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Nonlinear Optical Materials II
Editor(s): Jean-Bernard Grun

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Volume Number: 1127
Date Published: 22 December 1989

Table of Contents
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Optical Bistability: Semiconductor Devices For Digital Optical Signal Processing
Author(s): Dieter Jager
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Cross-Phase Modulation: A New Technique For Controlling The Temporal, Spectral And Spatial Properties Of Ultrafast Pulses
Author(s): P. L. Baldeck; D. Ji; P. P. Ho; R. R. Alfano
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Spatial IR Modulator In Optical System For Pulses Processing
Author(s): Alex Shvartsburg
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Development Of Materials For Nonlinear Optical Information Processing Devices
Author(s): Andrew C. Walker; Brian S. Wherrett; S. Desmond Smith
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Preparation And Investigation Of Hybrid CdS Film Devices
Author(s): Ch. Bouchenaki; J.-Y. Bigot; A. Daunois; J.-P. Zielinger; J.-L. Loison; H. Nguyen Cong; P. Chartier
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Optical Bistability In Integrated Optics: An Extended Model For The Non-Linear Distributed Feedback Device
Author(s): Annemie Empsten; Irina Veretennicoff
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Iterative Application Of The Transfer Matrix Technique For Non-Linear Waveguides
Author(s): F. Dios; L. Torner; F. Canal
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Nonlinear Optical Properties And Optical Bistability In CdS And ZnSe Crystals
Author(s): J. Grohs; A. Schmidt; M. Kunz; C. Weber; A. Daunois; B. Schehr; A. Rupp; W. Dotter; F. Werner; C. Klingshirn
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Transient Grating Spectroscopy In CuCl
Author(s): Bernard Kippelen; Roland Levy; Bernd Honerlage; Jean B. Grun
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Study Of The Optical Nonlinearity Of Biexcitons In CuCl
Author(s): Makoto Kuwata; Tadashi Itoh; Eiichi Hanamura; Nobukata Nagasawa; Andre Mysyrowicz
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Coherent Nonlinearities Due To Extended And Localized Excitons In Semiconductors.
Author(s): Jorn M. Hvam; Claus Dornfeld; Holger Schwab
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Nonlinear Optical Properties Of ZnO At Room-Temperature Investigated By Laser-Induced Self-Diffraction
Author(s): Jesper Nissen Ravn; Paul Michael Petersen
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Plasma Dynamics And Picosecond Optical Properties Of CdTe
Author(s): J. H. Collet; W. W. Ruhle; M. Pugnet; K. Leo; A. Million
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Dynamic Memory Characteristics Of InGaAsP Photonic Switching Devices
Author(s): W. Kowalsky; J. Maehnss; K. J. Ebeling
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Study Of Period Doubling In Amplifying III-V Structures
Author(s): Bruno Thedrez; Jean-Guy Provost; Robert Frey
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Physical Mechanisms Of Optical Nonlinearity In Impure Cubic Crystals: Polarization Study
Author(s): Alexander M. Brodin; Sergey A. Boiko; Mikhail P. Lisitsa; Georgiy G. Tarasov
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Excitonic Optical Nonlinearities Induced By Virtual Absorption
Author(s): D. Hulin; M. Joffre; M. Combescot; A. Migus; A. Antonetti
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Optical Properties Of CdSSe Microcrystallites In Glasses
Author(s): A. Uhrig; D. Oberhauser; C. Dornfeld; C. Klingshirn; N. Neuroth
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Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Quantum Confined Semiconductor Crystallites
Author(s): P. Roussignol; D. Ricard; C. Flytzanis; N. Neuroth
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The Optical Kerr Effect In Small Metal Particles And Metal-Doped Glasses : The Case Of Gold
Author(s): F. Hache; D. Ricard; C. Flytzanis; U. Kreibig
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On The Excitonic Absorption Of CuCl Microcrystallites In A Glass Matrix Under High Resonant Excitation Conditions
Author(s): Pierre Gilliot; Jean-Claude Merle; Michele Robino; Roland Levy
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Optical Switching In GaAs/AlAs Multiple Quantum Well Fabry-Perot Resonators
Author(s): W. Kowalsky; T. Hackbarth; K.-J. Ebeling
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Absorption, Reflection And Second-Harmonic Generation Study Of Langmuir-Blodgett Films Of A Hemicyanine Dye
Author(s): P. Winant; A. Scheelen; A. Persoons
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Quadratic Nonlinear Spectroscopy In LB Monolayers Of Diazostilbenes And Polyenes
Author(s): I. Ledoux; F. Kajzar
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All-Optical Bistability In Nematic Liquid Crystals At Microwatt Power Levels
Author(s): A. D. Lloyd; C. H. Wang; B. S. Wherrett
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Optical Bistability And Spatial Light Modulation By Molecular Systems
Author(s): Shammai Speiser
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Decay Of The Second Order Susceptibility Of Poled PMMA Films Doped With An Azo Dye
Author(s): Remi Meyrueix; Gerard Mignani
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Construction Of The Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity In An Organic Side-Chain Polymer
Author(s): R. A. Huijts; L. W. Jenneskens; C. P. J. M van der Vorst; C. T. J. Wreesmann
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Strong Field Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Polydiacetylenes
Author(s): F. Charra; J. M. Nunzi
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Rotational Diffusion Effect On Time Reversal In Phase Conjugation Spectroscopy
Author(s): J. P. Lavoine; A. A. Villaeys
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Characterization Of Insulating Photorefractive Materials
Author(s): Jean P. Zielinger; Mayer Tapiero; Jean G. Gies; Jean C. Launay
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The Photorefractive Effect In Doped Bismuth Silicon Oxide Crystals
Author(s): R. R. Dube; D. Just; M. C. Bashaw; S. Mroczkowski; T.-P. Ma; R. C. Barker
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Survey Of Photorefractive Nonlinear Crystals And Their Applications
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Huignard
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Analysis Of The Energy Dependence Of The Photorefractive Gain In Nanosecond Wave Mixing In Semiconductor Crystals.
Author(s): J. C. Fabre; E. Brotons; P. U. Halter; J. M. C Jonathan; G. Roosen
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Near-Infrared Wave Mixing In Photorefractive GaAs
Author(s): H. Rajbenbach; B. Imbert; J. P. Huignard; S. Mallick
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Polarization Properties Of Two Wave Mixing Under An Alternating Electric Field In BGO Crystals
Author(s): G. Pauliat; G. Roosen
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High Two Wave Mixing Gain (11.4 cm[sup]-1[/sup]) In Photorefractive InP:Fe By Using Dc Field
Author(s): Ph. Gravey; G. Picoli; C. Ozkul; N. Wolffer
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Some Optical And Non-Linear Optical Properties Of The Non-Photorefractive LiNbO[sub]3[/sub]:Mg
Author(s): T. R. Volk; V. V. Volkov; N. M. Rubinina; V. V. Krasnikov; E. G. Petrosyan
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Multibeam Coupling In Photorefractive BaTiO[sub]3[/sub]
Author(s): C. Denz; L. Klees; T. Tschudi
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Simultaneous Binarisation And Amplification Of Optical Signals Through The Photorefractive Effect
Author(s): V. Hornung-Lequeux; P. Lalanne; P. Chavel; G. Roosen
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