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Medical Imaging 2020: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography
Editor(s): Brett C. Byram; Nicole V. Ruiter
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Volume Number: 11319
Date Published: 20 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11319
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Molecularly targeted Lipo-JICG for in vivo quantitative photoacoustic imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Cayla Wood; Chang Soo Kim; Sangheon Han; Yunfei Wen; Caterina Kaffes; Jason Cook; Anil Sood; Konstantin Sokolov; Richard Bouchard
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Thermoacoustic combined tomography of abusive head trauma
Author(s): Christopher Fadden; Krishnamoorthy Thamburaj; Mark Dias; Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli
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Wavelet-based protoacoustic signal denoising for proton range verification
Author(s): James Sohn; Wei Nie; Stephen M. Avery; Xiuxiu He; Jun Zhou; Xiaofeng Yang; Tian Liu
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Triangulation based vector flow imaging with non-steered plane waves for transverse flows
Author(s): Madhavanunni A. N.; Mahesh Raveendranatha Panicker
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Improving B-mode target size estimation using DNN Beamforming (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adam C. Luchies; Brett C. Byram
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Guided ultrasound imaging using a deep regression network
Author(s): Jenish Marharjan; Benjamin R. Mitchell; Vincent W. S. Chan; Edward Kim
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Deep learning radiomics for non-invasive diagnosis of benign and malignant thyroid nodules using ultrasound images
Author(s): Hui Zhou; Kun Wang; Jie Tian
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Modified Doo-Sabin modeling of the right ventricle
Author(s): Håkon Strand Bølviken; Jørn Bersvendsen; Fredrik Orderud; Sten Roar Snare; Pål Brekke; Eigil Samset
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The accurate non-invasive staging of liver fibrosis using deep learning radiomics based on transfer learning of shear wave elastography
Author(s): Hui Zhou; Kun Wang; Jie Tian
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Deep attentional GAN-based high-resolution ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Xiuxiu He; Yang Lei; Yingzi Liu; Zhen Tian; Tonghe Wang; Walter J. Curran; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang
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Quantitative Breast Density (QBD) estimation with 3D transmission ultrasound and incomplete information
Author(s): James Wiskin; Sam Lee; Martin Cwikla; Bilal Malik
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Combining statistical shape model and principal component analysis to estimate left ventricular volume and ejection fraction
Author(s): Dawei Liu; Shusil Dangi; Karl Q. Schwarz; Cristian A. Linte
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Sound speed estimation in layered media using the angular coherence of plane waves
Author(s): Rehman Ali; Sharil Maredia; Arsenii Telichko; Huaijun Wang; Ramasamy Paulmurugan; Jose Vilches-Moure; Jeremy Dahl
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Clustering based quantitative breast density assessment using 3D transmission ultrasound
Author(s): Bilal Malik; Sanghyeb Lee; Rajni Natesan; James Wiskin
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Multi-needle detection in 3D ultrasound images with sparse dictionary learning
Author(s): Yupei Zhang; Xiuxiu He; Zhen Tian; Jiwoong Jeong; Yang Lei; Tonghe Wang; Qiulan Zeng; Ashesh B. Jani; Walter Curran; Pretesh Patel; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang
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A complex dual-modality kidney phantom for renal biopsy studies
Author(s): Jose Vargas; Phuc Le; Maysam Shahedi; Jeffrey Gahan; Brett Johnson; James D. Dormer; Sarah Shahub; Matthew Pfefferle; Blake O. Judson; Yasmeen Alshara; Qinmei Li; Baowei Fei
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Ring-arrayed forward-viewing ultrasound imaging system: a feasibility study
Author(s): Ryosuke Tsumura; Doua P. Vang; Nobuhiko Hata; Haichong K. Zhang
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Comprehensive quantitative evaluations of reconstruction method using oil-gel-based phantom in ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Atsuro Suzuki; Yushi Tsubota; Wenjing Wu; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Takahide Terada; Kenichi Kawabata
