A Doubly Resonant Integrated Optical Parametric Oscillator
Author(s): G. P. Bava; I. Montrosset; R. Pelissero; W. Sohler; H. Suche
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"Cerenkov" Configuration Second Harmonic Generation
Author(s): M J. Li; M P. De Micheli; D. B. Ostrowsky
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Characterization Of A Langmuir-Blodgett Film Waveguide By A Four-Layer Structure
Author(s): S. Sottini; G. Pratesi; E. Giorgetti; S. Trigari; A. Federighi
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LiNbO3 Devices For Coherent Communication Applications
Author(s): Detlef Hoffmann; Helmut Heidrich
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Integrated Optic Diode Laser Stabilizer
Author(s): J. Danko
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Monolithically Integrated Multi/Demultiplexer And Access Waveguides In InGaAsP/InP
Author(s): Y. Bourbin; A. Enard; R. Blondeau; D. Rondi; G. Glastre; M. Papuchon; T. P. Young; S. Radcliffe
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Integrated Optical 3x3-coupler on LiNbO3: Comparison Between Theory And Experiment
Author(s): G. Schmitt; W. Wenzel; K. Dolde
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Simulation Of Comoonents For Wavequide Isolators Using Anisotronic
Author(s): Lothar P. Mannschke; Martin Treiber; Albrecht Kunz
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Numerical Simulation Of The Nonlinear Response In A P.I.N. InGaAs Waveguide-Type Photodiode Under Intense Illumination
Author(s): Martin Dentan; Baudouin de Cremoux
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Optical Crossconnect Circuit With Intersecting Waveguides On InP Substrate
Author(s): M Erman; P. Jarry; H. Angenent; C. Graver; J. M. Auger; A. Laurent
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A New Method For Calculating Optical Waveguide's Facet Reflectivity -Application To Loss-Measurement Of Semiconductor Waveguides
Author(s): G. Herve-gruyer
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Finite Element Analysis Of An InGaAsP/InP Modulator
Author(s): T P Young; G A Armstrong; W P Smith
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Bistability In Semiconductor Etalons And Lasers
Author(s): Olof Sahlen; Ulf ohlander; Ulf Olin; Peter Blixt; Eric Masseboeuf; Gunnar Landgren; Michael Rask; Nils Nordell
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Low-Loss 3cm Long InP/GaInAsP Rib Waveguides
Author(s): A. Carenco; G. Herve-Gruyer; L. Meni gaux; A. Mircea; A. Ougazzaden
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Graded Refractive-Index Embedded Core Optical Waveguides In GaAs/GaAlAs By OMCVD
Author(s): Alfredo Yi-Yan; Etienne Colas; Raj aram Bhat; Myron Seto; Robert J. Deri; Henri Carru
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Fabrication Of Deep Bragg Gratings For DFB Lasers And Waveguide Filters By Wet And Dry Etching Processes In InGaAsP
Author(s): H. Unzeitig; C. Cremer; G Heise
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Efficient Optical Phase Modulator Integrated With An Inverted Rib Waveguide
Author(s): J. Maehnss; S. P. Chen; K. J. Ebeling
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A Novel Guided Wave Analogue-To-Digital Converter Using GaAs/AlGaAs Waveguide Technology
Author(s): R G Walker; I Bennion
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Absorption Loss In Ti:LiNb03-Stripe Waveguides A New Measurement Technique
Author(s): R. Volk
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Integrated Optical, Acoustically Tunable Wavelength Filter
Author(s): J. Frangen; H. Herrmann; R. Ricken; H. Seibert; W. Sohler; E. Strake
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Grafted GaAs Detectors On Lithium Niobate And Glass Optical Waveguides
Author(s): A. Yi-Yan; W. K. Chan; T. J. Gmitter; L. T. Florez; J. L. Jackel; E. Yablonovitch; R. Bhat; J. P. Harbison
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Optical Switching In Telecommunications Networks
Author(s): Nick Parsons; Nigel Whitehead
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Passive Integrated Optic Mixer Providing Quadrature Outputs
Author(s): P. Roth
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Integrated Optical Coupling Element On Silicon Substrate
Author(s): Jaakko Aarnio; Matti Leppihalme
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Refractive Index Profiles Of Ti:LiNbO3 Planar, Stripe And Buried Waveguides
Author(s): J. Steffen; A. Neyer; E. Voges
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Refracted Near-Field Characterization Of Ion Exchanged Glass Waveguides And Device Simulation
Author(s): D. Jestel; E. Voges
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Output Grating Couplers On Planar Waveguides As Integrated Optical Sensors
Author(s): W. Lukosz; Th . Brenner; V. Briauet; Ph. M. Nellen; P. Zeller
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Nanomechano-Grating-Coupler-Modulator And Integrated Optical Microphone
Author(s): W. Lukosz; P. Pliska
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Bragg Reflector Gratings In Ti:LiNbO3 And Proton Exchanged LiNbO3 Stripe Waveguides
Author(s): J. SOchtig; U. Jakel; W. Sohler; E. Strake
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Y-Junction Wavelength Multi-/Demultiplexer By K+-Ion Exchange In Glass For 1.3 and 1.55 gm
Author(s): N. Goto; G. L. Yip
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Guided Wave 1.3/1.55m Wavelength Duplexers In InGaAsP/InP
Author(s): R G Walker; J Urquhart; I Bennion; A C Carter
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Asymmetric Mach-Zehnder Demultiplexers In GaAs/GaAIAs Single And Double Heterostructures
Author(s): Alfredo Yi-Yan; Robert J. Deri; Myron Seto; Raymond J. Hawkins
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A Polarisation Splitter In Integrated Optics
Author(s): Y. Bourbin; A. Enard; M. Werner; S. Vatoux; M, Papuchon
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Two Mode Interference Wavelength Demultiplexer Monolithically Integrated On InP, FOR 1.5 OR 1.3 gm Operation
Author(s): C. De Bernardi; S. Morasca; C. Ri go; B. Sordo; A. Stano; I. R. Croston; T. P. Young
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Polarization Independent Switches In Ti : LiNbO3, Critical Review Of The Solutions And Their Applications
Author(s): P Granestrand
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Improved Stability Of Ti:LiNbO3 Devices By Using ITO Electrodes
Author(s): M. Kowalsky; A. Neyer; W. Mevenkamp; F. Rottmann; T. Pohlmann; E. Voges
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A Transverse Electrooptic Phase Modulator.
Author(s): S. McMeekin; R. M. De La Rue
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Stability Of Polarization-Independent LiNb03 Switches
Author(s): A Djupsjobacka; P Granestrand; B Lagerstrom; P Svensson; L Thylen; B Stoltz
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