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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XIX
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Volume Number: 11301
Date Published: 18 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11301
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Semipolar group III-nitride distributed-feedback blue laser diode with Indium tin oxide surface grating
Author(s): Haojun Zhang; Daniel A. Cohen; Philip Chan; Matthew S. Wong; Shlomo Mehari; Shuji Nakamura; Steven P. DenBaars
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InGaN/AlGaInN quantum wells for low-threshold laser active region (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hanlin Fu; Damir Borovac; Justin Goodrich; Onoriode Ogidi-Ekoko; Nelson Tansu
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Off-the-shelf laser diodes with narrow-line emission at visible wavelengths by integration of distributed feedback (DFB) surface grating (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jorge A. Holguín-Lerma; Tien Khee Ng; Boon S. Ooi
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Single-mode 200mW 660nm to 690nm red laser diode for sensing and medical application
Author(s): Masato Hagimoto; Shintaro Miyamoto; Kyohei Watanabe; Yuki Kimura; Haruki Fukai; Satoshi Kawanaka
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First realization of a hybrid integrated diode laser in the visible spectral range (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kees Franken; Albert van Rees; Youwen Fan; Dimitri Geskus; Ronald Dekker; Douwe Geuzebroek; Carsten Fallnich; Peter van der Slot; Klaus-Jochen Boller
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Fabrication of a laser diode at 1600 nm with InAs quantum dots using a digital embedding method on an InP(311)B substrate (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kouichi Akahane; Hiroyuki Yamamoto; Atsushi Matsumoto; Toshimasa Umezawa; Hideyuki Sotobayashi; Naokatsu Yamamoto
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On the differences in dynamical properties of quantum-dot lasers with and without p-doping in the active region and tunneling injection quantum wells
Author(s): Sven Bauer; Vitalii Sichkovskyi; Florian Schnabel; Anna Sengül; Johann Peter Reithmaier; Ori Eyal; Igor Khanonkin; Gadi Eisenstein
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Integrated laser-modulator with a universal InGaAs/InAs tunnel coupled quantum well on quantum-dot-medium
Author(s): V. Tokranov; M. Yakimov; S. Pradhan; A. Parfenov; S. Oktyabrsky
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Temperature-induced single-to-double branch transformation of operating characteristics in semiconductor lasers with a low-dimensional active region
Author(s): Zinaida N. Sokolova; Nikita A. Pikhtin; Sergey O. Slipchenko; Levon V. Asryan
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CW performance of QD lasers on silicon including carrier transport in the SCH barrier (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marco Saldutti; Alberto Tibaldi; Federica Cappelluti; Francesco Bertazzi; Mariangela Gioannini
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Optical self-injection stabilization of a passively mode-locked quantum dot on silicon laser
Author(s): Dominik Auth; Songtao Liu; Justin Norman; John E. Bowers; Stefan Breuer
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Time domain traveling wave model of optical feedback tolerant hybrid laser design for silicon photonics applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lorenzo Luigi L. Columbo; Jock Bovington; Dominic Siriani; Sebastian Romero-Garcia; Mariangela Gioannini
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Heterogeneous integration of III-V based photonics with silicon
Author(s): Brian Corbett; Fatih Atar; Megan O'Brien; James O'Callaghan; John Justice; Brendan Roycroft
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Room-temperature CW operation of GaSb laser diodes grown on on-axis (001) Si substrates (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marta Rio Calvo; Jean Baptiste Rodriguez; Laurent Cerutti; Laura Monge Bartolome; Michael Bahriz; Eric Tournié
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Towards a photonic band edge laser using hexagonal-SiGe nanowire arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): David Busse; Elham Fadaly; Victor T. van Lange; Jens Réne Suckert; Alain Dijkstra; Marvin van Tilburg; Claudia Rödl; Philipp Staudinger; Marcel A. Verheijen; Sebastian Kölling; Dorian Ziss; Jürgen Furthmüller; Friedhelm Bechstedt; Julian Stangl; Heinz Schmid; Silvana Botti; Erik P. A. M. Bakkers; Jos E. M. Haverkort; Jonathan J. Finley
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Demonstration of current-dependent degradation of quantum-dot lasers grown on silicon: role of defect diffusion processes
