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AOPC 2019: Quantum Information Technology
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Volume Number: 11339
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11339
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The superposition invariance of unitary operators and maximally entangled state
Author(s): Xin-wei Zha; Ning Miao; Xiao-yuan Yu
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Phase attack on reference pulses of continuous-variable quantum key distribution with real local oscillators
Author(s): Biao Huang; Langhua Liu; Yu Wang; Yongmei Huang; Zhenming Peng
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High speed comparator for single-photon avalanche photodiode
Author(s): Jin Wu; Qing Chen; Lixia Zheng; Weifeng Sun
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Quantum correlations over a large bandwidth in cascaded optical parametric system
Author(s): Jingyan Li; Qing Ye
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Effect of atmosphere turbulence on the decay of orbital angular momentum entanglement state of light using the Hermite-Gaussian (HG) vortex beam encoding
Author(s): Xiang Yan; Hui Liu; Heng Zhao; Min Chen
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Challenges and solutions of next-generation imager: CMOS single photon avalanche diode image sensor
Author(s): Tianqi Zhao; Shangzhong Jin; Aiming Feng; Chunliu Zhao; Yan Shi; Rui Xu; Yi Chen; Yadong Zhou
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Quantum color image encryption technology based on hyper-chaotic systems
Author(s): Yujia Liu; Xiping Xu; Fuqi Zhang; Jiahong Xu; Zhaoguo Jiang
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Performance analysis of free space quantum key distribution with different wavelengths
Author(s): Tao Liu; Cong Zhu; Chunyang Sun; Xinxin Fang; Pingping Wang
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Quantum entanglement degrees of a two-level atom in the photonic crystals heat reservoir
Author(s): Siqi Zhang; Hong Li; Meixuan Li; Ming Guo; Lijun Song
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Navigation applications of quantum microwave entanglement accomplished by electro-opto-mechanical converters
Author(s): Junwen Luo; Dewei Wu; Xiang Li; Tianli Wei
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Research on key problems of quantum state transformation based on cavity electro-opto-mechanical system
Author(s): Chao Chen; Dewei Wu; Chunyan Yang
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Nonadiabtic robust pulses for creating superposition states in a resonant three-level system
Author(s): Lin Wan; Joel Moser; Ying Yan
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Experimental observation of topologically protected bound states in two dimensional quantum walk
Author(s): Bo Wang; Tian Chen; Xiangdong Zhang
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Room-temperature high-speed InGaAs/InP single-photon detector with high detection efficiency
Author(s): Zhihe Liu; Qilai Fei; Yan Liang; Heping Zeng
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High sensitivity ranging photon-counting chirped amplitude modulation lidar
Author(s): Yi-Fei Sun; Zhi-Yuan Wang; Zi-Jing Zhang; Yuan Zhao
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Study of in situ laser modification of InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Author(s): Lili Miao; Linyun Yang; Xinning Yang; Siyi Zhuang; Zhenwu Shi; Changsi Peng
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Quantum navigation ranging scheme based on dual-path entangled microwaves
Author(s): Tian-Li Wei; De-Wei Wu; Yang Zhou
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Spectral photon irradiance and spectral photon radiance standards for the calibration of photon-counting imagers
Author(s): Yike Xiao; Haiyong Gan; Xiangliang Liu; Yingwei He; Weimin Wang; Yinuo Xu; Xufeng Jing; Changyu Shen
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The time domain waveform of dual-path entangled microwave signals
Author(s): Xiang Li; De-wei Wu; Qiang Miao
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