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New Technologies for Astronomy
Editor(s): Jean-Pierre Swings

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Volume Number: 1130
Date Published: 26 September 1989

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European Space Agency (E S A) Strategy For Earth Observation Into The 21St Century
Author(s): P. Goldsmith; G. Duchossois
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A Survey Of Present Efforts In Astronomical Adaptive Optics
Author(s): Jacques M. Beckers; Fritz Merkle
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Come-On: An Adaptive Optics Prototype Dedicated To Infrared Astronomy
Author(s): Pierre Kern; Pierre Lena; Pierre Gigan; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Gerard Rousset; Fritz Merkle; Jean-Paul Gaffard
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Deconvolution Of Turbulence-Degraded Images From Wavefront Sensing
Author(s): J. Primot; G. Rousset; T. Marais; J. C. Fontanella
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Theoretical And Experimental Evaluation Of Isoplanatic Patch Size For Adaptive Optics
Author(s): F. Chassat; G. Rousset; J. Primot
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Segmented Mirrors For Atmospheric Compensation
Author(s): Bill Hulburd
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New Technologies In The VLT Program
Author(s): Daniel Enard
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A Video-Polarimeter For Metrology, Field Inspection And Telescopic Observations
Author(s): Audouin Dollfus; Thierry Fauconnier
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Wide Spectral Range F/2.3 Prime Focus Spherical Corrector For 3.5m Ritchey-Chretien Telescope
Author(s): M. Magnani; S. Pieri; A. Romoli
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High Spatial And Temporal Resolution Imaging With The RANICON
Author(s): Mark Clampin; Francesco Paresce
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When Telescopes Start To Walk...
Author(s): Dietmar E. K. Plathner
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HARDI: A High Angular Resolution Deployable Interferometer For Space
Author(s): Pierre Y. Bely; Christopher Burrows; Francois Roddier; Gerd Weigelt
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Aperture Synthesis In Space
Author(s): M. Faucherre; A. H. Greenaway; F. Merkle; J. E. Noordam; M. A. C. Perryman; P. Rousel; F. Vakili; S. Volonte; G. Weigelt
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Aperture Synthesis In Space: Computer Fringe Blocking
Author(s): Farrokh Vakili; Laurent Koechlin
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Imaging Capabilities Of The Faint Object Camera On The Space Telescope
Author(s): Francesco Paresce
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Mechanical Collimators For EUV Spectrometers
Author(s): M. Melozzi; M. Fibbi
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SOLAR ULTRAVIOLET NETWORK (SUN) : An Interferometric Investigation Of The Fundamental Solar Astrophysical Scales
Author(s): L. Dame; B. Moreau; T. Cornwell; H. Visser; A. M. Title; L. Acton; C. Aime; B. Braam; M. Bruner; P. Connes; M. Faucherre; B. H. Foing; B. Haisch; R. Hoekstra; J. Heyvaerts; R. Jalin; P. Lemaire; M. Martic; R. Muller; J. C. Noens; J. Porteneuve; E. Schulz-Lupertz; O. Von der Luhe
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Beam Combination In Aperture Synthesis From Space: Field Of View Limitations And (U,V) Plane Coverage Optimization
Author(s): Michel Faucherre; Fritz Merkle; Farrokh Vakili
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Speckle Imaging And Speckle Spectroscopy
Author(s): Gerd Weigelt
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Buttable Optical CCD Mosaics: Concept And First Results At The European Southern Observatory
Author(s): Roland Reiss; Harry Bauer; Sebastian Deiries; Sandro D'Odorico; Antonio Longinotti
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A Review Of Availability Of IR Detectors
Author(s): R. Wade; I. S. McLean
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Si:Ga DVR Arrays Optimized For 10 µm Astronomical Observations From Ground
Author(s): Pierre-Olivier Lagage; Francois Sibille; Luc Audaire; Rene Jouan; Christian Lucas; Andre Tarrius
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Recent Results From The UKIRT Infrared Camera, IRCAM
Author(s): Ian S. McLean; Richard Wade
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Results In Extragalactic Astronomy Using A 32 X 32 IR Camera
Author(s): P. Gallais; D. Rouan; F. Lacombe; D. Tiphene
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The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) And Its Instruments
Author(s): M. F. Kessler
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ISOCAM, A Camera For The Infrared Space Observatory
Author(s): C. Cesarsky; F. Sibille; L. Vigroux
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Optical Design Of ISOCAM
Author(s): E. Atad-Ettedgui
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Detectors And Arrays Of ISO's Photopolarimeter
Author(s): D. Lemke; M. Burgdorf; Ch. Hajduk; J. Wolf
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