Author(s): Matteo Buffolo; Fabio Samparisi; Carlo De Santi; Daehwan Jung; Justin Norman; John E. Bowers; Robert W. Herrick; Gaudenzio Meneghesso; Enrico Zanoni; Matteo Meneghini
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High-power laser diodes with ultra-narrow waveguides for pulse operation
Author(s): Dmitrii Veselov; Yulia Bobretsova; Vyacheslav Golovin; Dmitry Nikolaev; Sergey Slipchenko; Nikita Pikhtin; Peter Kop’ev
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Investigation of 48 emitter DBR laser bars under nanosecond high-peak current excitation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Heike Christopher; Andreas Klehr; Jörg Fricke; Armin Liero; Hans Wenzel; Andrea Knigge; Günther Tränkle
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Novel ultra-short light pulse emitters utilizing multiple wide quantum wells
Author(s): V. Mitev; N. Torcheboeuf; L. Balet; P. Renevey; Michel Krakowski; Patrick Resneau; Alexandre Larrue; Jean-Pierre Legoec; Yannick Robert; Eric Vinet; Michel Garcia; Olivier Parillaud; Bruno Gerard; D. L. Boiko
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Electrical injection locking dynamics of a quantum dash frequency-comb laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dominik Auth; Johannes Hillbrand; Gottfried Strasser; Abderrahim Ramdane; Quentin Gaimard; Benedikt Schwarz; Stefan Breuer
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Directly-modulated lasers for 100-Gbaud Nyquist PAM4 transmission (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yasuhiro Matsui
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Demonstration of 1.3um wavelength range super structure grating DBR laser with wide wavelength tuning range of over 30 nm by introducing carrier confinement layers
Author(s): T. Shindo; N. Fujiwara; Y. Ohiso; T. Sato; H. Matsuzaki
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Numerical investigations of ultrafast switching using Fano lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thorsten S. Rasmussen; Jesper Mørk
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External optical self-injection stabilization of an InP generic foundry platform based passively mode-locked ring laser
Author(s): Dominik Auth; Christoph Weber; Mu-Chieh Lo; Patrick Fiala; Pascal Sauer; Guillermo Carpintero; Stefan Breuer
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Resonance condition and field distribution in line-defect photonic crystal cavities
Author(s): Marco Saldutti; Jesper Mørk; Mariangela Gioannini
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Properties of laterally coupled photonic crystal surface-emitting laser two-dimensional arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Aleksandr Boldin; Daehyun Kim; Richard J. E. Taylor; Ben King; Adam McKenzie; Nasser Babazadeh; Pavlo Ivanov; Jonathan R. Orchard; Neil D. Gerrard; David T. D. Childs; Richard A. Hogg
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Advances in regrown all-semiconductor photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adam F. McKenzie; Ben C. King; Zijun Bian; Jonathan R. Orchard; Neil D. Gerrard; Richard J. E. Taylor; David T. D. Childs; Donald A. MacLaren; Richard A. Hogg
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940nm 400mW transverse single mode laser diode with RISA structure
Author(s): Jeong-Geun Kwak; Jong-Keun Park; Jeong-Hyun Park; Jae-Gyu Kim; An-Sik Choi; Tae-Kyung Kim; Duchang Heo
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Integrated ultra-narrow linewidth stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) lasers and their applications
Author(s): Daniel J. Blumenthal
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Topological and supersymmetric laser arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mercedeh Khajavikhan; Mohammad Hokmabadi; Jae Hyuck Choi; Demetrios Christodoulides
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Towards the experimental demonstration of topological Haldane lattice in microring laser arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yuzhou G. Liu; Pawel Jung; Midya Parto; William E. Hayenga; Demetrios N. Christodoulides; Mercedeh Khajavikhan
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Towards electrically pumped topological insulator lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jaehyuck Choi; William Hayenga; Midya Parto; Yuzhou Liu; Demetrios Christodoulides; Mercedeh Khajavikhan
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Frequency-agile metasurface quantum-cascade lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Christopher A. Curwen; John L. Reno; Benjamin S. Williams
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Ultrafast gain dynamics in quantum cascade lasers: new coherent phenomena and their applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Federico Capasso
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Understanding frequency-modulated combs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Benedikt Schwarz; Nikola Opacak
