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Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XXV
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Volume Number: 11267
Date Published: 31 March 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11267
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced laser material processing of steel and silicon (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas Kiedrowski
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Optical waveguide on silicon made by zone melting method
Author(s): Uriel Hanuka; Yair Zigman; Maor Tiferet; Zeev Zalevsky; Moshe Sinvani
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Laser processing of polymeric materials by quantum cascade lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tadatake Sato; Nobuhiro Umebayashi; Masayuki Kakehata; Hidehiko Yashiro; Naota Akikusa; Tadataka Edamura
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High speed laser printing and sintering of flexible RFID antennas and fingerprint sensors
Author(s): Ioannis Theodorakos; Filimon Zacharatos; Marina Makrygianni; Agamemnon Kalaitzis; Olga Koritsoglou; Jonathan Ankri; Arye Schwarzbaum; Alon Melamed; Merijn Giesbers; Gari Arutinov; Simon Tuohi; Daniel Arnaldo; Nuno Braz; Riccardo Geremia; Dimitris Karnakis; Semyon Melamed; Ayala Kabla; Fernando De la Vega; Darshana Kariyapperuma; Brian Cobb; Richard Price; Patrick Too; Shane Norval; Ioanna Zergioti
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On the use of femtosecond laser for tuning materials properties (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yves Bellouard
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Laser induced modifications in transparent materials using azimuthally modulated axicon beams
Author(s): Paulius Slevas; Sergej Orlov; Ernestas Nacius; Orestas Ulcinas; Pavel Gotovski; Justas Baltrukonis; Vytautas Jukna
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High quality Bessel beam generation through reflective axicon for femtosecond laser glass microprocessing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Antonin Billaud; Maik Steinbach; Patrick Taschner; Arndt Hohnholz; Gwenn Pallier; Sami Laroui; Pu Jian; Olivier Pinel; Jürgen Koch; Guillaume Labroille
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Surface functionalization of flexographic printing forms using a femtosecond laser for adjustable material transfer in MID production processes
Author(s): Alexander Wienke; Gerd-Albert Hoffmann; Jürgen Koch; Peter Jäschke; Ludger Overmeyer; Stefan Kaierle
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Laser processing of titanium: oxide formation for electronic applications
Author(s): Kristin M. Charipar; Heungsoo Kim; Christopher Musi; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; Alberto Piqué; Nicholas A. Charipar
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Nanoparticle synthesis via femtosecond laser reduction in liquid
Author(s): Katharine Moore Tibbetts
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Energy generation on an array of nanoparticles on a surface
Author(s): J. Y. Hong; P. S. Wei; M. F. Chou; T. C. Fu
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Influence of crystal lattice orientation onto the formation of LIPSS, ripples, and cavities for iron and iron alloys in ultrashort pulse laser machining (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stefan M. Remund; Silvan D. Gerber; Josef Zürcher; Markus Gafner; Beat Neuenschwander
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Effect of front-contact laser texturing in thin-film solar cells
Author(s): David Canteli; Ignacio Torres; Susana Fernández; José D. Santos; Miguel Morales; Carlos Molpeceres
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High-precision ultrashort pulsed laser processing of metal foils using an advanced multibeam optic
Author(s): T. Barthels; M. Niessen; M. Reininghaus; Y. Wang
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Ultrafast stamping by combination of synchronized galvanometer scanning with DOE's or SLM (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Beat Neuenschwander; Markus Gafner; Stefan M. Remund; Michalina W. Chaja
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Scaling percussion drilling processes by ultrashort laser pulses using advanced beam shaping
Author(s): D. Grossmann; D. Flamm; J. Hellstern; M. Sailer; M. Kumkar
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Influence of pulse duration and separation on ultrafast single pulse laser ablation in industrial bulk metals: Complete time-resolved surface dynamics and its implications to laser material processing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jan Winter; Maximilian Spellauge; Philipp Gies; Jens Hermann; Michael Schmidt; Heinz Paul Huber
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Machining metals and silicon with GHz bursts: Surprising tremendous reduction of the specific removal rate for surface texturing applications
Author(s): Thomas Hirsiger; Markus Gafner; Stefan Remund; Michalina V. Chaja; Aivaras Urniezius; Simas Butkus; Beat Neuenschwander
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High-efficiency laser milling by bursts of ultrashort (fs-ps) light pulses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrius Žemaitis; Paulius Gečys; Gediminas Račiukaitis; Mindaugas Gedvilas
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Micromachining flexibility by tunable ultrashort pulse duration, pulse-on-demand, and hybrid processing from single pulse to GHz burst with TruMicro Series 2000
Author(s): Marc Sailer; Florian Jansen; Axel Fehrenbacher; Ulf Quentin; Florian Kanal; Raphael Scelle; Holger Diekamp; Chuong Tan; Markus Ginter; Patrick Sperling; Benjamin Fuehra; Christian Eberhardt; Dirk H. Sutter; Aleksander Budnicki
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Ultrafast and precision processing of glass by selective absorption of fiber-laser pulse into femtosecond-laser-induced filament
Author(s): Yusuke Ito; Reina Yoshizaki; Akihiro Shibata; Ikuo Nagasawa; Keisuke Nagato; Naohiko Sugita
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Micro laser assisted single point diamond turning of brittle and hard materials
Author(s): Hossein Shahinian; Jayesh Navare; Charan Bodlapati; Dmytro Zaytsev; Di Kang; Deepak Ravindra
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High-precision laser ablation using OCT closed-loop control
Author(s): Daniel Holder; Matthias Buser; Artur Leis; Steffen Boley; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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Thermal-hydraulic modeling and acoustic correlation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vincent Bruyere; Nicolas Authier; Patrick Namy
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Position observer based galvanometer scanner and XY stage synchronization for large area processing
Author(s): Keith J. Dowling; Bhavesh A. Bhut; Mark S. Lucas; Seethram Sivam; Yu John Hsu; Amit Shahar; Jin Li
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3D glass nanofluidics fabricated by femtosecond laser processing for study of cancer cell metastasis and invasion
Author(s): F. Sima; H. Kawano; A. Miyawaki; K. Obata; D. Serien; K. Sugioka
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Single and dual wavelength double fs-pulse laser irradiation for transparent material processing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): John Lopez; Kevin Gaudfrin; Konstantin Mishchik; Martin Delaigue; Clemens Hönninger; Eric Audouard; Rainer Kling; Guillaume Duchateau
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From proof of principle to 98.5% yield of a high-speed laser processing tool
Author(s): Ralf Terbrueggen
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Fabrication of sub-micrometer periodic nanostructures using pulsed laser interference for efficient light trapping in optoelectronic devices
Author(s): S. Behera; Y. Wang; I. S. Han; C. Jin; M. Hopkinson
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