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AOPC 2019: Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging
Editor(s): Jin Yu; Zhe Wang; Vincenzo Palleschi; Mengxia Xie; Yuegang Fu
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Volume Number: 11337
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11337
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Simultaneous inversion of methyl thiol, methane and water vapor concentration from wavelength modulation spectroscopy using neural network
Author(s): Xinli Tian; Jinyi Li; Zhenhui Du; Jiaxin Wan; Hongqing Fan; Honglian Li
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Brillouin light scattering uncertainty preliminary estimation
Author(s): Patrice Salzenstein; Ekaterina Pavlyuchenko; Alexis Mosset
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Analysis and suppression of stray radiation in infrared spectral radiation measurement
Author(s): Shufang He; Yanfei Wang; Caihong Dai; Jinyuan Liu; Guojin Feng
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Error analysis of field of view registration accuracy of hyper-resolution spatial heterodyne spectrometer for hydroxyl radical OH
Author(s): Haiyan Luo; Xiong Wei; Hailiang Shi; Dihu Chen; Zhiwei Li
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Improvement of CDU in implant level lithography with high topography
Author(s): Hang Fan; Fusheng Zhu
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Monte Carlo simulation of integrated blackbody infrared emissivity and verification
Author(s): Xu-yao Song; Qing-duo Duanmu; Wei Dong; Chun-teng Shao; Zhi-bin Li; Yi-jie Pan; Zun-dong Yuan; Jing-hui Wang
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A high-precision wavelength calibration method based on Fourier transform imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Yixuan Xu; Jianxin Li; Caixun Bai; Jie Liu; Yi Zong; Mingliang Duan
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Influence of surface roughness of ice crystal particles on bulk scattering properties of cirrus clouds
Author(s): Shenhe Ren; Ming Gao; Yanxiang Liu; Yan Li
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3-D surface morphology measurement of plasma-facing materials using laser speckle interferometry in presence of periodic vibration
Author(s): Yuanbo Li; Shuhua Li; Xiaoqian Cui; Dongye Zhao; Hongbin Ding
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A novel knife-edge method for measuring the lateral resolution of confocal Raman microscopes
Author(s): Yanzhe Fu; Xiang Ding; Jiangchao Li; Jiyan Zhang
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Photoacoustic detection and glucose concentration prediction of solutions mixed glucose with salt based on OPO pulsed laser excitation
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu
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Measurement of the deposition morphology using temporal phase-shifting laser speckle interferometry
Author(s): Shuhua Li; Yuanbo Li; Xiaoqian Cui; Ding Wu; Dongye Zhao; Chunlei Feng; Hongbin Ding
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Study on the data processing method applied to improve spectral stability of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy in soil analysis
Author(s): Rui Wang; Xiaohong Ma; Taiyu Zhang; Zesheng Liu; Li Huo
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Study on the intensive submillimeter interlayer structures based on THz-TDS
Author(s): Tianhui Xu; Kefei Li; Wei Wang; Diwei Liu
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Hyper-spectral computer tomographic detection of OH radicals in the upper and middle atmosphere
Author(s): Hailiang Shi; Xiong Wei; Haiyan Luo; Zhiwei Li
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Laser remote sensing of air pollution clouds
Author(s): Yong Chen; Ze-hou Yang; Fan Dong; Chun-li Chen; Ren Peng; Xiao-feng Li; Zhen-zhong Feng; Pi-e Zhao; Guo-juan Zhang; Yu Chen
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Optical system design of high resolution centering instrument based on switchable lenses
Author(s): Wenjing Niu; Tao Ma; Jie Yang
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Supercontinuum generation in graded index multimode fiber pumped by superluminescent pulse amplification
Author(s): Linlu He; Haitao Zhang; Decai Deng; Dan Li; Shuai Wu; Mali Gong
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The identification of tea variety and producing area using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy combined with neural network
Author(s): Zesheng Liu; Xiaohong Ma; Rui Wang; Liuyang Zhan; Taiyu Zhang
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Study on the mineral composition detection in bone by spatially offset Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Qiushi Liu; Yuchen Li; Baozhen Zhao; Zhixing Gao; Jing Li; Chong Lv; Xianghao Meng; Xiaohua Zhang
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Study on shortwave infrared multispectral horizontal imgaing performance under haze weather condition
Author(s): Yan Yuan; Lai Zhang; Lijuan Su; Zimu Ye
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Tool path planning for aspheric five-axis machine tools
Author(s): Yongxiang Zhu; Peiji Guo; Xi Chen
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Study of the influence of several nonmetal sheets to 100GHz millimeter wave active imaging
Author(s): Xuanyu Wang; Lejian Cheng; Zhilong Liu; Wenjie Dong
