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Glasses for Optoelectronics

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Volume Number: 1128
Date Published: 21 December 1989

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SiO[sub]2[/sub] Film Grown On Glass In Aqueous Solution
Author(s): Hideo Kawahara; Takuji Goda; Hirotsugu Nagayama; Hisao Honda; Akihiro Hishinuma
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Impregnation Studies Of Partially Densified Aerogels - Glasses Preparation
Author(s): Robert Sempere; Daniel Bourret; Andre Sivade; Jamel Bouaziz; Florence Laveissiere
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Glassy Dopant Deposits On Semiconductor Surfaces Prepared By Sol Gel Technique
Author(s): Brita Unger; Ulrich Schade; Manfred Hahnert; Klaus Vogel
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Technological Sensitizing Of Mosaic Optical Fibres For Sensory And Microoptics Applications
Author(s): Ryszard Romaniuk; Longin Kociszewski; Ryszard Stepien; Jan Buzniak
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Sol-Gel Processing - An Alternative Way To Glasses For Optoelectronics
Author(s): Hans Roggendorf; Helmut Schmidt
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Lixiviation Effects In Glass Polishing
Author(s): K. Holger Fiedler
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Optical Glass Finishing
Author(s): A. I. Grodnikov; V. P. Korovkin; I. G. Bunin
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Thin Coatings By The Sol-Gel Method
Author(s): Massimo Guglielmi
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Micro-Particle Model Of Crack Formation In Glass
Author(s): Rong-Seng Chang
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MCVD Preform Production Enhancement Using A Direct Evaporation Method
Author(s): Frederic Lafaye de Micheaux; Daniel E. Bourret
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Gradient-Index Micro-Optic Glasses Based On Ion-Exchange Techniques
Author(s): Ken Koizumi
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Numerical Simulation Of Ion Diffusion In Glass For Fiber Optic Components
Author(s): Jean Breton; Pascale Laborde
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Refractive Index Profiling Of Ion Exchanged Glass Waveguides By RNF-Measurements
Author(s): D. Jestel; E. Voges
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Ion Exchange And Related Phenomena In Glass Periodical GRIN Matrices During The Mosaic-Assembling Technology
Author(s): Longin Kociszewski; Ryszard Stepien; Jan Buzniak; Grzegorz Pielak; Ryszard S. Romaniuk
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Integrated Optical Components Fabricated By Two-Step Ion-Exchange
Author(s): Giancarlo C. Righini; Ronggui Shen; Giacomo Belli; Patrizia Boffi; Aurora M. Losacco; Paolo Mazzoldi; Giancarlo Battaglin
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Charge Controlled Reproducible Ion Exchange For Buried Strip Waveguides In Glass
Author(s): Rainer Klein; Dieter Jestel; Hans-Joachim Lilienhof; Edgar Voges
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Buried Optical Guide Formation
Author(s): G. De Marchi; P. Mazzoldi; G. Battaglin; A. Valentini; M. Gaudio; A. Losacco; A. Miotello; R. Dal Maschio
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Finite-Element Analysis Of Ion-Exchanged Channel Waveguides
Author(s): Guy Lamouche; S. Iraj Najafi
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Ion exchange in an alumo-boro-silicate glass especially developed for multimode integrated optical elements
Author(s): C. Kaps; W. Karthe; R. Muller; T. Possner; G. Schreiter
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Applications Of Glass Etching To Guided Wave Optics
Author(s): G. Voirin; B. Scheja; O. Parriaux
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Ion-Exchanged Rare-Earth Doped Waveguides
Author(s): S. Iraj Najafi; Wei-Jian Wang; John F. Currie; Richard Leonelli; John L. Brebner
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Influence Of Growth Defects On Optical Properties Of LiH Crystals In Ultraviolet Range Of Spectrum
Author(s): V. M. Zhukov; N. V. Suvorov; S. O. Cholakh; T. A. Betenkova
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Single Mode Optical Components In Integrated Optics On Glass
Author(s): Denys Haux; Michel Di Maggio; Sandrine Samso; Roland Hakoun; Jean Martin
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Study Of Polarization In Planar Waveguides Fabricated By K+/Na+ Ion- Exchange In Glass
Author(s): Catherine Visconti; Roger Rimet
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Single-Mode Waveguides And Components By Two-Step Cs[sup]+[/sup]-K[sup]+[/sup] Ion-Exchange In Glass
Author(s): A. Reichelt; P. C. Clemens; H. F. Mahlein
