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High Power Lasers and Laser Machining Technology
Editor(s): Michel Gaillard; A. Quenzer

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Volume Number: 1132
Date Published: 26 October 1989

Table of Contents
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Beam Quality In High-Power Laser Amplification
Author(s): J. L. H. Neira; J. Delgado; G. Calvo; M. Sanchez
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Random Phase Inhomogeneities In Fabry-Perot Resonators
Author(s): P. M. Mejias; R. Martinez-Herrero
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Rf-Excited-CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser With Improved Electrode Geometry
Author(s): Bruno Walter; Markus Bohrer; Dieter Schuocker
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Microwave Excited CO[sub]2[/sub]-Lasers
Author(s): B. Freisinger; J. H. Schafer; J. Uhlenbusch; Z. B. Zhang
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Influence Of Samarium Filter On The Performance Of Nd:YAG, Cr:Nd:GSGG and Er:YAG-Lasers
Author(s): Peter Greve; Bodo Metz
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Efficient First Stokes Generation Using A Raman Oscillator
Author(s): Th. Lasser; H. Gross; W. Ulrich; P. Greve; H. J. Niederwald
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Soft Apertures To Shape High-Power Laser Beams
Author(s): Svetlana G. Lukishova; Pavel P. Pashinin; Sergei Kh. Batygov; Boris M. Terentiev
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Generation Of Powerful Picosecond Pulses With A Large Axial Interval In IR And Visible Spectral Regions
Author(s): Tasoltan T. Basiev; Alexey Yu. Dergachev; Alexander Ya. Karasik; Vladislav A Maslov; Vyacheslav V. Osiko
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Some Aspects Of Wavefront Conjugation Application In Laser Beam Propagation In Inhomogeneous Medium
Author(s): Yu. I. Kruzhilin
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Amplitude And Frequency Stabilization Of Solid-State Lasers
Author(s): Arthur A. Mak; Vladimir I. Ustyugov
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Pulse Repetition Frequency Effects In A High Average Power X-Ray Preionised Excimer Laser
Author(s): B. Fontaine; B. Forestier; Ph. Delaporte; P. Canarelli
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Status Of The Work At Frascati On Large Aperture And High Repetition Rate Excimer Lasers
Author(s): S. Bollanti; P. Di Lazzaro; A. Dipace; F. Flora; G. Giordano; T. Hermsen; T. Letardi; E. Sabia; C. E. Zheng
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High-Efficiency Laser Dyes For High-Energy Dye Lasers
Author(s): Theodore G. Pavlopoulos; Joseph H. Boyer
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Efficient Tunable Solid State Laser Around 630 Nm Using Sulforhodamine 640 Doped Silica Gel
Author(s): F. Salin; G. Le Saux; P. Georges; A. Brun; C. Bagnall; J. Zarzycki
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Excimer Laser With High Pulse Energy And Typical Applications
Author(s): Heinz-Leonhard Jetter; Klaus-Joachim Schmatjko; Manfred Schroeder
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Removal Process Of Ceramic Materials With Excimer Laser Radiation
Author(s): H. K. Tonshoff; O. Gedrat
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Excimer Laser Machining Of Aerospace Materials
Author(s): Geoff M. Proudley; Philip H. Key
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Multipulse Laser Synthesis Of Metal Silicides
Author(s): E. D'Anna; G. Leggieri; A. Luches; G. Majni; M. Martino; P. Mengucci; I. N. Mihailescu
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Plasma Analysis Of Excimer Laser Ablated Novolak Photoresist
Author(s): W. Riedl; F. Bachmann
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Transmission Of Excimer Laser Radiation (308 nm) Through Q/Q-Fibers Ranging From 200 - 600 µm Core Diameter
Author(s): K. Dorschel; J. Helfmann; H. Kar; G. Muller; O. Muller; H. Ringelhan; B. Schaldach
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UV-Laser Induced Structuring Of Polymer Surfaces
Author(s): Thomas Bahners; Eckhard Schollmeyer
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Comparative Welding Performance Of A 2 Kw Pulsed Yag Laser
Author(s): C. L. M. Ireland; G. Burrows; A. P. Hoult
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Model Of Dynamic Behaviour In Laser Beam Welding
Author(s): W. Gatzweiler; D. Maischner; F. J. Faber; C. Derichs; E. Beyer
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Adjustable Redistribution Of The Laser Intensity Between Two Adjoining Metal Surfaces
Author(s): W. Schulz; K. Behler
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Welding Of Steel With A CO[sub]2[/sub]-Laser Of 20 Kw
Author(s): M. Funk; U. Kohler; K. Behler; E. Beyer
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Strategy And Technology In Science-Based Industry : The Case Of Industrial Lasers
Author(s): Regis Larue de Tournemine
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Verification of Production Capabilities of Laser Cutting Machines by Two- and Three-Dimensional Lasercutting Testpieces
Author(s): H.-J. Warnecke; G. Hardock
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Robot Guided Laser For 3-Dimensional Laser Processing
Author(s): R. D. Schraft; G. Hardock; M. Konig
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Theoretical Investigations Of Instabilities In Laser Gas Cutting
Author(s): G. Simon; U. Gratzke
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On Laser Fusion Cutting: The Self-Adjusting Cutting Kerf Width
Author(s): W. Schulz; D. Becker
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CO[sub]2[/sub]-Laser Cutting Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Author(s): R. Muller; R. Nuss; M. Geiger
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Laser Produced Composite Metal Cladding
Author(s): Ghazanfar Abbas; David R. F. West
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Laser Cladding Of Carbon Steel With A Ceramic/Metallic Composite
Author(s): K. Mohammed Jasim; D. R. F. West
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Surface Hardening: Beam Shaping And Coating Techniques
Author(s): Kazie S. Jasnowski; Pedro Sanz Justes; Jose F. Zubiri Amatriain; Fermin Garciandia Ibanez
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Laser-Stimulated Reactions On The Surface Of Quartz And Some Minerals
Author(s): Anel F. Mukhamedgalieva
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Acoustic Emission And Its Application To Laser Spot Welding
Author(s): Christoph Hamann; Hans-Georg Rosen; Bernd LaBiger
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Flexible IR Guide For Over 1kW CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Beam
Author(s): Th. Engel; J. Fontaine
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Spectroscopic Study Of Laser-Induced Plasma In The Welding Process Of Steel And Aluminium
Author(s): Waldemar Sokolowski; Gerd Herziger; E. Beyer
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