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Research on LIBS quantitative analysis of heavy metal concentration in polluted water-based on Fourier self-deconvolution method
Author(s): Yuanhang Wang; Yang Bu; Fang Wu; Yi Cao; Yingjie Yu; Xiangzhao Wang
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Simulation study of a computational spectrometer based on a disordered medium
Author(s): Wu Li; Zhijian Cai; Jianhong Wu
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Design of dual-band infrared lens with multilayer diffractive optical element
Author(s): Zhang Bo; Qingfeng Cui; Mingxu Piao
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Study on spectral transfer characteristics of double AOTF imaging spectrometer acoustooptic crystals
Author(s): Lingying Chang; Mengzhu Jin; Jingjing Song; Dawei Yao; Yuehong Qiu
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Dual-color quantum dot structured illumination microscopy using single LED
Author(s): Hui Zeng; Huaidong Yang
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Study on the spectral imaging technology of adaptive classification
Author(s): Wu Xin; Libo Li; Xiaohui Gao; Yinhua Wu; Chenyu Wu
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A method of real-time monitoring the cyanobacterial bloom in inland waters based on ground-based multi-spectral imaging
Author(s): Jirui Yu; Bin Xue; Jinyou Tao; Shengrun Liu; Ping Ruan
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Design of optical system for micro multispectral camera
Author(s): Yuzhe Liu; Bin Xue; Yiyi Zhao; Guoqing Chen
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Efficient full field of view polarimetric calibration method for simultaneous imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Fei Tao; Maoxin Song; Jin Hong; Xiaobing Sun; Donggen Luo; Xuefeng Lei; Xinxin Zhao
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Establishing diffuse speckle contrast signal relationship with blood flow
Author(s): Jialin Liu; Baoteng Xu; Wei Zhou; Xibin Yang; Daxi Xiong
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Performance analysis of DDR SDRAM in high speed image data acquisition
Author(s): Yan Wang; Xiaolai Chen
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Design of portable resonant photoacoustic cell based on ray-tracing software TracePro
Author(s): Qiaoyun Wang; Zhanyu Zhao
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Wide band infrared spectral engine based on digital micro-mirror device
Author(s): Li Qi; Yang Yang; Tian Yi; Houming Zai; Xiaocheng Feng; Tao Shen; Xiaowei Zhang
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Quantitative determination of hydrogen isotope in titanium using LIBS
Author(s): Yang Du; Qianqian Wang; Ruizhu Yang; Xutai Cui
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A review of soil nutrient detection by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Chengxu Lü; Xunpeng Jiang; Bin Jiang; Jia Li; Kang Niu; Junning Zhang
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Single-layer graphene-based surface plasmon resonance biosensors for immunization study
Author(s): Ying Xu; Run-tao Zhuang; Zhe Zhang; Ru-meng Yi; Xiang-dong Guo; Zhi-mei Qi
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Research on high resolution micro-scan technology in infrared imaging system
Author(s): Zhi-qiang Zhang; Ping Wang; Xu-dong Yu; Yu-mei Zhou; Ting Li
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Research on classification and recognition method of coal and coal gangue based spectral imaging micro-system
Author(s): Anna Zhao; Shuyang Liu; Chen Zhang; Xiaodong Jia
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Remote sense for environment pollution gases in wide infrared spectral range
Author(s): Zhixiong Yang; Chunchao Yu; Weifeng Zhang; Weijian Zheng; Hongwei Wang; Zhenggang Lei; Peizhong Zhang
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Yuqiao Reservoir unmanned airborne spectral imaging monitoring system
Author(s): Chen Zhang; Shuyang Liu; Jinwei Lv; Anna Zhao; Jianhui Liu; Tianhe Wang; Xiaodong Jia
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Dynamic population of infrared radiation in dysprosium-doped different host materials
Author(s): Xingyong Huang; Bizhou Shen; Xiumin Xie; Qiang Xu; Hai-Zhi Song
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Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy detection for food additives components
Author(s): Yuchen Li; Qiu-shi Liu; Baozhen Zhao; Chong Lv; Xianghao Meng; Zhixing Gao; Jing Li; Xiaohua Zhang
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Recent progress on laser illuminating 2D materials
Author(s): G. C. Shan; R. Z. Qin; H. Y. Tan; Q. B. Meng; J. B. Li; M. J. Hu; H. Chen
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Automatic outlier detection based on PLS-MMD model
Author(s): Qian Chen; Wenyong Xie; Wangquan Ye; Xuejiao Duan; Ying Li
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A portable miniature microscope for biomedical applications
Author(s): Yang Song; Xi-bin Yang; Bing Yan; Wei Zhou; Chi Wang; Da-xi Xiong
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Modeling and simulation of hyperspectral imaging system based on ray tracing
Author(s): Yiwen Ding; Xiaomei Chen; Tian Lan
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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography setup and small artery detection based on it
Author(s): Xiaoyu She; Ming Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Liquan Dong; Mei Hui; Xiaohua Liu
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