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AOPC 2019: Display Technology and Optical Storage
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Volume Number: 11335
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11335
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Holographic display based on partially coherent light
Author(s): Juan Liu; Xinhui Duan; Zhiqi Zhang
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CGH based on partially coherent light
Author(s): Junyi Duan; Juan Liu; Bining Hao; Tao Zhao; Qiankun Gao; Xinhui Duan
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Resolution analysis of focused plenoptic camera with four types focal lengths
Author(s): Jiahua Wang; Xuanzhe Zhang; Shaojun Du; Qingsong Liu; Jun Li; Yan Wang; Honggang Xiang
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Real-time double-depth-image-based rendering for autostereoscopic display systems
Author(s): Lu Han; Xinzhu Sang; Yanxin Guan; Kuiru Wang; Binbin Yan; Chongxiu Yu
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Small water surface target visual stealth effect evaluation method
Author(s): Zhongwei Chen; Jiazheng Ni
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Slightly off-axis flipping digital holography using polarization technology
Author(s): Jinling Bao; Wenzhi Chen; Hongyi Bai; Fuzhen Zhu
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Aggregation-induced emission of tetraphenylethene photoresist film and their application in optical data storage
Author(s): Xupeng Yuan; Miao Zhao; Zongsong Gan; Xinjun Guo; Hao Ruan
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A fault injection system for space imaging application
Author(s): Jinqiao Wang; Yongqiang Duan; Tengfei Ma
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Magnification of diffraction patterns using plane wave illumination
Author(s): Zhe Kong; Ning Xu; Qiaofeng Tan
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High performance electrochromic device based on multifunctional hydrogel
Author(s): Shi-Qing Zhao; Wen-Bin Huang; Yan-Hua Liu
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Multi-wavelength diffractive lens design for color imaging
Author(s): JianYong Chen; GuiZhu Wang; Sui Wei; Chuan Shen; Haixiu Yu
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An accurate volume hologram model for optical design: simulating a multi-color holographic display using ray tracing
Author(s): Han-Hsiang Cheng
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Color holographic display system based on effective utilization of SLM
Author(s): Di Wang; Nan-Nan Li; Yi-Long Li; Qiong-Hua Wang
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Efficient DIBR method based on depth offset mapping for 3D image rendering
Author(s): Chang Liu; Xinzhu Sang; Xunbo Yu; Xin Gao; Li Liu; Kuiru Wang; Binbin Yan; Chongxiu Yu
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Fabrication of diffractive axilens for multiplane holographic projection
Author(s): Chuan Shen; QingQing Hong; JianYong Chen; Sui Wei
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Research on active SLM device structure of deep sub-wavelength F-P resonance
Author(s): HaiXiu Yu; GuiZhu Wang; Sui Wei; Chuan Shen; JianYong Chen
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Achromatic and distortion-suppressed floating image display system using SCD
Author(s): Hui Zhang; Xinzhu Sang; Xunbo Yu; Xin Gao; Chao Gao; Binbin Yan; Kuiru Wang; Chongxiu Yu
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Reconstruction of 3D structural semantic points based on multiple camera views
Author(s): Yangguang Li; Xinzhu Sang; Duo Chen; Peng Wang; Xunbo Yu; Binbin Yan; Kuiru Wang; Chongxiu Yu
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Image processing for simulating the reconstructed images of holographic stereogram based on synthetic parallax images
Author(s): Teng Zhang; Xingpeng Yan; Fan Fan; Xi Wang; Chenqing Wang; Xiaoyu Jiang
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Effects of pickup mode and parameters of integral imaging based on C4D
Author(s): JingKai Zhou; GuiZhu Wang; Sui Wei; Chuan Shen; HuiMin Ma
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Research of combination detection and fusion method based on radar and infrared channels
Author(s): Qi Zhao; Jincheng Wang; Zixuan Fang; Guoqing Wang; Ran Wang; Yue Lou
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The effect of slit aperture width on the performance of integral imaging based on parallax barrier
Author(s): Hong Cheng; HuiMin Ma; Jing Kai Zhou; Chuan Shen
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Calibration of fabrication error for autostereoscopic three-dimensional display
Author(s): Penghao Ma; Xinzhu Sang; Xunbo Yu; Xin Gao; Boyang Liu; Binbin Yan; Kuiru Wang; Chongxiu Yu
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Polymetric lenticular lens array design, ultra-precision machining and inspection technology for naked-eye 3D display
Author(s): Lihua Li; Man-Cheung Ng; Ming-Kit Chan; Kin-Leung Chan; Wing-Bun Lee
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