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Theoretical And Experimental Study Of K[sup]+[/sup] Ion Exchange In Glass
Author(s): P. Benech; D. Persegol; R. Rimet
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Application Of Solid-State Silver Exchange In Integrated Optics
Author(s): Seppo Honkanen; Ari Tervonen; Matti Leppihalme
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Silicon Based Integrated Optics Technology: An Attractive Hybrid Approach For Optoelectronics
Author(s): S. Valette; P. Gidon; S. Renard; J. P. Jadot
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High Performance Glass Polarizers For The Near Infrared
Author(s): Mark Taylor
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New Optical Glasses With Extreme Characteristics For Solving The Problems Of Optoelectronics
Author(s): Vladimir I. Molev; Ihor M. Buzhinsky
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Red Luminescence In Pure Silica Glass
Author(s): Ryoichi Tohmon; Yasushi Shimogaichi; Shuji Munekuni; Yoshimichi Ohki; Kaya Nagasawa; Yuryo Sakurai; Yoshimasa Hama
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Luminescence Of Lanthanum Borate Glasses
Author(s): J. W. M. Verwey; G. Blasse
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Tellurium Bromide Glasses For Far I.R. Optics
Author(s): I. Chiaruttini; G. Fonteneau; X. H. Zhang; J. Lucas
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Optical And Physical Properties Of UV-Transmitting Fluorocrown Glasses
Author(s): Monika J. Liepmann; Alexander J. Marker III; Jon M. Melvin
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Electrical Properties Of Alkali Aluminosilicate Glasses
Author(s): E. Rysiakiewicz-Pasek; B. Macalik; V. Ya. Livshits
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Triplet State In High-Purity Silica Glasses
Author(s): Ryoichi Tohmon; Yasushi Shimogaichi; Yoshimichi Ohki; Kaya Nagasawa; Yoshimasa Hama
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Time Scales And Quantum-Size Effects In Optical Nonlinearities Of Semiconductor And Metal Microcrystallites In Glasses
Author(s): P. Roussignol; F. Hache; D. Ricard; C. Flytzanis
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Electrooptic Properties Of High Refractive Index Glasses
Author(s): N. F. Borrelli; B. G. Aitken; M. A. Newhouse; D. W. Hall
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Thermal Nonlinearities Of Semiconductor And Metal Doped Glasses
Author(s): M. Bertolotti; E. Fazio; C. Sibilia; A. Ferrari; G. Gnappi; A. Montenero; G. Liakhou
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Nonlinear Optical Transmission In Semiconductor-Doped Glasses
Author(s): A. Agnesi; G. P. Banfi; G. C. Reali; G. C. Righini
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Reversible Semiconductor-To-Metal Transition Of VO[sub]x[/sub] Thin Films Prepared By The Sol-Gel Method
Author(s): L. S. Hou; S. W. Lu; F. X. Gan
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Optical Fibers For Infrared From Vitreous Ge-Sn-Se-Te
Author(s): I. Haruvi-Busnach; J. Dror; N. Croitoru
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Concentration Profile On Binary Silica Glasses Through Molecular Electronic Polarizability
Author(s): G. Cocito; L. Cognolato; R. De Franceschi; E. Modone
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Role Of Nonstoichiometry On UV Absorption And Luminescence In High-Purity Silica.
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nishikawa; Ryoichi Tohmon; Kaya Nagasawa; Yoshimichi Ohki; Yoshimasa Hama
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Glass Sealing Of Optical Fibers
Author(s): Kathleen S. Abbott
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Phosphate Glasses For The Production Of Optic Fibers By Means Of The Crucible Method
Author(s): Jan Wasylak; Jan Dorosz
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Potentials Of Application Of Tellurium Halide Glasses Thin Film And Optical Fibers
Author(s): X. H. Zhang; G. Fonteneau; H. L. Ma; J. Lucas
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Nd:Glass Multimode Laser Systems
Author(s): Peter A. Nass; Hans-J. Hoffmann
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Advanced Phosphate Glasses For High Average Power Lasers
Author(s): J. E. Marion
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Spectral Studies Of Pr(III), Nd(III), Er(III), And Tm(III) Ions In Certain Phosphate And Sulphate Glasses
Author(s): S. V. J. Lakshman
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Method For Compensation Of Thermal Lensing In Slab Lasers
Author(s): Imre Czigany; Boris I. Denker; Boris I. Galagan; Ivan Kertesz; Norbert Kroo; Gabor Lupkovics; Viacheslav V. Osiko; Sergei E. Sverchkov
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