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Photonics for Solar Energy Systems VIII
Editor(s): Alexander N. Sprafke; Jan Christoph Goldschmidt; Gregory Pandraud
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Volume Number: 11366
Date Published: 24 April 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11366
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimizing perovskite silicon tandem solar cells for highest efficiency and energy yield (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jan Christoph Goldschmidt; Patricia S. C. Schulze; Alexander J. Bett; Özde Kabakli; Kristina M. Winkler; Ludmila Cojocaru; Martin Bivour; Benedikt Bläsi; Hubert Hauser; Clarissa Hofmann; Armin Richter; Nico Tucher; Leonard Tutsch; Qinxin Zhang; Martin Hermle; Stefan W. Glunz
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Energy yield and cost optimizations of large-scale perovskite/silicon tandem bifacial solar power plants (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Klaus Jäger; Peter Tillmann; Robert Wenisch; Eugene A. Katz; Christiane Becker
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Plasmonic and Mie scattering in nanopatterned back reflectors for III–V-on-silicon solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Concetto Eugenio Andrea Cordaro; Nico Tucher; Stefan Tabernig; Hubert Hauser; Oliver Hoehn; Ralph Müller; Benedikt Bläsi; Albert Polman
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Direct wafer bonding for the realization of transparent and electrically conductive heterojunctions in III-V solar cells with highest efficiencies (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Felix Predan; Ralph Mueller; Oliver Hoehn; David Lackner; Frank Dimroth
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Photovoltaic energy yield predictions using satellite data
Author(s): Ian Marius Peters; Haohui Liu; Tonio Buonassisi
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Hyperuniform designs for enhanced light trapping in ultrathin single and tandem solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nasim Tavakoli; Richard J. Spalding; Georgios Gkantzounis; Chenglong Wan; Ruslan Röhrich; Evgenia Kontoleta; Marian Florescu; Riccardo Sapienza; Femius Koenderink; Esther Alarcón Lladó
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Modulated surface texturing of temporary Al foils substrates for high-efficiency thin film, flexible solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gianluca Limodio; Davide Bartesaghi; Maurice Hietkamp; Devika Rajagopal; Sajith Nawaratne; Robin Quax; Edward Hamers; Arno Smets
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Directional emission from perovskite nanocrystals by dielectric nanolenses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Julia van der Burgt; Erik C. Garnett
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Remarkable carrier diffusion length and slow carrier cooling in mixed halide perovskite
Author(s): Kamlesh Kumar Chauhan; Sayan Prodhan; Sayan Bhattacharya; Pranab Kumar Dutta; Prasanta Kumar Datta
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On the potential of metal nickel oxide front contact for efficient perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mohammad Ismail Hossain
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Plasmonics-enhanced organic solar cells with complex metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): Abhijit Das; Kamal Kumar; Anuj Dhawan
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Strong directional CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dot emission for tetracene/Si singlet-triplet down-conversion photovoltaics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tom Veeken; Benjamin Daiber; Harshal Agrawal; Albert Polman; Bruno Ehrler
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Towards the implementation of a p-nc-SiOx:H/p-SiC:H double window layer for high efficiency, roll-to-roll processed flexible thin film silicon solar modules
Author(s): D. Bartesaghi; G. Limodio; Arno H. M. Smets; Edward A. G. Hamers
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Spectrum splitting and directivity control by optical metasurfaces integrated in photovoltaic devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Verena Neder; Floris Uleman; Andrea Cordaro; Albert Polman
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Holographic spectrum-splitting photovoltaic system using bifacial cells
Author(s): Benjamin D. Chrysler; Raymond K. Kostuk
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Angle-independent diffractive optical elements for efficient solar energy conversion
Author(s): Alim Yolalmaz; Emre Yüce
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UV degradation mechanism of TiO2-based perovskite solar cells studied by pump-probe spectroscopy
Author(s): Chih-Wei Luo; Anusha Puliparambil Thilakan; Jia-Xin Li; Tzu-Pei Chen; Shao-Sian Li; Chun-Wei Chen; Atsushi Yabushita; Minoru Osada; Kazuhito Tsukagoshi; Takayoshi Sasaki
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Silver nanoparticle-based anti-reflection coating for solar cells
Author(s): Bhaskar Singh; Mohammed M. Shabat; Daniel M. Schaadt
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Algorithm for precise positioning of photovoltaic panels
Author(s): Kamil Plachta
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Tailoring the structural and electronic properties of CsPbBr3 by Mn doping
Author(s): Nivedita Pandey; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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Density functional theory based study of CsPb(Cl/Br)3 mixed halide perovskites with experimental validation
Author(s): Nivedita Pandey; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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