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Holographic Optics II: Principles and Applications
Editor(s): G. Michael Morris

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Volume Number: 1136
Date Published: 26 October 1989

Table of Contents
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Information Processing With Optical Interconnects
Author(s): Pierre Chavel
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Nonlinear Recording In Dichromated Gelatin
Author(s): L. T. Blair; L. Solymar; J. Takacs
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Techniques For Fabricating Periodic Fourier-Transform Kinoforms
Author(s): Brian Robertson; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Jari Turunen; Antti Vasara
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High Diffraction Efficiency Gratings In Dichromated Gelatin For Near Infrared Wavelengths
Author(s): F. Chataux; N. Chateau; J. P. Hugonin; J. C. Saget; J. Taboury
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Index Variation And Scattering In A Holographic Medium
Author(s): Thomas Stone; Nicholas George; B. D. Guenther
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Single Photomask, Multilevel Kinoforms: Manufacture And Evaluation
Author(s): H. Andersson; M. Ekberg; S. Hard; S. Jacobsson; M. Larsson; T. Nilsson
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Silver-Halide Sensitized Holograms And Their Applications
Author(s): A. Fimia; I. Pascual; C. Vazquez; A. Belendez
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Influences Of Recording Materials In HOE
Author(s): A. Belendez; I. Pascual; A. Fimia
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Polarization Holograms In Alkali Halides With F[sub]A[/sub]-Centers
Author(s): Andrei M. Shpak; Sergey A. Boiko; Georgey G. Tarasov
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Volume Holograms With Capillary Structure
Author(s): Vitaly I. Sukhanov
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Challenges For The Use Of Holographic Elements In Optical Storage
Author(s): Glenn T. Sincerbox
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Integrated-Optic Disc Pickup Devices Using Waveguide Holographic Components
Author(s): Toshiaki Suhara; Hiroshi Nishihara
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Recent Developments In Holographic Scanning
Author(s): L. D. Dickson; R. S. Fortenberry; S. A. Luerich
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All Holographic Line Scanner For Use In Diode Laser Printers
Author(s): Shin-ya Hasegawa; Shigetake Iwata; Fumio Yamagishi; Hiroyuki Ikeda; Takefumi Inagaki
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Recent Developments In Holographic Optical Elements
Author(s): Y. Amitai; A. A. Friesem
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A Flat-Field Diffractive Landscape Lens: Design And Performance
Author(s): Dale A. Buralli; G. Michael Morris
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Holographic Coupler / Grin Medium : Characterization Of The Coupling Optimization
Author(s): M. L. Calvo; L. De Pedraza
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Holographic Tandem Arrays
Author(s): Harald Kobolla; Frank Sauer; Reinhard Volkel
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Optical Systems With Holographic And Kinoform Elements
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan
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Laser-Diode Recorded Reflection Holograms Shifted To Visible
Author(s): Marcelo Trivi; Franco Quercioli; Giuseppe Molesini
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Micro-Optics In Holographic Endoscopy
Author(s): G. von Bally; D. Dirksen; Y. Zou; E. Kraetzig
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Holographic Head-Up Display For The Automotive Industry
Author(s): P. Del Vo; M. L. Rizzi; S. Stibelli
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Deformation Analysis Of Robot Manipulators
Author(s): Asim Kurtoglu
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Real-Time Display Of 3-D Computed Holograms By Scanning The Image Of An Acousto-Optic Modulator
Author(s): Joel S. Kollin; Stephen A. Benton; Mary Lou Jepsen
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Applications Of Endoscopic Holography Through Fiber Optics
Author(s): H. I. Bjelkhagen; M. D. Friedman; M. Epstein
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Holographic Sampling
Author(s): Imre Pentek
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Application Of Holographic Lenses To The "Raman Laser Fibres Optics" Spectroscopy
Author(s): Binghen Xiong; Wanfu GE; Nguyen Quy Dao; Michel Jouan; Jean-Paul Silvestre
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Computer-Generated Holograms Of 3-D Obiects
Author(s): Detlef Leseberg
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High Efficiency, Volume And Surface Relief Computer Generated Diffractive Optical Elements
Author(s): R. G. Canas; R. W. Smith; A. A. West
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Coding And Quantization Techniques In Digital Phase Holography
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski
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Laser Beam Shaping With Computer Generated Holograms On Dichromated Gelatin
Author(s): E. Soubari; M. Torzynski; P. Meyrueis
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Coding And Quantization Of Computer-Generated Phase Holograms With Error Diffusion
Author(s): Severin Weissbach; Frank Wyrowski; Olof Bryngdahl
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Making An IR HOE Using A CGH
Author(s): C. S. Ih; L. Q. Xiang; C. W. Yang
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Some Aspects Of Digital Fresnel Holography
Author(s): M. Bernhardt; F. Wyrowski; O. Bryngdahl
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Reconstruction Of Planar Object By Computer-Generated Hologram On Cylindrical Surface
Author(s): Christian Frere
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Computer-Generated Fourier-Transform Holograms For Optical Computing
Author(s): Juha Fagerholm; Jari Turunen; Antti Vasara; Jan Westerholm
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Holographic Mapping For Perception
Author(s): H. J. Caulfield
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High Efficiency Holographic Optical Elements For All-Optical Digital Computing
Author(s): M. R. Taghizadeh; I. R. Redmond; B. Robertson; A. C. Walker; S. D. Smith
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Preliminary Evaluation Of A 144 X 144 Holographic Interconnection System
Author(s): P. Gravey; L. Bonnel; J. Y. Moisan
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Holographic Routing Network For Parallel Processing Machines
Author(s): E. S. Maniloff; K. M. Johnson; J. Reif
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Non-Plane Wave Two-Wave Mixing Interaction In Diffusion-Driven Photorefractive Media
Author(s): G. C. Gilbreath; F. M. Davidson
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Spatial Filtering In Photorefractive Materials
Author(s): Lenore Pugliese; G. Michael Morris
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Holographic Method To Realize A Temporal Phase Conjugation Mirror By Inversion Of The Spectral Phase Of A Picosecond Pulse
Author(s): C. Joubert; M. L. Roblin; R. Grousson; P. Lavallard
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Holographic Methods For Particle Size And Velocity Measurement - Recent Advances
Author(s): Brian J. Thompson
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Spatially Multiplexed Optical Correlation For Displacement Mapping In Speckle Metrology
Author(s): Klaus Hinsch; Wolfgang Arnold
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A Novel Approach To Whole Field Vibration Analysis Using A Pulsed Laser System
Author(s): F. Mendoza Santoyo; D. Kerr; J. R. Tyrer; T. West
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Automatic Holographic Contouring For Surface Defects
Author(s): C. Carelli; D. Paoletti; G. Schirripa Spagnolo
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Holographic Investigation By Double-Pulsed Ruby Laser Of Bus Front Window Vibration
Author(s): Lennart B. M. Svensson
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Pulsed And Fibre Optic ESPI For The Analysis Of In-Plane Strain On Rotating Components
Author(s): Richard W. T. Preater
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New Multi-Directional Holographic Interferometers For Gas-Dynamic Investigations
Author(s): Albert F. Belozjerov; Vladimir T. Chernykh
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