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AOPC 2019: Advanced Laser Materials and Laser Technology
Editor(s): Pu Zhou; Jian Zhang; Wenxue Li; Shibin Jiang; Takunori Taira
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Volume Number: 11333
Date Published: 18 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11333
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Experimental and theoretical research of quasi-three level Ho3+-doped fluorotellurite photonic crystal fiber lasers
Author(s): Cheng Zhou; Hai-kun Zhang; Peng Song; Tao Chen; Ya-ping Zhang
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6.2 kW spectral beam combination by means of edge filters
Author(s): Fan Chen; Jun Ma; Rihong Zhu; Cong Wei
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A type of lidar sensor uses a 1645 nm laser using TiS2 as a saturable absorber
Author(s): Guoqiang Li; Chi Wu; Juan Su
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Direct AlGaAs LD pumped 2.1 μm Tm/Ho composite laser
Author(s): H. Z. Huang; J. H. Li; Y. Ge; J. Deng; J. H. Huang; L. X. Wu; W. X. Lin
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Few-layer NiPS3 as a saturable absorber for pulse laser generation
Author(s): Jin Wang; Tao Wang; Xinyao Shi; Jian Wu; Kai Zhang; Pu Zhou; Zongfu Jiang
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Athermalisation design and analysis of the opto-mechanical structure based on laser radar launching system
Author(s): Binggao He; Xiangyang Sun; Lijuan Shi
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The investigation of the ramping length of the stainless steel railway vehicle laser welding seam
Author(s): Hongxiao Wang; Chunsheng Wang; Radovan Kovacevic; Guangzhong He; Kai Li
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Polarization properties of a stochastic electromagnetic ultrashort pulse laser beam in the atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Yan Li; Gao Ming; Bin Li; Shenhe Ren
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High efficiency slab Tm:YAP laser dual-end-pumped by fiber coupled laser diodes
Author(s): Ya Wen; Chunting Wu; Guangyong Jin
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Study of surface modification and infrared-radar stealth performance of La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 powder
Author(s): Jiawei Liu; Jianjiang Wang; Qiang Yuan; Xianghong Yao; Yue Hao
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L-band tunable and switchable multi-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Guoliang Chen; Yan Yang; Keyu Song; Yuxuan Zhang; Min Lv
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Discussion and implementation of LDPC and PPM joint coding in laser underwater data transmission
Author(s): Xiumei Li; Ning He; Hongyan Jiang
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First principles study electronic and optical properties of LaBr3 and LaBr3:Ce crystal
Author(s): Min Li; Fang Liu; Xiaoping Ouyang
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The characteristic of wedge waves propagating along wedge with periodic V-defects by laser ultrasound technique
Author(s): Jing Jia; Xueping Jiang; Qingbang Han; Minglei Shan
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Realization of 7-channel beam coherent beam combination based on coherent fiber-optics-array collimator
Author(s): Mingqian Zhang; Yanxing Ma; Jinhu Long; Pengfei Ma; Rongtao Su; Jian Wu; Pu Zhou; Lei Si
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Intensity distribution of vortex beams from multilayered topological insulator slab
Author(s): Mingjun Wang; Niuniu Lin; Yanxiang Liu; Shenhe Ren
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Effect of spot size on laser damage single crystal silicon
Author(s): Ming Guo; Yongxiang Zhang; Wenying Zhang; Hong Li
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LD end-pumped 12J-10Hz Nd:YAG pulse laser
Author(s): Xinying Jiang; Zhenguo Wang; Xiongwei Yan; Qiao Xue; Wanjun Dai; Wenlong Wu; Ke Yao; Fan Zhang; Jiangang Zheng; Jingqin Su; Kuixing Zheng; Qihua Zhu; Wanguo Zheng
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Research on design of laser pyrotechnic system for high temperature-resistant transmission path
Author(s): Bo Jing; Aifeng He; Chunqiang Cao; Haoyu Wang; Jianhua Chen; Yue Ma
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Research on the application of laser pyrotechnic device to airborne escape system
Author(s): Chunqiang Cao; Bo Jing; Aifeng He; Jianhua Chen; Haoyu Wang; Yue Ma
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Evolution properties of array laser beams through an atmospheric turbulence and shock-wave layer
Author(s): Dong Zhi; Dongjun Liao; Huayu Hu; Kouli Zhang; Sen Liu
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A review of carbon-based microwave absorbing composites
Author(s): Wei Jing; Wuchao Chen; Yuan Liu; Junjie Deng
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Summarize the damage caused by different types of laser beams
Author(s): Tianyu Wang; Jintian Bian; Xiaoquan Sun
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An approach to effect-based laser weapon design
Author(s): Shubin Zhao; Jun Wan; Renwei Xie
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Deep transfer learning for underwater vehicle wake recognition in infrared imagery
