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Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XXII
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Volume Number: 11266
Date Published: 10 April 2020

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Front Matter, Volume 11266
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Laser emission microscope for cancer diagnosis (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yunlu Sun; Xudong Fan
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Electro-optic based adiabatic frequency conversion in a non-centrosymmetric microresonator
Author(s): Yannick Minet; Ingo Breunig; Karsten Buse
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High-precision measurement of a propagation loss of low-loss single-mode optical waveguides on lithium niobate on insulator
Author(s): Jintian Lin; Junxia Zhou; Renhong Gao; Min Wang; Rongbo Wu; Zhiwei Fang; Jianhao Zhang; Ya Cheng
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Juggling with light: powerful second-order nonlinear optical effects in whispering gallery resonators
Author(s): Ingo Breunig; Karsten Buse
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Ultra-low loss lithium niobate photonics
Author(s): Ya Cheng
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Soliton microcombs for LIDAR (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tobias J. Kippenberg
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Optical microresonators in clocks: Needs and status (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrey B. Matsko
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Silicon oxynitride microresonators for Kerr frequency combs
Author(s): Dongyu Chen; Andre Kovach; Feifei Lian; Sumiko Poust; Vincent Gambin; Andrea M. Armani
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Frequency comb generation in non-centrosymmetric optical microresonators
Author(s): Jan Szabados; Ingo Breunig; Karsten Buse
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Continuous scanning of a dissipative Kerr micro-resonator soliton comb (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Naoya Kuse; Tomohiro Tetsumoto; Gabriele Navickaite; Michael Geiselmann; Martin E. Fermann
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Ultra-high-Q whispering-gallery mode resonators in the pulsed-pump regime
Author(s): Thomas Daugey; Jean-Marc Merolla; Yanne K. Chembo
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All-optically triggerable organic/inorganic photonic devices
Author(s): Andrea M. Armani; Jinghan He; Andre Kovach; Patrick Saris
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Point-and-play: Fiber optic nano-antenna for excitation and collection of whispering gallery modes (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan M. Ward; Fuchuan Lei; Síle Nic Chormaic; Jochen Fick; Samir Mondal; Pooj Gupta; Stephy Vincent
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Generation of arbitrary higher order Poincaré beams from a visible metasurface laser
Author(s): Hend Sroor; Yao-Wei Huang; Bereneice Sephton; Darryl Naidoo; Adam Valles; Vincent Ginis; Qiwen Zhan; Cheng-Wei Qiu; Antonio Ambrosio; Federico Capasso; Andrew Forbes
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Optically tunable on-chip microresonator
Author(s): Andre Kovach; Jinghan He; Dongyu Chen; Patrick Saris; Andrea M. Armani
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Exciting Whispering Gallery Modes in liquid microdrops using sub-micron size tapered fibers
Author(s): Meenakshi Gaira; C. S. Unnikrishnan
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780 nm narrow-linewidth self-injection-locked WGM lasers
Author(s): Yu-Hung Lai; Danny Eliyahu; Setareh Ganji; Robert Moss; Iouri Solomatine; Eloy Lopez; Elaine Tran; Anatoliy Savchenkov; Andrey Matsko; Skip Williams
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On-chip Brillouin lasers based on 10 million-Q chalcogenide resonators without direct etch process
Author(s): Sangyoon Han; Dae-Gon Kim; Joonhyuk Hwang; In Hwan Do; Dongin Jeong; Yong-Hee Lee; Duk-Yong Choi; Hansuek Lee
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Tunable single-frequency lasing in whispering gallery resonators
Author(s): Ingo Breunig; Simon J. Herr; Karsten Buse
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Mixing microwave and light: Electro-optic frequency combs and more (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Madhuri Kumari; Nicholas Lambert; Alfredo Rueda; Florian Selmeir; Harald G. L. Schwefel
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Gaussian and non-Gaussian multimode entangled states of optical frequency combs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nicolas Treps
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On-chip quantum frequency combs for complex photon state generation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael Kues; Stefania Sciara; Piotr Roztocki; Bennet Fischer; Christian Reimer; Mehedi Islam; Luis Romero Cortés; YanBing Zhang; Alfonso Cino; Sai T. Chu; Brent E. Little; David J. Moss; Lucia Caspani; William J. Munro; José Azaña; Roberto Morandotti
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Quantum computing in the optical frequency comb of one optical parametric oscillator (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Olivier Pfister
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Integration of quantum emitters and detectors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Valery Zwiller; Samuel Gyger; Thomas Lettner; Lucas Schweickert; Katharina Zeuner; Eva Schöll; Ali Elshaari; Klaus Jöns; Stephan Steinhauer; Julien Zichi; Andreas Fognini; Ronan Gourgues; Sander Dorenbos