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Broadband THz and mid-IR quantum-cascade-laser frequency combs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Giacomo Scalari; Andres Forrer; Matthew Singleton; David Stark; Filippos Kapsalidis; Mattias Beck; Jerome Faist
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Phase analysis and full phase control of chip-scale infrared frequency combs
Author(s): Luigi Consolino; Francesco Cappelli; Pablo Cancio; Iacopo Galli; Davide Mazzotti; Saverio Bartalini; Paolo De Natale
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Frequency comb interband cascade laser stabilization by time-delayed optical self-injection
Author(s): Dominik Auth; Mahmood Bagheri; Clifford Frez; Chadwick L. Canedy; Igor Vurgaftman; Jerry R. Meyer; Stefan Breuer
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Realization of GaSb based DFB Lasers and Gain Chips for the 1.9 µm to 3 µm spectral regime for molecular spectroscopy
Author(s): Martin Honsberg; Tobias Milde; Sebastian Schmidtmann; Christian Assmann; Morten Hoppe; Joachim Sacher
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A brief history of kilowatt-class diode-laser bars
Author(s): P. Crump; G. Tränkle
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Tapered amplifiers for high-power MOPA setups between 750 nm and 2000 nm
Author(s): L. Ogrodowski; P. Friedmann; J. Gilly; M. T. Kelemen
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Micro-integrated dual-wavelength ridge-waveguide master oscillator power amplifier with an optical output power of 0.5 W at 785 nm
Author(s): André Müller; Martin Maiwald; Bernd Sumpf
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Energy barrier layers for high-power semiconductor lasers of 1550 nm spectral range (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nikita Pikhtin; Dmitrii Veselov; Yulia Bobretsova; Lyudmila Vavilova; Kirill Bakhvalov; Vyacheslav Golovin; Sergey Slipchenko; Peter S. Kop’ev
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Surface Bragg gratings for high brightness lasers
Author(s): J. Fricke; H. Wenzel; O. Brox; P. Crump; B. Sumpf; K. Paschke; M. Matalla; G. Erbert; A. Knigge; G. Tränkle
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Wavelength-stabilized near-field laser
Author(s): V. A. Shchukin; V. P. Kalosha; N. Ledentsov Jr.; Ł. Chorchos; N. N. Ledentsov
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High performance and control of THz quantum cascade lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Martin Kainz; Sebastian Schönhuber; Michael Jaidl; Gottfried Strasser; Maxwell Andrews; Juraj Darmo; Karl Unterrainer
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The GaSb-based Y-branch DBR and photonic crystal lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Leon Shterengas; Jiang Jiang; Takashi Hosoda; Aaron Stein; Alexey Belyanin; Ruiyan Liu; Wonjae Lee; Gela Kipshidze; Gregory Belenky
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High-brightness GaSb-based quantum-well lasers with an unstable resonator (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chi Yang; Ron Kaspi; Alan H. Paxton; Chunte A. Lu
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Narrow-linewidth Interband-cascade lasers for high-resolution spectroscopy
Author(s): S. Borri; M. Siciliani de Cumis; G. Insero; S. Viciani; F. D'Amato; P. De Natale
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Surface-emitting quantum cascade lasers with 2nd-order metal/semiconductor gratings for high continuous-wave performance
Author(s): J. H. Ryu; C. Sigler; C. Boyle; J. D. Kirch; D. Lindberg; T. Earles; D. Botez; L. J. Mawst
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Comparison between interferometric and piezoelectric readout of tuning fork vibrations in quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): P. Patimisco; S. Zou; S. dello Russo; A. Zifarelli; A. Sampaolo; M. Giglio; H. Rossmadl; V. Mackowiak; Alex Cable; D. Iannuzzi; V. Spagnolo
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Comparison of self-mode-locking in monolithic and external cavity diode laser at 1550 nm
Author(s): M. Ali Alloush; Amer Bassal; Carsten Brenner; Catherine Fortin; Karim Mekhazni; Piero Gamarra; Cosimo Calo; Martin R. Hofmann
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High-power semiconductor lasers with surface diffraction grating (1050nm)
Author(s): Sergey O. Slipchenko; Vasily V. Zolotarev; Andrei Yu. Leshko; Aleksandr A. Podoskin; Viktor V. Shamakhov; Vladimir A. Kapitonov; Peter S. Kop’ev; Nikita A. Pikhtin
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All-fiber optical-self-injection stabilization of a frequency-comb quantum-dash laser
Author(s): Christoph Weber; Boštjan Batagelj; Patrick Fiala; Dominik Auth; Quentin Gaimard; Abderrahim Ramdane; Uros Dragonja; Stefan Breuer
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