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AOPC 2019: Optoelectronic Devices and Integration; and Terahertz Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 11334
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11334
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
On-board relative calibration method and numerical simulation of array optical remote sensor based on LED
Author(s): Junlin Li; Lu Zhang; Liming Zhang
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InGaN/GaN MQWs green-light photodetectors with thin GaN barrier layers
Author(s): Supeng Zhang; Hongxia Wang; Hailong Wang; Hao Jiang
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Research on a single-ring absolute coder disc encoding and decoding technology combined with Huffman coding
Author(s): Xi Ren; Jie Hu; Hongyang Guo; Shengping Du
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Fiber to resonator coupling simulation measure and optimization
Author(s): David Bassir; Patrice Salzenstein
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Optimized oven for optical resonator heating process
Author(s): Patrice Salzenstein; David Bassir; Mikhail Zarubin
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Active multi-wavelength Šolc-type filter based on MgO:APLN
Author(s): Hang Liu; Yuheng Wang; Lujie Li; Yongji Yu; Guangyong Jin
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2-D beam deflection model of liquid crystal phased array
Author(s): Jie Hu; Shengping Du; Hongyang Guo; Xi Ren
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Multi-domain evaluation method for RF stealth performance based on IFA-TOPSIS with hesitant fuzzy sets
Author(s): Chengxiu Yang; Qianzhe Wang; Weidong Peng; Shaoting Pei
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Precision three-dimensional small angle measurement system under small space conditions
Author(s): Bo Liu; Jia Li; Wenrui Ma
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Research on spectroradiometer for irradiance calibration in ageing tests
Author(s): Fangsheng Lin; Dejin Yin; Tiecheng Li; Muyao Ji
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Three dimensional Dirac semimetal thin film heterojunction photodetector: organics on Cd3As2
Author(s): Ming Yang; Jun Wang; Weizhi Li; Yadong Jiang
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Directly modulated semiconductor lasers with surface high-order grating fabricated by standard photolithography
Author(s): Pijie Ma; Fengxin Dong; Anjin Liu; Wanhua Zheng
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The research of InSb on Si avalanche photodiode
Author(s): Hongling Peng; Yingqiang Xu; Wanhua Zheng
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Research on the attitude update algorithm of SINS based on MIMU
Author(s): Jun Fu; Hongxiang Han
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Infrared passive athermalization system based on the selection of T-C initial system
Author(s): Ming Li; Min Jin
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An electro-optic controllable polarization rotator based on the GaN/Al0.3Ga0.7N superlattice waveguide
Author(s): Tao Wang; Xun Li
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Function of S parameter in gain theory of microchannel plate and simulation of gain performance
Author(s): Pan Shi; Yonggang Huang; Peng Jiao; Jinsheng Jia; Bingqiang Zhang
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Research on the development status of surface inspection technology
Author(s): Zhencong Wu; Yufang Chen; Min Wang
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Study on length calibration method of coherent optical time domain reflectometer
Author(s): Xiangliang Zheng; Quanshe Sun; Hengfei Wang; Facai Zhao
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Effect of atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide films on electrical properties of lead silicate glass microchannel plate
Author(s): Hua Cai; Jinsheng Jia; Hui Liu; Yong Sun; Xian Zhang; Lei Zhang; Qing Li; Tiezhu Bo; Dongzhan Zhou; Jiao Lian
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The total luminous flux measurement of high-power LEDs
Author(s): Tiecheng Li; Fangsheng Lin; Biyong Huang; Muyao Ji; Leibing Shi; Ming Xia; Lei Lai
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Electromagnetic immunity of the embedded CAN controller in different transmission rates to conducted interference
Author(s): Dongyao Zhang; Changlin Zhou; Daojie Yu; Junpin Cheng; Zhijian Xu; Kai He
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A high-precision 6D sensor based on optoelectronic measurement
Author(s): Ziyue Zhao
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Sensitive photodetectors based on carbon nanotube/graphene films
Author(s): Hongxi Zhou; Jun Wang; Yadong Jiang
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Application of double threshold time discrimination based on amplifier type in laser ranging
Author(s): Pingping Guo; Weixian Qian; Jinqing Yang; Qian Chen
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Research progress and development of resistive glass for Resistive Plate Chambers
Author(s): Tiezhu Bo; Chen Wang; Chang Liu; Xiaoxuan Shi; Yu Shi; Sanzhao Wang; Hui Liu; Jiawen Zhang; Shulin Liu; Baojun Yan
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Design of a multi-band LED phototherapy system with therapeutic evaluation
Author(s): Yunpeng Zhang; Jiping Wang; Liquan Guo; Daxi Xiong
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The manufacture of depolarizer in transform system of immersion photolithography polarization state
Author(s): Mei-Xuan Li; Hong Li; Si-Qi Zhang; Ming Guo
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Study on the glassy and conductive properties of SiO2-B2O3-P2O5-Al2O3-MxOy system