Author(s): Zhong Rui; Yang Li; Yongcheng Du
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Hybrid laser-arc welding process of full penetration T joint in high speed railway vehicle bogie
Author(s): Kai Li; Guangzhong He; Hongxiao Wang; Chunsheng Wang
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Theoretical evaluation of V-pumped thin-disk DPALs
Author(s): Jiao Yang; Guofei An; Lei Wang; Juhong Han; Xiaoxu Liu; You Wang
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Effect of lateral index step on the performance of high-power broad-area 970-nm diode lasers based a large-optical-cavity waveguide structure
Author(s): Kun Zhou; Weichuan Du; Xin Yang; Yi Li; Songxin Gao; Chun Tang
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Control Airy-Talbot effect via initial launch angles in dynamic linear index potentials
Author(s): Kaiyun Zhan; Jing Wang; Zhendong Yang; Ruiyun Jiao; Bing Liu
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Finite element analysis of focus tunable micro-lens based on electric field modulated liquid crystal
Author(s): Xiaolong Li; Mingji Zhang
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Point-by-point fiber gratings inscription by using high repetition rate femtosecond laser
Author(s): Wei Wang; Jianzhong Chen; Zhongbo Liu
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Numerical study on flow and heat transfer of a finned-tube heat exchanger with trapezoid vortex generators in CO2 lasers
Author(s): Hui Liu; Xiang Yan; Jianbao Yue; Heng Zhao
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Vortex structures in the photoelectron momentum distributions of negative hydrogen ions induced by a short laser pulse
Author(s): Jianhong Chen; Xiaoping Zheng; Tianyun Zhang
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Adaptive temporal shape control of fiber laser
Author(s): Hongxiang Chang; Rongtao Su; Qi Chang; Tianyue Hou; Yanxing Ma; Pengfei Ma; Pu Zhou
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Dynamic error modeling and analysis based on angle intersection measurement system
Author(s): Jun-nan Chen; Zhi Xiong; Lei Nei; Da-xing Zhao; Liu-gang Zhang; Zhi-peng Xia; Tao Chen
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Research on fiber transceiver collimator based on optical fiber bundles
Author(s): Jing Cen; Yanxing Ma; Hongxiang Chang; Pengfei Ma; Rongtao Su; Jian Wu; Shengfu Yuan
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Optical fiber bundles converting pulsed lasers into continuous waves for improved measurement linearity in spectrophotometry
Author(s): Weimin Wang; Haiyong Gan; Gan Xu; Xiangliang Liu; Yinuo Xu; Xufeng Jing; Yike Xiao; Changyu Shen; Yingwei He; Yandong Lin
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Coherent beam combination based on particle swarm optimization algorithm
Author(s): Qi Chang; Rongtao Su; Tianyue Hou; Pengfei Ma; Yanxing Ma; Pu Zhou
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Magnetic-field-assisted femtosecond laser drilling of bone in ambient environment
Author(s): Yang Song; Yingchun Guan
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A novel denoising algorithm for photon-counting laser data based on LDBSCAN
Author(s): Dongping Xie; Guoyuan Li; Jianmin Wang; Zhenming Wang; Fanghong Ye; Xiongdan Yang
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Research of heat dissipation structure with conical quartz tube for pump combiner
Author(s): Xu Si; Cheng-lin Xu; Yun-liang Ma
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Influence of thermal treatment on tensile strength of fiber splicing point
Author(s): Cheng-lin Xu; Xu Si; Yun-liang Ma
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Effect of scanning speed on microstructure and properties of 30Cr3Ni2 alloy steel prepared by direct laser deposition
Author(s): Xueting Chen; Suiyuan Chen; Yining Zhu; Tong Cui; Jing Liang; Changsheng Liu; Mei Wang
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Effect of laser scanning rate on microstructure and wear resistance of SLM high speed steel layer
Author(s): Fanmin Shang; Suiyuan Chen; Wuming Jia; Liang Jing; Changsheng Liu; Mei Wang
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High temperature oxidation behavior of pre-laid laser melting 45CrNiMoY alloy steel reinforced by TA15 powder
Author(s): Mingwei Wei; Suiyuan Chen; Miao Sun; Jing Liang; Changsheng Liu; Mei Wang
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Research for surface characteristics of aluminum mirrors made by laser additive manufacturing
Author(s): Xiao Han; Nan Kang; Jianchao Jiao; Chao Wang
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Tunable and switchable multi-wavelength ytterbium-doped fiber laser based on nonlinear polarization rotation effect
Author(s): Yuxuan Zhang; Yang Yan; Keyu Song; Min Lv
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Contrasted behavior of ripple morphology evolution on metals irradiated with temporally shaped femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Jiabo Zhang; Liyan Zheng; Lei Wang; Kaihu Zhang; Li Jiao; Xibin Wang; Ze Gao
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Electro-optically gated in-line saturable absorbers for fibre lasers
Author(s): Yury Gladush; Aram Mkrtchyan; Boris Nyushkov; Aleksey Ivanenko; Alexey Kokhanovskiy; Sergey Kobtsev; Albert G. Nasibulin
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