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Practical Holography XXXIV: Displays, Materials, and Applications
Editor(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen
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Volume Number: 11306
Date Published: 3 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11306
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Holographic wave front printing for fabrication of reflection holograms with arbitrary recording wave fronts
Author(s): Johannes Hofmann; Reinhold Fiess; Wilhelm Stork
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Ensuring reliable single-frequency laser performance for holography and other interferometric techniques in production environments
Author(s): Theresa McGovern; Magnus Rådmark; Gunnar Elgcrona; Håkan Karlsson
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Dispersion compensation for full-color virtual-imaging systems with a holographic off-axis mirror
Author(s): Fumiaki Watanabe; Tomoya Nakamura; Shiho Torashima; Shunsuke Igarashi; Shinji Kimura; Yuji Aburakawa; Masahiro Yamaguchi
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Unexplained complex colour shifts within single and dual wavelength holograms
Author(s): Vivian Amos Sureshkumar; Martin Richardson
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Holographic micro-mirror arrays as projection screens for transparent display applications
Author(s): Reinhold Fiess; Johannes Hofmann
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Digital holography for evaluation of the refractive index distribution externally induced in semiconductors
Author(s): Vira R. Besaga; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann
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Depth measurement using engineering point spread function with coded aperture
Author(s): Beomjun Kim; Daerak Heo; Hosung Jeon; Minwoo Jung; Hwi Kim; Joonku Hahn
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In-depth particle localization with common-path digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Krisztian Neutsch; Lena Schnitzler; Jiawei Sun; Marlon J. Tranelis; Martin R. Hofmann; Nils C. Gerhardt
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Open-source 3D-printed digital inline holographic microscope for low-cost cellular imaging
Author(s): Stephan Amann; Max von Witzleben; Stefan Breuer
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Expanding possibilities how to apply Bayfol HX(R) film into recording stacks and optical parts
Author(s): Friedrich-Karl Bruder; Johannes Frank; Sven Hansen; Roland Künzel; Christel Manecke; Richard Meisenheimer; Jack Mills; Lena Pitzer; Thomas Rölle; Brita Wewer
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Public engagement in science and technology using holography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pedro M. Pombo; Emanuel Santos
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Memory and holographic space
Author(s): Maria Isabel Azevedo
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Acceleration of phase-only hologram generation by sub-image preiteration
Author(s): Yoo Kwang Kim; Won jong Ryu; Yong Hyub Won
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Effect of rotational shear on imaging properties of bimodal incoherent digital holography system
Author(s): Teruyoshi Nobukawa; Yutaro Katano; Tetsuhiko Muroi; Nobuhiro Kinoshita; Norihiko Ishii
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Designing diffractive arbitrary shaped top-hat beam in non-paraxial systems
Author(s): Hiroto Sakai; Yu Takiguchi; Yoshiyuki Ohtake
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Generalized phase-shifting color holography
Author(s): Minwoo Jung; Hosung Jeon; Beomjun Kim; Sungjin Lim; Joonku Hahn
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High-resolution binary hologram printing methods
Author(s): Hosung Jeon; Beomjun Kim; Minwoo Jun; Hwi Kim; Joonku Hahn
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Simplified content generation for holographic printer using computer-generated integral imaging
Author(s): Anar Khuderchuluun; Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat; Hui-Ying Wu; Ki-Chul Kwon; Seok-Hee Jeon; Nam Kim
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Holographic image reconstruction by magneto-optical light modulation device array
Author(s): Ryo Higashida; Nobuhiko Funabashi; Ken-ichi Aoshima; Masato Miura; Kenji Machida
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Real-time holographic gratings recorded in Norland Optical Adhesive 65 and yellow eosin
Author(s): María G. Conde-Cuatzo; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Santa Toxqui-López; Israel Fuentes-Tapia; Mario A. Ambrosio-González
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Measuring photoelastic dispersion coefficients in material samples with digital holography
Author(s): Sidney Leal da Silva; Felipe Maia Prado; Daniel José Toffoli; Niklaus Ursus Wetter
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Overlapping waves with random amplitude and phase
Author(s): Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Joan Villa-Hernández; Roxana María Herrán-Cuspinera; Rosaura Vallejo-Mendoza; Israel Fuentes-Tapia; Santa Toxqui-López; Mauricio Ortiz-Gutiérrez; José Blas Ramón Ruiz-Limón; Ericka Liliana Ponce-Lee
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Study on table-top optical system enlarging viewing-zone for displaying holographic aerial image
Author(s): Takahiro Kobayakawa; Yuji Sakamoto
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Fast calculation by auto-optimized method in CGH video generation using GPU
Author(s): Hayato Sakai; Yuji Sakamoto
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Copper-doped polymeric material for holographic recording
Author(s): Santa Toxqui-López; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; A. L. Padilla-Velasco; Israel Fuentes-Tapia
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Single exposition holography for multi-depth objects
Author(s): Roxana María Herrán Cuspinera; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Joan Manuel Villa-Hernández; Rosaura Vallejo-Mendoza
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Asymmetric public key cryptosystem using digital holographic encryption method
Author(s): Sang Keun Gil; Seok Hee Jeon; Jong Rae Jeong; Nam Kim
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Fast increase of quality of optically reconstructed images in digital holography
Author(s): Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Vladislav G. Rodin
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Generation speed enhancement for full color computer generated holography using multiple wave-front recording planes
Author(s): Yan-Ling Piao; Alam Md Shahinur; Erkhembaatar Dashdavaa; Sang-Keun Gil; Kwon-Yeon Lee; Nam Kim
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