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Novel Patterning Technologies for Semiconductors, MEMS/NEMS and MOEMS 2020
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Volume Number: 11324
Date Published: 21 April 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11324
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D mesostructures from 2D lithographically defined precursors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): John A. Rogers
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Lithography today: challenges and solutions across a diverse market
Author(s): Kazunori Iwamoto
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Recent advancements of III-N materials in probe scanning lithography and metrology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tito L. Busani; Ivo Rangelow
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Tip- and laser-based nanofabrication up to 100 mm with sub-nanometre precision
Author(s): Ingo Ortlepp; Michael Kühnel; Martin Hofmann; Laura Weidenfeller; Johannes Kirchner; Shraddha Supreeti; Rostyslav Mastylo; Mathias Holz; Thomas Michels; Roland Füßl; Ivo W. Rangelow; Thomas Fröhlich; Denis Dontsov; Christoph Schäffel; Eberhard Manske
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Nanoimprint system alignment and overlay improvement for high volume semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Atsushi Kimura; Yukio Takabayashi; Takehiko Iwanaga; Mitsuru Hiura; Keita Sakai; Hiroshi Morohoshi; Toshiya Asano; Tatsuya Hayashi; Takamitsu Komaki
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Addressing nanoimprint lithography mix and match overlay using drop pattern compensation
Author(s): Anshuman Cherala; Se-Hyuk Im; Mario Meissl; Logan Simpson; Ecron Thompson; Jin Choi; Mitsura Hiura; Satoshi Iino
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Quantum Inspire: QuTech’s platform for co-development and collaboration in quantum computing
Author(s): Thorsten Last; Nodar Samkharadze; Pieter Eendebak; Richard Versluis; Xiao Xue; Amir Sammak; Delphine Brousse; Kelvin Loh; Henk Polinder; Giordano Scappucci; Menno Veldhorst; Lieven Vandersypen; Klará Maturová; Jeremy Veltin; Garrelt Alberts
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Development and deployment of advanced multi-beam mask writer
Author(s): Mahesh Chandramouli; Bin Liu; Reid K. Juday; Bassam Shamoun; Yulia Korobko; Andrew T Sowers; Yoshihiro Tezuka; Frank E. Abboud
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Extending deep-UV multi-beam laser writing for optical and EUV masks
Author(s): H. Christopher Hamaker; Paul C. Allen
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Software-based optimization methods for the ULTRA semiconductor maskwriter (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Niels Wijnaendts van Resandt; Ulrich Hofmann
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Multicolumn e-beam lithography (MEBL) for IC traceability: MEBL enables chip ID to thwart tampering/counterfeiting
Author(s): David K. Lam
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Development of bovine serum albumin-based resins for additive manufacturing via vat photopolymerization
Author(s): Patrick T. Smith; Benjaporn Narupai; S. Cem Millik; Ryan T. Shafranek; Alshakim Nelson
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Highly efficient neuromorphic computing systems with emerging nonvolatile memories
Author(s): Brady Taylor; Ziru Li; Bonan Yan; Hai Li; Yiran Chen
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An introduction to SemiSynBio Initiative and selected convergence results
Author(s): Daniel J. C. Herr
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Atomically precise digital e-beam lithography
Author(s): J. N. Randall; J. H. G. Owen; E. Fuchs; R. Saini; R. Santini; S. O. R. Moheimani
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A new approach to removing H atoms in hydrogen depassivation lithography
Author(s): S. O. Reza Moheimani; Hamed Alemansour
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Photothermal alternative to device fabrication using atomic precision advanced manufacturing techniques
Author(s): A. M. Katzenmeyer; S. Dmitrovic; A. D. Baczewski; E. Bussmann; T.-M. Lu; E. Anderson; S. Schmucker; J. A. Ivie; D. M. Campbell; D. R. Ward; G. T. Wang; S. Misra
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Stochastic processes in self-assembly: limits and strategies for mitigation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): J. Alexander Liddle; Michael Zwolak; Jacob Majikes
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Nanoengineering DNA origami for lithography
Author(s): Marie Marmiesse; Raluca Tiron; Guillaume Thomas; Shimon Levi; Xavier Baillin
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Selective electroless plating on non-conductive materials by applying a gradient of magnetic field
Author(s): S. Danilova; J. E. Graves; G. V. W. Cave; J. Sort; E. Pellicer; A. J. Cobley
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Self-forming nanogap diodes operate beyond 10 GHz enabled via adhesion lithography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kalaivanan Loganathan; Emre Yengel; Hendrik Faber; Akmaral Seitkhan; Emre Yarali; Begimai Adilbekova; Shuai Yang; Weiwei Li; Azamat Bakytbekov; Atif Shamim; Thomas Anthopoulos
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Nonlinear mode coupling in a MEMS resonator
Author(s): David A. Czaplewski; Daniel López; Oriel Shoshani; Steven W. Shaw
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Dielectric metasurfaces for shaping optical fields: from deep-UV to the terahertz (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Amit Kumar Agrawal
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Design and fabrication of microlens array homogenizer for laser beam shaping using two-photon polymerization
Author(s): Jia-Rong Wu; Hua-Yi Ni; Chien-Chung Fu; Wei-Jei Peng; Ting-Ming Huang; Ming-Fu Chen
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Sub-wavelength holographic lithography (SWHL)
Author(s): M. Borisov; D. Chelubeev; V. Chernik; V. Rakhovskiy; A. Shamaev
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Contribution ratio of process fidelity and beam accuracy in multi-beam mask writing
Author(s): Rumi Ito; Yoshinori Kojima; Hiroshi Matsumoto
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Electron beam mask writer EBM-8000P for high throughput mask production
Author(s): Tomohiro Iijima; Satoshi Nakahashi; Ryo Iikubo; Takahiro Honbu; Shinsuke Nishimura; Syoji Mori; Hirohiko Honda; Tsuyoshi Yamashita; Tetsurou Nishiyama; Osamu Kawami; Takao Tamura; Kenji Ohtoshi; Hirokazu Yamada
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Mathematical problems of holographic mask synthesis
Author(s): M. Borisov; D. Chelubeev; V. Chernik; L. Merkushov; V. Rakhovskiy; A. Shamaev
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Experimental verification of sub-wavelength holographic lithigraphy (SWHL) concept
Author(s): M. Borisov; D. Chelubeev; V. Chernik; L. Merkushov; V. Rakhovskiy; A. Shamaev
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Maskless holographic schemes based on phase micromirror SLMs
Author(s): M. Borisov; D. Chelubeev; V. Chernik; L. Merkushov; V. Rakhovskiy; A. Shamaev
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