Author(s): Hui Liu; Tiezhu Bo; Yong Sun; Xian Zhang; Lei Zhang; Hua Cai; Jiao Lian; Dongzhan Zhou; Yu Shi; You Zhou; Chang Liu; Chen Wang; Qing Li; Jiawen Zhang; Shulin Liu; Baojun Yan
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Design of a medical micro pressure sensor based on the conducting rubber film
Author(s): Yizhe Guo; Xiya Wang; Jinhua Shen; Xiaowei Hu; Tianle Gao; Wenhua Gu
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Highly stretchable and transparent electrodes enabled by embedded metal meshes
Author(s): TianYi Chen; YanHua Liu; Yao Yao Zhao; LinSen Chen; WenBin Huang
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Study on stray radiation suppression of vacuum cryogenic infrared radiation measurement system
Author(s): Si-ting Zhai; Hong-sheng Sun; Jia-peng Wang; Yu-guo Zhang; Dan Zhao
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Development of Mars surface illumination environment simulation system
Author(s): Bolun Zhang; Shanping Jiang; Shaopu Wang
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Non-orthogonal calibration compensation method for three-axis magnetometer based on cosine magnetic field
Author(s): Liang Ma; Guo-Qiang Shi; Li Wang; San-Sheng Wang
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Calibration device for laser target simulator
Author(s): Bao-lin Du; Hong-xia Wu; Jia-peng Wang
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Multi-layer stacks of GaN/n-Al0.5GaN self-assembled quantum dots grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Fei Wu; Zhiqiang Qi
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Research on fast hyperspectral atmospheric radiation transfer imaging modeling based on .NET environment
Author(s): Yunqiao Xi; Xiaomei Chen; Tian Lan
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Research on mechanism and control technology of fixed pattern noise between multi-fibers of microchannel plate
Author(s): Jinsheng Jia; Juan Liu; Tiezhu Bo; Lei Zhang; Xian Zhang; Puguang Song; Zhiheng Fan; Haoyang Yu
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Overview of spectral tunable sources
Author(s): Ke-xuan Wu; Jia-peng Wang; Ji-dong Du; Guang-wei Sun; Zhi Wang
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Design of collimating optical system for high power array LED
Author(s): Ye Wang; Chunshui Wang; JingYu Liu; GuLei Li
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Influence of parabolic reflector parameters on illuminance of directional xenon lamp
Author(s): Yun-song Feng; Bin Fan; Le Li
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Optimal design of a 1×4 liNbO3 optical switch based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Pingping Liu; Yinhua Cao; Dengcai Yang; Meihua Xiang; Yunxin Wang; Yukang Chen
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Analysis of signal characteristics of novel grating displacement sensor based on infrared LED
Author(s): Yunchen Sun; Dengxin Hua; Tingyao He; Yufeng Wang; Lei Han
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Traveling wave electrode design for a LiNbO3 integrated optical switch
Author(s): Dengcai Yang; Yukang Chen; Meihua Xiang; Yunxin Wang; Pingping Liu
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Noise and linewidth characterizations of DBR laser based on surface etched high-order Bragg gratings
Author(s): Chao Chen; Peng Jia; Li Qin; Yong-Yi Chen; Hong Chen; Yong-Qiang Ning; Li-Jun Wang
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Research on stabilization algorithm of LOS for ship borne laser weapon based on the strap down measurements
Author(s): Liang Erwei
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CPT-based atomic clock with Rb vapour cell fabricated by direct optical bonding
Author(s): S. Kobtsev; S. Donchenko; S. Khripunov; D. Radnatarov; I. Blinov; V. Palchikov
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Characterizing targets’ scattering property through multi-angle imaging of active MMW system
Author(s): Ziye Wang; Yang Yu; Lingbo Qiao; Yingxin Wang; Ziran Zhao
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Investigation on the polarization characteristics of several crystals at terahertz band
Author(s): Yanzhao Yang; Bin Wu; Guochao Li; Hongchao Wang; Hongyuan Liu; Chengping Ying; Peng Zhang; Peng Wang
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Design of a ultra wide band mixer based on the microstrip balun
Author(s): Zhongpu Li; Shengzhou Zhang; Weifeng Zhu; Chuanguo Sun; Congyu Xu
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Propagation studies for indoor and outdoor terahertz wireless links
Author(s): Jianjun Ma; Yu Mei; Rabi Shrestha; Lothar Moeller; John F. Federici; Daniel M. Mittleman
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Effects of surface roughness on terahertz wireless links
Author(s): Jianjun Ma; Rong Wang; Rabi Shrestha; Wei Zhang; Lothar Moeller; Daniel M. Mittleman
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Nonlinear terahertz metamaterials absorber based on InAs
Author(s): Miao Chen; Wei Yan; Liuwen Zeng; Fuhua Yang; Zhaofeng Li
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A novel broadband Marchand balun using multilayer coupled microstrip lines configuration
Author(s): Zhongpu Li; Shu Zhang; Jiawen Sun; Ziteng Ma; Shengzhou Zhang
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Variable angle terahertz reflectance measurement based on fiber-type terahertz time-domain spectrometer
Author(s): Qing Sun; Zheng Li; Meiqi Feng; Yuqiang Deng; Liang Shang
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Design of wide-band terahertz slotted antenna in CMOS
Author(s): Peng-cheng Yin; Lei-jun Xu; Xue Bai
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Research on THz spectrum detection model of stored grain quality based on deep learning
Author(s): Hong-yi Ge; Guofang Wu; Yu-ying Jiang; Yuan Zhang; Fei-yu Lian
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