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What is the maximum accessible OAM from spatial light modulators? (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan Pinnell; Valeria Rodríguez-Fajardo; Andrew Forbes
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Achromatic holographic phase mask for broadband lasers beam conversion (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Oussama Mhibik; Ivan Divliansky; Marc Segall; Leonid Glebov
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Generation of vortex beams using holographic phase masks in photo-thermo-refractive glass (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Oussama Mhibik; Zachary Labossiere; Ivan Divliansky; Leonid Glebov
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Generation of Bessel type beams via phase shifted axicons encoded in geometrical phase elements
Author(s): Ernestas Nacius; Pavel Gotovski; Vytautas Jukna; Orestas Ulčinas; Titas Gertus; Sergej Orlov
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Square top-hat and round top-hat laser beam shaping with multi-plane light conversion for femtosecond laser material microprocessing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Clément Jacquard; Girolamo Mincuzzi; Marc Faucon; Aurélien Sikora; Rainer Kling; Gwenn Pallier; Nicolas Laurenchet; Pu Jian; Olivier Pinel; Guillaume Labroille
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Dynamic coherent beam combining based on a setup of microlens arrays
Author(s): Maike Prossotowicz; Andreas Heimes; Daniel Flamm; Florian Jansen; Hans-Jürgen Otto; Aleksander Budnicki; Uwe Morgner; Alexander Killi
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Multiline oscillation of Q-switched cavity-dumped CO2 laser with intracavity diffraction grating
Author(s): Yuzuru Tadokoro; Tatsuya Yamamoto; Junichi Nishimae
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Three-level Nd:YLF Raman laser directly pumped by a beam shaped diode bar
Author(s): A. Bereczki; João P. F. Paes; Niklaus U. Wetter
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Design of an external cavity semiconductor laser for intra-cavity beam combining
Author(s): Sara Piccione; Lorenzo Pavesi
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Thermal and population induced lensing in Alexandrite lasers
Author(s): Goronwy Tawy; Jian Wang; Michael J. Damzen
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Dynamically stable lasers from commercial Nd:YAG modules with high beam quality and single-frequency: The correct choice of the fundamental waist size at the rod
Author(s): A. Bereczki; Niklaus U. Wetter
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Multi-kilowatt fibre laser with azimuthal mode output beam for advanced material processing
Author(s): Natasha Vukovic; Jaclyn S. Chan; Christophe A. Codemard; Michalis N. Zervas; Stephen J. Keen; Rongshen Chen; Richard Jesset; Iain Botheroyd; Mike Durkin; Mark Greenwood
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Applicability of small size wavefront correctors to compensate for wavefront distortions in laser systems
Author(s): Vladimir Toporovsky; Alexis Kudryashov; Vadim Samarkin; Julia Sheldakova; Alexey Rukosuev
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M-squared laser measurement as simple as measuring laser power
Author(s): Michael Scaggs; Gil Haas
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Focusing laser beam through pinhole using stacked-actuator deformable mirror
Author(s): Alexander Nikitin; Ilya Galaktionov; Julia Sheldakova; Alexis Kudryashov; Vadim Samarkin; Alexey Rukosuev; Vladimir Toporovsky
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Extra-cavity laser beam shaping using an Nd: YAG amplifier
Author(s): Teboho Bell; Gary King; Igor Litvin
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Versatile bio-organism detection using microspheres for future biodegradation and bioremediation studies
Author(s): Logan Echeveria; Sean Gilmore; Sara Harrison; Ken Heinz; Allan Chang; Gualtiero Nunz-Conti; Franco Cosi; Payal Singh; Tiziana Bond
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Microresonators for compact optical sensors (uRCOS) for gas detection
Author(s): Payal Singh; Logan Echeveria; Sara Harrison; Catherine Reinhardt; Victor Khitrov; Ken Heinz; Allan Chang; Gualtiero Nunzi-Conti; Daniele Farnesi; Tiziana Bond
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A stretched-pulse mode-locked laser source at a central wavelength of 1275 nm
Author(s): Ibrahim Akkaya; Onur Caki; Serhat Tozburun
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Micro-bottle resonator as sensors using whispering gallery modes
Author(s): Yusra Jat; Robert C. Gauthier
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Design of efficient Gauss to top-hat converters using geometrical phase elements inscribed in the glass by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): P. Gotovski; P. Šlevas; E. Nacius; V. Jukna; S. Orlov; O. Ulcinas; J. Baltrukonis; T. Gertus
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Miniature bimorph deformable mirror for laser beam shaping
Author(s): Julia Sheldakova; Ilya Galaktionov; Alexander Nikitin; Alexey Rukosuev; Vadim Samarkin; Vladimir Toporovsky; Alexis Kudryashov
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Iron: zinc selenide laser, pumping with pulse width that is shorter than or comparable to the population-inversion lifetime
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton; Chunte Lu; Ron Kaspi
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