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AOPC 2019: AI in Optics and Photonics
Editor(s): John Greivenkamp; Jun Tanida; Yadong Jiang; HaiMei Gong; Jin Lu; Dong Liu
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Volume Number: 11342
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11342
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An early kidney injury rapid detection device
Author(s): Zhen Zhang; Ning Zhang; Hongzhuang Guo; Zhe Wang; Yuanhua Yu
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Deep learning enabled real-time modal analysis for fiber beams
Author(s): Yi An; Liangjin Huang; Jun Li; Jinyong Leng; Lijia Yang; Pu Zhou
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A method of measuring wavefront aberration with CNN
Author(s): Yangjie Xu; Hongyang Guo; Qiang Wang; Dong He; Yongmei Huang
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Fast measurement of mid-spatial-frequency error on optical surfaces with convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Jing Wang; Jian Bai; Xiao Huang; Jing Hou
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A super-resolution method of retinal image based on laser scanning ophthalmoscope
Author(s): Zelin Chen; Xingzheng Wang; Yuanlong Deng
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Target detection method for small defects in ink area of planar glass element
Author(s): Wenbo Qi; Zhengzhou Wang; Li Wang; Meng Tan; Jitong Wei
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Fully convolutional networks based sinogram correction for metal artifact reduction
Author(s): Linlin Zhu; Yu Han; Ziheng Li; Xiaoqi Xi; Lei Li; Bin Yan; Mingwan Zhu
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Key technologies in high efficiency and ultra precision grinding of large aperture and complex aspheric lens
Author(s): Lian Zhou; Qiancai Wei; Xianhua Chen; Qinghua Zhang; Jian Wang
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A robust target recognition and tracking panoramic surveillance system based on deep learning
Author(s): Qiang Fan; Yin Xu
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Hyperspectral image classification with imbalanced data based on oversampling and convolutional neural network
Author(s): Lei Cai; Geng Zhang
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The effect of grinding processing parameters on aspheric small-scale waviness
Author(s): Qiancai Wei; Lian Zhou; Xianhua Chen; Jie Li; Qinghua Zhang; Jian Wang
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Study on the basic color and color of camouflage paint in computer color matching
Author(s): Jianjun Ju; Heng Liu; Hao Xu; Jiyao Tian; Xin Yang
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Research on target location method based on varistor image
Author(s): Bo Gong; Lei Xiao; Chunchun Li; Tiejun Yang
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Image super-resolution reconstructing based on generative adversarial network
Author(s): Jing Nan; Lei Bo
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Study on corrosion of optical glass
Author(s): You Zhou; Jiuwang Wang; Yun Wang; Yang Fu; Ran Zhao; Peng Jiao
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Small and weak target detection based on deep learning
Author(s): Ting Wang; Changqing Cao; Xiaodong Zeng; Zhejun Feng; Yutao Liu; Jinna Ning
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Target trajectory prediction based on neural network and Kalman filtering
Author(s): Ling-xiao Li; Guang-li Sun; Jiang-peng Song
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Warship and aircraft coordinated air defense target allocation method based on attack timing
Author(s): Yunhui Wang; Zhijuan Zhan; Pingyu Deng; Qing Zhou
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Architecture design of air-sea joint combat system based on DoDAF
Author(s): Zhijuan Zhan; Yunhui Wang; Bingfei Li; Bing Xue
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Simple online and realtime tracking people with new “soft-iou” metric
Author(s): Sergey Menshov; Yan Wang; Andrey Zhdanov; Eugene Varlamov; Dmitry Zhdanov
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Fine segmentation of fundus optic disc based on SLIC superpixel
Author(s): Xuegong Zhao; Hui Wang; Zhenming Peng
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3D object detection based on multi-view feature point matching
Author(s): Tian Yang; Xinzhu Sang; Duo Chen; Nan Guo; Peng Wang; Xunbo Yu; Binbin Yan; Kuiru Wang; Chongxiu Yu
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Using convolutional neural network for matching cost computation in stereo matching
Author(s): Aleksei Denisov; Yan Wang; Andrey Zhdanov; Sergei Bykovskii
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A small object detection method based on local maxima and SSD
Author(s): Lei Bo; Tan Hai; Fan Qiang
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Infrared long-wave multispectral image reconstruction based on auto-encoder network
Author(s): Yuan Tian; Hanlin Qin; Lin Ma; Shuowen Yang; Yang Yue; Wenxing Nie; Jiawei Zhang
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Laser illumination compressed sensing imaging based on deep learning
Author(s): Yan Liu; Hanlin Qin; Bingbin Li; Shuowen Yang; Ying Li; Yuxin Yang; Yang Yue
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Infrared polymorphic target recognition based on single step cascade neural network
Author(s): Zhuangzhuang Hu; Hanlin Qin; Xin Peng; Tong Yue; Heng Yue; Guohui Luo; Wenrui Zhu
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Gas plume detection in infrared image using mask R-CNN with attention mechanism
Author(s): Xin Peng; Hanlin Qin; Zhuangzhuang Hu; Binbin Cai; Jin Liang; Hongxuan Ou
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Research on problems and countermeasures of the safety management about unmanned aircraft system in China
Author(s): Jin Wei
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