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Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing XIV
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Volume Number: 11268
Date Published: 15 April 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11268
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent advances in 3D printing of pure proteinaceous microstructures by femtosecond laser direct write
Author(s): Daniela Serien; Hiroyuki Kawano; Atsushi Miyawaki; Koji Sugioka
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Laser-induced cell injury in closed micro physiological systems: a novel method to study regeneration processes in vitro
Author(s): Florian Schmieder; Deborah Förster; Mechthild Rösler; Jan Sradnick; Udo Klotzbach; Bernd Hohenstein; Frank Sonntag
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Control of cell arrangement on PMMA surface by femtosecond laser induced periodic nanostructures
Author(s): N. Shinohara; M. Tsukamoto; Y. Sato
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Biological analysis in 3D optofluidic devices fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining
Author(s): Petra Paiè; Roberto Memeo; Federico Sala; Andrea Bassi; Roberto Osellame; Francesca Bragheri
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Effects of the dissolved gases in water on microbubble oscillation under photothermal heating
Author(s): Nao Hiroshige; Shunsuke Okai; Kyoko Namura; Motofumi Suzuki
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Three-dimensional laser printing of macro-scale glass objects at a micro-scale resolution
Author(s): Peng Wang; Wei Chu; Xiaolong Li; Zijie Lin; Jian Xu; Haisu Zhang; Ya Cheng
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Enhanced ablation using GHz-pulsed fs laser
Author(s): Sami Hendow; Hidetomo Takahashi; Mariko Yamaguchi; Jingzhou Xu
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Surface treatment with GHz bursts
Author(s): Fabian Nyenhuis; Andreas Michalowski; Johannes L'huillier
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Sub-diffraction direct laser writing by a combination of STED and ESA
Author(s): S. Engel; C. Wenisch; S. Gräf; F. A. Müller
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Femtosecond laser induced ablation dynamics probing by emission and scattering spectroscopy under various vacuum conditions
Author(s): Jinhong Jeun; Minok Park; Gyoowan Han; Seongho Jeong; Cheollae Roh; Costas P. Grigoropoulos
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Advances in transparent materials processing by ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): M. Kumkar; M. Jenne; D. G. Grossmann; S. Hecker; F. Zimmermann; J. Kleiner; D. Flamm; M. Kaiser; M. Schäfer; S. Beer; S. Nolte
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Laser-based manufacturing of 2.5D bodies of polylactide
Author(s): Tina Viertel; Linda Pabst; Robby Ebert; Horst Exner
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Laser process of transparent conducting surfaces for terahertz bandpass ultrathin metamaterials
Author(s): Qinghua Wang; Bingtao Gao; Fatima Toor; Mark Arnold; Hongtao Ding
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Femtosecond laser functionalized surfaces inspired by nature (Conference Presentation) (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Camilo Florian Baron; Javier Solis; Jan Siegel; Jörg Krüger; Jörn Bonse
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Patterning of transparent polymers using high-throughput methods: application in flexible perovskite solar cells with enhanced light trapping
Author(s): Marcos Soldera; Qiong Wang; Flavio Soldera; Valentin Lang; Antonio Abate; Andrés Fabián Lasagni
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Ablation of amorphous Polyethy(ethyl)letone (PEEK) by a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): Qianliang Li; Walter Perrie; Yue Tang; Olivier Allegre; Janet Ho; Paul Chalker; Zhaoqing Li; Stuart P. Edwardson; Geoff Dearden
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Optofluidics in alumino-borosilicate glass by femtosecond laser micromachining (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrea Crespi; Francesca Bragheri; Roberto Osellame
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Photoinscription of optical microstructures in fused silica with few-cycle pulses
Author(s): Federico J. A. Furch; W. Dieter Engel; Tobias Witting; Armando Perez-Leija; Demian Biasetti; Gustavo Torchia; Marc J. J. Vrakking; Alexandre Mermillod-Blondin