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Fat ray ultrasound transmission tomography: preliminary experimental results with simulated data
Author(s): T. Hopp; F. Zuch; P-A. Comby; N. V. Ruiter
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Incident angle-dependent gain correction for reflection images on ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Yushi Tsubota; Takahide Terada; Atsuro Suzuki; Wenjing Wu; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Hiroko Yamashita; Fumi Kato; Mutsumi Nishida; Megumi Satoh; Ken-ichi Kawabata
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Variational mode decomposition for ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Shanshan Wang; Liang Zeng; Junjie Song; Liang Zhou; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi
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Effects of radiation exposure on dermal collagen: A multi modal approach
Author(s): Anna Maeva; Jeffrey Bamber; Inna Seviaryna; Colin Hopper; Conal Perrett; Laurent Bozec
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High-frequency ultrasound imaging of targeted, acoustically activated high-contrast Perfluorocarbon Nanodroplets (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Trevor Mitcham; Dmitry Nevozhay; Aaron Schwartz-Duval; Stephen Lai; Konstantin Sokolov; Richard Bouchard
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3D ultrasound biomicroscopy (3D-UBM) imaging of the eye for unique 3D assessment of ciliary body
Author(s): Ahmed Tahseen Minhaz; Hao Wu; Richard W. Helms; Duriye Damla Sevgi; Alvin Kim; Sunwoo Kwak; Faruk H. Orge; David L. Wilson
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Mechanically-assisted 3D ultrasound scanner for Urogynecological applications: preliminary results
Author(s): Golafsoun Ameri; Kevin Barker; Derek Sham; Aaron Fenster
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Limited view reconstructions with transmission ultrasound tomography: clinical implications and quantitative accuracy
Author(s): James Wiskin; Bilal Malik; Nasser Pirshafiey; John Klock
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Orthopedic and myopathic imaging with transmission ultrasound tomography: experimental verification, quantitative accuracy and clinical implications
Author(s): James Wiskin; Bilal Malik; Veena Theendakara; John Klock
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Quantitative ultrasound successes: past, present and future
Author(s): Michael L. Oelze
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Deep learning-based breast tumor detection and segmentation in 3D ultrasound image
Author(s): Yang Lei; Jincao Yao; Xiuxiu He; Dong Xu; Lijing Wang; Wei Li; Walter J. Curran; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang
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Unsupervised motion tracking of left ventricle in echocardiography
Author(s): Shawn S. Ahn; Kevinminh Ta; Allen Lu; John C. Stendahl; Albert J. Sinusas; James S. Duncan
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Weekly supervised convolutional long short-term memory neural networks for MR-TRUS registration
Author(s): Qiulan Zeng; Yabo Fu; Jiwoong Jeong; Tian Zhen; Tonghe Wang; Yang Lei; Hui Mao; Ashesh B. Jani; Pretesh Patel; Walter J. Curran; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang
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Improvements on USCT SAFT imaging by divergence compensation
Author(s): Diego Armando Cardona Cardenas; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Random field interferometry for medical ultrasound
Author(s): Ines Elisa Ulrich; Christian Boehm; Andreas Fichtner
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Weakly supervised multi-needle detection in 3D ultrasound images with bidirectional convolutional sparse coding
Author(s): Yupei Zhang; Joseph Harms; Yang Lei; Tonghe Wang; Tian Liu; Ashesh B. Jani; Walter J. Curran; Pretesh Patel; Xiaofeng Yang
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All-optical fiber ultrasound imaging system based on the photoacoustic principle
Author(s): Jingcheng Zhou; Rinkal Shah; Xu Guo; Cong Du; Xingwei Wang
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Quantitative evaluation of skin using high-resolution ultrasound
Author(s): Fedar Seviaryn; Gregory Schreiner; Sarah Youssef; Anna Maeva; Eugene Malyarenko; Inna Seviaryna; Roman Gr. Maev
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Multi-layered phantoms mimicking skin pathologies for high-resolution ultrasound
Author(s): Inna Seviaryna; Shizuka Nakada; Sachiko Yoshida; Naohiro Hozumi; Roman Gr. Maev
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