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Sixth Geoinformation Science Symposium
Editor(s): Sandy Budi Wibowo; Andi B. Rimba; Stuart Phinn; Ammar A. Aziz; Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo; Hasti Widyasamratri; Sanjiwana Arjasakusuma
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Volume Number: 11311
Date Published: 21 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11311
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multitemporal remote sensing data for classification of food crops plant phase using supervised random forest
Author(s): Dwi Wahyu Triscowati; Bagus Sartono; Anang Kurnia; Dede Dirgahayu Domiri; Arie Wahyu Wijayanto
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Seagrass species composition and above-ground carbon stock mapping in Parang Island using Planetscope image
Author(s): Indinna Shofia Astuty; Pramaditya Wicaksono
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Multitemporal analysis of vegetated land cover changes related to tin mining activity in Bangka Regency using Landsat imagery
Author(s): Ningsih Tassri; Projo Danoedoro; Prima Widayani
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Personalized safety route recommender application using integrated urban crime hotspot data
Author(s): Atut Pindarwati; Arie Wahyu Wijayanto
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The effect of spatial resolution on the performance of cellular automata-based land use change spatial simulation
Author(s): Bowo Susilo
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Age group influence for effectiveness study of color symbol scheme on choropleth map of population density in special region of Yogyakarta
Author(s): Zulfa Nur'aini 'Afifah; . Sudaryatno
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Visual analytics for railway network in Java Island
Author(s): Febrian Fitryanik Susanta
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Distribution of diurnal land surface temperature in Yogyakarta urban area
Author(s): Alfiatun N. K.; Dwi Setyo Aji
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Downscaling land surface temperature on multi-scale image for drought monitoring
Author(s): A. Sediyo Adi Nugraha; Totok Gunawan; Muhammad Kamal
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MaxEnt (Maximum Entropy) model for predicting prehistoric cave sites in Karst area of Gunung Sewu, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta
Author(s): Luthfi Alwi Muttaqin; Sigit Heru Murti; Bowo Susilo
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Improving geoinformation technology by incorporating local participation
Author(s): Sandy Budi Wibowo; Idea Wening Nurani
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Coastal water environment suitability studies for green mussel cultivation in Pasaran Island, Lampung Bay
Author(s): Arief Wicaksono; Wahyu Lazuardi; Ariani Puji Astuti; Tika Maitela; Andiyanti Putri Estigade; Muhammad Hilmy Aziz; Dea Nadia; Mousafi Dimas; Pramaditya Wicaksono; Wirastuti Widyatmanti
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Density analysis of Flickr data as a proxy to reveal the intensity of tourism activity in Borobudur
Author(s): Totok W. Wibowo; Achmad Rofi'i; Nur A. Sulistyaningrum
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GIS application for damaged buildings assessment and shelter distribution analysis after earthquake and tsunami in Palu 2018
Author(s): Zealandia Sarah N. F.; Sry Handini Puteri; Deha Agus Umarhadi; Ridho Dwi Dharmawan; Nur Mohammad Farda
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Thematic geo-visualization for socio-economic data representation in special region of Yogyakarta
Author(s): Sudaryatno Sudaryatno; Totok Wahyu Wibowo; Zulfa Nur'aini 'Afifah; Shafiera Rosa El-Yasha; Achmad Rofi'i
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Visualized information value model result of landslide vulnerability in Purworejo
Author(s): Sudaryatno Sudaryatno; Prima Widayani; Totok Wahyu Wibowo; Bayu Aji Sidiq Pramono; Zulfa Nur'aini 'Afifah; Awit Dini Meikasari; Muhammad Rizki Firdaus
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DTM generation from aerial photo and Worldview-3 images by using different DSM filtering methods
Author(s): Catur Aries Rokhmana; Ahmad Ridho Sastra
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Performance evaluation of different DEMs for topographic correction on LAPAN-A3: preliminary results
Author(s): Zylshal Zylshal
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Correcting topographic effect on Landsat-8 images: an evaluation of using different DEMs in Indonesia
Author(s): Deha Agus Umarhadi; Projo Danoedoro
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Mangrove ecosystem data inventory using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Yogyakarta coastal area
Author(s): N. Khakhim; Muh A. Marfai; A. Wicaksono; W. Lazuardi; Z. Isnaen; T. Walinono
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The role of detail spatial data resulted from unmanned aerial vehicle for tourism area planning in Karst Area, Gunungkidul
Author(s): Warsini Handayani; Yudhistira Tri Nurteisa; Mohammad Isnaini Sadali
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Delineation of groundwater potential zones using remote sensing, GIS, and AHP techniques in southern region of Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Rilo Restu Surya Atmaja; Doni Prakasa Eka Putra; Lucas Donny Setijadji
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Performance of various speckle filter methods in modelling forest aboveground biomass using Sentinel-1 data: case study of Barru Regency, South Sulawesi
Author(s): Wahyu Hendardi Giri Ananto; Ade Febri Sandhini Putri; Haeydar Anggara Hadi; Difa Nisrina Hanum; Bayu Kurnia Puji Wiryawan; Rifqi Rizaldy Prabaswara; Sanjiwana Arjasakusuma
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Suitable small farm reservoir development planning for drought disaster risk management of agricultural land using remote sensing and GIS
Author(s): Wenang Anurogo; Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis; Uuf Brajawidagda; Mir'atul Khusna Mufida; Daniel Sutopo Pamungkas; Sanjiwana Arjasakusuma; Wikan Jaya Prihantarto
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Image segmentation for vegetation types extraction using WorldView-2: a case study in parts of Dieng Plateau, Central Java
Author(s): Siti Martha Uly Br Sinaga; Muhammad Kamal
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Object based classification for land cover using Sentinel-1A in Yogyakarta
Author(s): Adistina Lailia Fajar Dewi; Retnadi Heru Jatmiko
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The effects of polynomial interpolation and resampling methods in geometric correction on the land-cover classification accuracy of Landsat-8 OLI imagery: a case study of Kulon Progo area, Yogyakarta
Author(s): Muhammad Zayyanul Afwani; Projo Danoedoro
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Comparing land-cover maps accuracies generated from multispectral classification of Landsat-8 OLI dan Pleiades images using two different classification schemes
Author(s): Erisa Ayu W. A. Putri; Projo Danoedoro; Nur M. Farda
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Development of land-cover spatial database using satellite imagery: lesson learned from southern part of Sumatera
Author(s): Irvan N. Ananda; Assyria F. Umela; Nila Ratnasari; Desi A. Putri; Yuniarsita S. Wulandari; Projo Danoedoro
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