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Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology
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Volume Number: 11352
Date Published: 16 April 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11352
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reconfigurable dynamic optical system design, test, and data analysis
Author(s): Dae Wook Kim; Maham Aftab; Isaac Trumper; Logan Graves; Henry Quach; Hyukmo Kang; Hyemin Yoo; Andrew Lowman; Greg Smith; Matt Dubin; Chang-Jin Oh; Justin Hyatt; Christian Davila-Peralta; Heejoo Choi
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Accurate 3D coordinate measurement using holographic multipoint technique
Author(s): Simon Hartlieb; Cihan Erol; Michael Tscherpel; Tobias Haist; Flavio Guerra; Wolfgang Osten; Michael Ringkowski; Oliver Sawodny
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Increasing the accuracy of imaging-based dimensional measurements
Author(s): Tobias Haist; Adriana Steinitz; Flavio Guerra
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UV absorption mapping as subsurface damage inspection in transparent optical materials
Author(s): H. Cattaneo; R. Botha; C. Ziolek
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Optical topography measurement of steeply-sloped surfaces beyond the specular numerical aperture limit
Author(s): Matthew Thomas; Rong Su; Peter de Groot; Richard Leach
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Robot-assisted BRDF measurement and surface characterization of inhomogeneous freeform shapes
Author(s): Nils Melchert; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Smart photogrammetry for three-dimensional shape measurement
Author(s): Joe Eastwood; Hui Zhang; Mohammad Isa; Danny Sims-Waterhouse; Richard Leach; Samanta Piano
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Concept of a control system based on 3D geometry measurement for open die forging of large-scale components
Author(s): Lorenz Quentin; Rüdiger Beermann; Kai Brunotte; Bernd-Arno Behrens; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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3D registration of multiple surface measurements using projected random patterns
Author(s): Tim Betker; Lorenz Quentin; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Affine structured light sensor for measurements through inspection windows: basic concept and direct calibration approach
Author(s): Rüdiger Beermann; Lorenz Quentin; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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High-speed fringe projection for robot 3D vision system
Author(s): W. Guo; C. R. Coggrave; J. M. Huntley; H. G. Dantanarayana; P. D. Ruiz
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Adaptive merging of large datasets of a 3D measuring endoscope in an industrial environment
Author(s): Lennart Hinz; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Grazing incidence interferometry for testing rough aspherics: experimental results and data analysis
Author(s): S. Rothau; K. Mantel; N. Lindlein
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Method of measurements of extended optical fibers with high precision
Author(s): A. A. Tavleev; Yu. D. Arapov; P. V. Kubasov; P. N. Yaroschuk
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Fast fringe analysis method using graphics processing unit acceleration for dynamic fault identification
Author(s): Ankur Vishnoi; Rajshekhar Gannavarpu
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Surface scattering and the 3D transfer characteristics of optical profilometers
Author(s): Jeremy Coupland; Nikolay Nikolaev
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Three-dimensional imaging confocal profiler without in-plane scanning
Author(s): Pol Martínez; Carlos Bermudez; Cristina Cadevall; Aitor Matilla Ayala; Roger Artigas
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Interferometric measurements of mold-plate assemblies designed for high-volume manufacturing of aspheric microlenses
Author(s): Jack DiSciacca; Richard Pultar; Xavier Colonna de Lega; Peter de Groot
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Demonstration of aberration-robust high-frequency modulated differential confocal microscopy with an oscillating pinhole
Author(s): Johannes Belkner; Martin Hofmann; Johannes Kirchner; Eberhard Manske
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Phase retrieval with deep learning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Guohai Situ; Fei Wang; Yaoming Bian
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Model-based dimensional optical metrology
Author(s): Jörg Bischoff; Tobias Pahl; Peter Lehmann; Eberhard Manske
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Cascaded machine learning model for reconstruction of surface topography from light scattering
Author(s): Mingyu Liu; Nicola Senin; Rong Su; Richard Leach
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Deep learning-based speckle decorrelation denoising for wide-field optical metrology
Author(s): Silvio Montrésor; Marie Tahon; Antoine Laurent; Pascal Picart
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Model-based calibration routine for a triangulation sensor for inner radius measurements of cylindrical components
Author(s): Rüdiger Beermann; Hagen Bossemeyer; Robin Diekmann; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Super-resolution imaging through microspheres (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stéphane Perrin; Sylvain Lecler; Paul Montgomery
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Measuring the spatial distribution of liquid crystal alignment and retardation using stokes polarimetry