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Femtosecond laser induced micro/nano structures on metals
Author(s): Chung-Wei Cheng; Yi-Hsien Liu; Jinn-Kuen Chen
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Laser polishing using ultrashort pulse laser
Author(s): A. Brenner; L. Röther; M. Osbild; J. Finger
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Effect of process parameters on surface texture generated by laser polishing of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Author(s): J. S. Solheid; A. Elkaseer; T. Wunsch; A. P. Charles; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Ultrashort-pulse laser micro-polishing of lithium niobate by using UV-ps pulses
Author(s): Mareike Schäfer; Johannes L'huillier
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Fabrication of versatile functional surface properties based on femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS)
Author(s): S. Gräf; C. Kunz; F. A. Müller
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High-throughput direct laser interference patterning: new configurations and applications
Author(s): Valentin Lang; Aleksander Madelung; Sabri Alamri; Tobias Steege; Benjamin Krupop; Alfredo I. Aguilar; Tim Kunze; Andrés F. Lasagni
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In-situ laser interference patterning of MBE growth surfaces
Author(s): Yun Ran Wang; Mark Hopkinson; Im Sik Han; Chao Yuan Jin
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Engineering laser induced periodic surface structures on single crystal diamond (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ravi Shivaraman; Patrick S. Salter
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Surface structuring by high power femtosecond laser for industrial applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gedvinas Nemickas
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Improvement of metallic surfaces hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance by direct write and combined direct write-DLIP hierarchical micro-nano structuring
Author(s): J. L. Ocaña; D. Huerta-Murillo; A. F. Lasagni; A. I. Aguilar-Morales; S. Alamri; J. T. Cardoso; A. García-Beltrán; F. Cordovilla; I. Angulo
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How to improve throughput in direct laser interference patterning: top-hat beam profile and burst mode
Author(s): Bogdan Voisiat; Joachim Ströbel; Keming Du; Andrés F. Lasagni
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Maximizing the efficiency of laser-fabricated diffraction gratings on PET using direct laser interference patterning
Author(s): Marcos Soldera; Sabri Alamri; Sebastian Storm; Tim Kunze; Andrés Fabián Lasagni
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Surface flattening of poly-Si thin films by laser annealing and electrical properties of LTPS-TFTs
Author(s): Fuminobu Hamano; Akira Mizutani; Kaname Imokawa; Daisuke Nakamura; Tetsuya Goto; Hiroshi Ikenoue
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Biomechanical metamaterials fabricated through multiphoton lithography by tailoring 3D buckling
Author(s): Zacharias Vangelatos; Costas P. Grigoropoulos; Maria Farsari; Grace Gu; Zhen Ma; Kyriakos Komvopoulos
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Superior microstructures for advanced package integration
Author(s): R. Delmdahl; R. Pätzel; J. Brune; D. Müller
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Laser processing of plasmonic metal oxides and phase change materials
Author(s): Heungsoo Kim; Nicholas A. Charipar; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; Kristin M. Charipar; Alberto Piqué
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Formation of graphene hybrid structures by laser direct writing and sensor applications
Author(s): Akira Watanabe; Ashiqur Rahman; Jinguang Cai; Mohammod Aminuzzaman
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Impact of laser texturing parameters and processing environment in the anti-wetting transition of nanosecond laser generated textures
Author(s): J. P. Godoy Vilar; W. S. Góra; T. L. See; D. P. Hand
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Laser-based surface treatment of CFRP and aluminum for adhesively bonded hybrid joints
Author(s): Jochen Schanz; Michael Gooßen; Dieter Meinhard; David Harrison; Anjali De Silva; Volker Knoblauch; Harald Riegel
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Nanograting based birefringent retardation elements in integrated photonic circuits
Author(s): K. Lammers; M. Siems; M. Ehrhardt; A. Alberucci; A. Szameit; H. Gross; S. Nolte
