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Fourteenth School on Acousto-Optics and Applications
Editor(s): Ireneusz Grulkowski; Bogumił B. J. Linde; Martí Duocastella
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Volume Number: 11210
Date Published: 11 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11210
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tribute to the memory of professor Vitaly Voloshinov
Author(s): Vladimir Balakshy; Yury Dobrolenskiy
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Acousto-optics as a field of current interest in research and application
Author(s): A. Śliwiński
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Broadband immersion laser ultrasonic tomography of graphite-epoxy composite
Author(s): V. Zarubin; A. Bychkov; V. Simonova; E. Cherepetskaya; A. Karabutov
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Interaction of two coherent light beams with ultrasonic wave
Author(s): Piotr Kwiek
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Physical properties of α-BaB2O4 and β-BaB2O4 crystals promising for applications in acousto-optic devices
Author(s): Mikhail V. Marunin; Vitaly B. Voloshinov
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Multi-electrode array for spectral bandwidth control
Author(s): J. Champagne; J.-C. Kastelik; S. Dupont
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Acousto-optic programmable filters and the sampling theorem
Author(s): Konstantin B. Yushkov
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Effects of electric matching circuit parameters on the acousto-optic mode locker functioning
Author(s): Grogorii D. Slinkov; Sergey N. Mantsevich; Vladimir I. Balakshy; Leonid N. Magdich
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Adaptive change of AOTF instrumental function with frequency modulation of ultrasonic wave
Author(s): M. M. Mazur; L. I. Mazur; Yu. A. Suddenok; V. N. Shorin
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Acousto-optical modulator based on NaBi(MoO4)2 crystal
Author(s): A. Chizhikov; K. Yushkov; V. Molchanov
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Photosynthetic energy storage efficiency in biofilms determined by photoacoustics
Author(s): Stanisław J. Pogorzelski; Paweł Rochowski; Maciej Grzegorczyk
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Endoscopic spectral imagers based on acousto-optic filtration of light
Author(s): Demid D. Khokhlov; Alexander S. Machikhin; Vladislav I. Batshev; Alexey V. Gorevoy; Vitold E. Pozhar
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Anisotropic acousto-optic interaction in KRS-5 cubic crystal possessing induced optical anisotropy
Author(s): Vitaly B. Voloshinov; Vladimir S. Khorkin; Mikhail S. Kuznetsov; Kirill A. Subbotin
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Acousto-optic spectrometer ISEM for ExoMars-2020 space mission: ground measurements and calibrations
Author(s): Yury Dobrolenskiy; Sergey Mantsevich; Nadezhda Evdokimova; Oleg Korablev; Anna Fedorova; Yuri Kalinnikov; Nikita Vyazovetskiy; Andrei Titov; Alexander Stepanov; Alexander Sapgir; Ilya Dzyuban; Ruslan Kuzmin; Yuriy Ivanov; Ivan Syniavskyi; Vladislav Petrov; Vera Smol'yaninova; Alexander Dokuchaev
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Applications of collinear acousto-optic diffraction for optical frequency combs generation
Author(s): Sergey N. Mantsevich; Konstantin B. Yushkov; Andrey S. Voloshin
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Semiautomatic acousto-optical tunable filter calibration from spectrometry in the visible range with deep learning
Author(s): K. Anaya; C. Isaza; J. P. Zavala ; J. A. Rizzo-Sierra; J. C. Mosquera
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Sensitivity characterization of in-fiber acousto-optic interaction
Author(s): S. Rosales-Mendoza; M. Delgado-Pinar; A. Díez; M. V. Andrés
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All-fiber dual-wavelength narrowband acousto-optic tunable bandpass filter based on vector mode coupling
Author(s): HaoNan Han; Yujia Li; Ligang Huang; Lei Gao; Wei Huang; Min Liu; Tao Zhu
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Application of layered structures for mid-infrared acousto-optics
Author(s): I. M. Sopko; G. A. Knyazev; D. O. Ignatyeva; V. I. Belotelov
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Anisotropic light diffraction in spatially periodical acoustic field
Author(s): Vladimir I. Balakshy; Maxim I. Kupreychik; Sergey N. Mantsevich
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Analysis of wide-angle acousto-optic interaction geometry in single crystal mercury bromide
Author(s): Dmitry L. Porokhovnichenko; Jaeyeol Ryu; Dennis V. Zinkin; Vitaly B. Voloshinov
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A novel configuration for effective acousto-optic diffraction by IDT-radiated bulk waves in lithium tantalate
Author(s): D. Čiplys; R. Rimeika
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Investigation of close to collinear anisotropic acousto-optic interaction in a biaxial crystal of alpha-iodic acid
Author(s): Maxim I. Kupreychik; Vladimir I. Balakshy
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Review of acousto-optical devices in advanced microscopy: From 3D scanning via super-resolution to encoded multi-beams
Author(s): P. Saggau; N. Ball; P. Bianchini; J. Brockill; W. E. Brownell; J. R. Cotton; A. Diaspro; M. Duocastella; O. Gliko; V. Iyer; N. Orlova; G. D. Reddy; A. S. Tolias; D. Tsyboulski
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High-frequency (f_RF> 1 GHz) Acousto-Optic modulation using a doubly resonant cavity in a MEMS foundry platform
Author(s): Stefano Valle; Krishna C. Balram
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Design, implementation, and characterization of a fast acousto-optofluidic multi-focal laser system
Author(s): Alessandro Zunino; Salvatore Surdo; Martí Duocastella
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New AOTF-based instrumental concepts for atmospheric science
Author(s): Emmanuel Dekemper; Jurgen Vanhamel; Jean-Claude Kastelik; Nuno Pereira; David Bolsée; Gael Cessateur; Hervé Lamy; Didier Fussen
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