Author(s): Yannick Folwill; Hans Zappe
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Segmented wavefront metrology using multicolor PISTIL interferometry
Author(s): Bastien Rouzé; Cindy Bellanger; Patrick Lanzoni; Frédéric Zamkotsian; Jérôme Primot
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Resolution and computational strategy in wideband multiphoton microscopy illustrated with muscle imaging
Author(s): Ali Abjaghou; Claire Carrion; Laetitia Magnol; Claire Lefort
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Enhanced nanoform metrology by imaging Mueller matrix ellipsometry combined with plasmonic support structures (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tim Käseberg
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Detailed characterization of a hyperspectral snapshot imager for full-field chromatic confocal microscopy
Author(s): Robin Hahn; Tobias Haist; Freya-Elin Hämmerling; David Fleischle; Oliver Schwanke; Otto Hauler; Karsten Rebner; Marc Brecht; Wolfgang Osten
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Optical coherence tomography in nondestructive testing
Author(s): B. Heise; G. Hannesschlaeger; E. Leiss-Holzinger; L. Peham; I. Zorin
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Continuous measurement of wrist artery pulse vibration signals using structured-light projection method
Author(s): Hui-Ting Chang; Chun-Hsiung Wang; Shu-Sheng Lee; Wen-Jong Wu; Chih-Kung Lee
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One-shot roughness measurements based on dispersion-encoded low coherence interferometry
Author(s): Christopher Taudt; Tobias Baselt; Bryan Nelsen; Edmund Koch; Peter Hartmann
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Scanning wavefront detection coherent Fourier scatterometry (SCFS)
Author(s): Jörg Bischoff; Rostyslav Mastylo; Eberhard Manske
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Accurate and low-cost ENEA solar compass for precision metrology of true azimuth: instrumental and smart versions
Author(s): S. Bollanti; F. Andreoli; L. Cafarella; D. De Meis; P. Di Lazzaro; D. Di Mauro; F. Flora; G. P. Gallerano; L. Mezi; D. Murra; L. Murra; D. Vicca; G. Vicoli; A. Zirizzotti
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The multichannel optical spectrometer for combustion processes control
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vaganov; Vasily I. Kazakov; Yulianna A. Novikova
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Precision inspection of micro components free form by Moiré interferometry
Author(s): S. Meguellati
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Design of a compact corneal topographer to characterize the shape of the cornea
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Daniel Aguirre-Aguirre; Juan Salvador Pérez-Lomelí; Andrés Peña-Conzuelo; Oliver Huerta-Carranza; Christian Camargo-Fierro
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White light interference microscopy system design
Author(s): Sébastien Marbach; Christophe Cordier; Rémy Claveau; Thierry Engel; Paul Montgomery; Manuel Flury
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Modeling the conical corneal null-screen topographer with the Fermat principle
Author(s): Andrés Peña-Conzuelo; Manuel Campos-García
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Comprehensive ranging disambiguation for amplitude-modulated continuous-wave laser scanner
Author(s): Chao Zhang; Sifan Liu; Zheyuan Zhang; Neisei Hayashi; Lei Jin; Sze Yun Set; Shinji Yamashita
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3D images processing using acousto-optic Bragg diffraction
Author(s): K. V. Zaichenko; B. S. Gurevich
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Deep reinforcement learning for variability prediction in latent heat flux from low-cost meteorological parameters
Author(s): Saon Banerjee; Sawon Pratiher; Subhankar Chattoraj; Rishabh Gupta; Parthasarathi Patra; Barnali Saikia; Sudipta Thakur; Soumen Mondal; Asis Mukherjee
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Analysis of the systematic and random errors in the conical corneal null-screen topographer
Author(s): Andrés Peña-Conzuelo; Manuel Campos-García; Daniel Aguirre-Aguirre; Oliver Huerta-Carranza
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Robustness improvement for the calibration of stereo deflectometry based on a search algorithm
Author(s): Yongjia Xu; Feng Gao; Xiangqian Jiang
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Optical sensor for drone coordinate measurements
Author(s): Volodymyr Borovytsky; Dmytro Averin
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Development of a double-diffraction grating interferometer for measurements of displacement and angle
Author(s): Shao-Heng Chen; Hung-Lin Hsieh; Hong-Yi Chen; Yi-Xing Lai
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Velocity estimation from fringe contrast using lensless Fourier transform digital holography
Author(s): Urvashi Jinwal; Surya Kumar Gautam; Athira T. S.; Pramod Panchal; Dinesh N. Naik
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Integration of an endoscopic fringe projection system into a milling machine for the regeneration of complex capital goods: a first prototype
Author(s): Philipp Middendorf; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Phase calibration of a basic bright-field microscope for 3D metrology of transparent samples at the nanoscale
Author(s): D. Migliozzi; B. Zhao; M. A. M. Gijs
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Picometer-resolved universal single-lens interferometer unveiling ultraprecise frugal devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pooja Munjal; Kamal P. Singh
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