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Laser induced periodic surface structures generation by femtosecond laser and multi-plane light conversion beam shaping
Author(s): G. Mincuzzi; C. Jacquard; S. Nourry; M. Faucon; G. Pallier; P. Jian; O. Pinel; G. Labroille; R. Kling
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Efficiency improvement of multilayer lab-on-a-chip production by dynamic beam shaping
Author(s): Frank Sonntag; Thomas Kuntze; Patrick Schöps; Stephan Behrens; Florian Schmieder; Volker Franke; Udo Klotzbach
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Realization of higher order vector Bessel beams for transparent material processing applications
Author(s): Justas Baltrukonis; Orestas Ulcinas; Pavel Gotovski; Sergej Orlov; Vytautas Jukna
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High throughput CO2 laser via drilling enhanced by advanced AOD technologies (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ruolin Chen; Geoffrey Lott; Christopher Ryder; Nicolas Falletto
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Pulse to pulse control in micromachining with femtosecond lasers
Author(s): G. Mincuzzi; A. Bourtereau; A. Rebière; Hugo Laborie; M. Faucon; M. Delaigue; K. Mishchik; C. Hoenninger; E. Audouard; R. Kling
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Divide-and-conquer laser beam deflection system: Fast, wide-ranging, and flexible
Author(s): Patrick A. Taschner; Jan Düsing; Jürgen Koch; Peter Jäschke; Stefan Kaierle; Ludger Overmeyer
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Pump-probe imaging for process control and optimization in high-speed laser micro machining
Author(s): Sebastian Kraft; Joerg Schille; Stefan Mauersberger; Lutz Schneider; Udo Loeschner
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Investigation of magnetic-field assisted laser ablation of silicon by using short and ultrashort laser pulses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mareike Schäfer; Falicienne Gnintedem Keabou; Garik Torosyan; Yiyun Kang; Hicham Derouch; Baerbel Rethfeld; Johannes A. L'huillier; Pavel Terekhin
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The analysis of harmonic generation during ultrashort lR pulses filamentation in polymer
Author(s): Bogusz D. Stepak; Aleksander Budnicki; Arkadiusz J. Antonczak
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Internal micro structuring of transparent optical polymers by fs laser
Author(s): Gian-Luca Roth; Cemal Esen; Ralf Hellmann
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Advanced sensors: Industry 4.0 for the laser microjet technology
Author(s): Falk Braunmüller; Jérémie Diboine; Gregoire Laporte; Amédée Zryd; Bernold Richerzhagen
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Structuring of forming tools for lubricant-free deep drawing
Author(s): Theresa Jähnig; Ali Mousavi; Alexander Brosius; Andrés Fabián Lasagni
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Comparative study between laser blasted and sandblasted surfaces of Ti6Al4V
Author(s): Mohammad Ahmed; Tian Long See
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Formation of optical needles by Pancharatnam-Berry phase element for laser-induced modifications in transparent materials
Author(s): P. Gotovski; P. Šlevas; E. Nacius; V. Jukna; S. Orlov; J. Baltrukonis; O. Ulčinas; T. Gertus
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Smart ultra short pulse laser processing with rotating beam: laser micro drilling, cutting, and turning
Author(s): Florian Lendner
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Metal enhanced fluorescence using nanostructures on silver formed with Ti: Saphire femtosecond pulsed laser
Author(s): Vicente S. Mattos; Fernanda R. Paolillo; Daniel Cavallini; Marcelo A. Pereira-da-Silva; Marco A. A. de Souza; Fatima M. M. Yasuoka; Francisco E. G. Guimarães; Jarbas C. de Castro Neto
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Hot embossing of multifunctional transparent polymers from Cr stamps structured by direct laser interference patterning
Author(s): Marcos Soldera; Yangxi Fu; Franco Fortuna; Wei Wang; Andrés Fabián Lasagni
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Development of a complex laser processing system for cutting and drilling
Author(s): Hyeongchan Park; Kwanghyun Ryu; Seokkyun Lim; Sunwoo Lee
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Absorption and photoluminescence of ZnSe quantum dots synthesized by femtosecond laser ablation in microfluidics
Author(s): Yuqin Zhang; Chao Yang; Guoying Feng
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