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Optical Microlithography and Metrology for Microcircuit Fabrication
Editor(s): Michel J. Lacombat; Stefan Wittekoek

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Volume Number: 1138
Date Published: 11 January 1989

Table of Contents
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New Developments In Wafer Stepper Technology For Submicron Devices
Author(s): S. Wittekoek; J. Greeneich; M. van den Brink; B. Katz
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Customized Exposure Bandwidth For I-Line Resist Systems
Author(s): John Schaller; Doreen Sa Vieira
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Optimized Resist Process For High Na G-Line Lenses
Author(s): Mark G. Bigelow; Harrie van der Putten
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A New Fabrication Process For Compact Disk
Author(s): P. Briaud; R. E. Revay; L. Le Dreau
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Grating Moire Effects With Partially Coherent Illumination And Detection
Author(s): Joseph Braat
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Parameters Affecting Alignment Dispersion On An Optical Wafer Stepper
Author(s): Alain Charles
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A Production Proven Technique For Machine-To-Machine Overlay Matching
Author(s): Michael J. Cummings; Norman Haley; Ken Ngo; John Schaller
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Overlay Results Comparison Between Two Approaches When Mixing Optical Steppers With Scanner
Author(s): J. M. Dumant; G. Vachet; A. Charles; J. M. Temerson
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Focus Effects In Submicron Optical Lithography, Optical And Photoresist Effects
Author(s): Chris A. Mack; Patricia M. Kaufman
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A Negative Aqueous Developable Electron-Beam Resist Under Deep UV Exposure
Author(s): Gilles Amblard; J. Marc Francou; Andre Weill; J. Pierre Panabiere
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Five Watt Industrial Lithography Excimer Laser System
Author(s): P. Oesterlin; P. Lokai; H. Rosenkranz; H.-J. Kahlert; D. Basting
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Excimer Lasers For Lithography Applications
Author(s): Elmar Cullmann
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Concept Of Buried Mask And Its Realisation
Author(s): J. P. Panabiere; J. M. Francou; A. Weill; L. Guerin; P. Moschini; M. Pons; A. Inard; G. Amblard
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Design Principles For An Illumination System Using An Excimer Laser As A Light Source
Author(s): Johannes Wangler; J. Liegel
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Illumination System Of An Excimer Laser Stepper
Author(s): Yutaka Ichihara; Shintaro Kawata; Ikuo Hikima; Masato Hamatani; Yuuji Kudoh; Akikazu Tanimoto
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Optical Modeling Of Line Object In Microelectronics Using Radiometric Approach
Author(s): Daniel Courjon; Daniel Charraut; Eric Lantz
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Ultra-Precise Mask Metrology - Development And Practical Results Of A New Measuring Machine
Author(s): H. Feindt; D. Sofronijevic
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Single Level Registration Metrology And Overlay Measurements On Production Wafers
Author(s): O. Hignette; F. Martin; M. Lacombat
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Microscope Objectives For Semiconductor Technology
Author(s): Wolfgang Vollrath
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An Automated System For Submicrometer Defect Detection On Patterned Wafers
Author(s): Michel Darboux; Anne Falut; Jean-Luc Jacquot; Claude Doche
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A Laser Heterodyne Interferometer For Measuring Surface Roughness
Author(s): Wang Jia; Gu Lirong; Zhang Enyao; Cao Mang; Li Dacheng
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Principles And Conception Of LCVD Reactors For Photolytic And Pyrolytic Applications In Microelectronics
Author(s): J. Rappe; O. Nicodeme
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Laser Microchemistry : A Powerful Tool For VLSI
Author(s): Didier Tonneau; Yves Guern; Gerard Pelous
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Laser Programmable Vias For Reconfiguration Of Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Martine Rouillon-Martin; Maguelonne Chambon; Alain Boudou
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Pulsed U.V. Laser Cleaning Of GaSb Single Crystal Surface In Ultra-High-Vacuum
Author(s): E. J. Petit; V. M. Humblet; A. Brezini; R. Caudano; A. Gouskov; G. Bougnot
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