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Advances in Optical Astronomical Instrumentation 2019
Editor(s): Simon C. Ellis; Céline d'Orgeville
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Volume Number: 11203
Date Published: 17 January 2020

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Front Matter: Volume 11203
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The ESO Extremely Large Telescope instrumentation programme
Author(s): Suzanne Ramsay; Paola Amico; Naidu Bezawada; Michele Cirasuolo; Frédéric Derie; Sebastian Egner; Elizabeth George; Frédéric Gonté; Juan Carlos González Herrera; Peter Hammersley; Christoph Haupt; Jeroen Heijmans; Derek Ives; Gerd Jakob; Florian Kerber; Bertrand Koehler; Vincenzo Mainieri; Antonio Manescau; Sylvain Oberti; Paolo Padovani; Celine Peroux; Ralf Siebenmorgen; Roberto Tamai; Joël Vernet
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The Huntsman Telescope: lessons learned from building an autonomous telescope from COTS components
Author(s): Anthony Horton; Lee Spitler; Wilfred Gee; Fergus Longbottom; Jaime Alvarado-Montes; Amir Bazkiaei; Sarah Caddy; Steven Lee
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Wide-field dynamic astronomy in the near-infrared with Palomar Gattini-IR and DREAMS
Author(s): Jamie Soon; David Adams; Kishalay De; Antony Galla; Matthew Hankins; Mansi M. Kasliwal; Anna M. Moore; Scott M. Adams; Jarek Antoszewski; Michael Ashley; Aliya-Nur Babul; Joss Bland-Hawthorn; Jeff Cooke; Orsola De Marco; Alexandre Delacroix; Hadrien Devillepoix; Simon C. Ellis; Ken C. Freeman; David Hale; Alexander Heger; Jacob E. Jencson; Ryan M. Lau; Daniel McKenna; Eran Ofek; Stuart Ryder; Robert Simcoe; Jennifer L. Sokoloski; Roberto Soria; Roger M. Smith; Tony D. Travouillon
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Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph (GMACS): conceptual design
Author(s): Soojong Pak; Darren L. DePoy; Jennifer L. Marshall; Luke M. Schmidt; Casey Papovich; Cynthia Froning; D. M. Faes; Claudia Mendes de Oliveira; A. Souza; Rafael Ribeiro; Keith Taylor; Damien Jones; Travis Prochaska; Erika Cook; Hye-In Lee; Tae-Geun Ji; Paul A. Scowen
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Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer: instrumentation for a massively multiplexed spectroscopic survey facility
Author(s): Alexis Hill; Nicolas Flagey; Jennifer Marshall; Andreea Petric; Kei Szeto
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Active alignment metrology for multi-channel photometric survey telescope
Author(s): Zhengyang Li; Xiangyan Yuan; Kaiyuan Zhang; Bo Li
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The TAIPAN Starbugs fibre positioner and spectrograph: integration, commissioning, and initial performance
Author(s): Nuria P. F. Lorente; Michael Birchall; Rebecca Brown; Scott Case; Steve Chapman; Vladimir Churilov; Tony Farrell; Nuwanthika Fernando; Michael Goodwin; Anthony Horton; Urs Klauser; Kyler Kuehn; Jon Lawrence; Slavko Mali; Helen McGregor; Rolf Muller; Vijay Nichani; Naveen Pai; Scott Smedley; Minh Vuong; Lewis Waller; Ross Zhelem
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Design concept for Pocket-GMT
Author(s): M. Lingham; A. Bouchez; L. Gers; N. Herrald; J. Munro; T. Travouillon
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A UV-visible prime focus camera for the Keck telescopes
Author(s): Peter Gillingham; Jeff Cooke; Karl Glazebrook; Jeremy Mould; Roger Smith; Charles Steidel
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ULTIMATE-Subaru: enhancing the Subaru's wide-field capability with GLAO
Author(s): Yosuke Minowa; Yusei Koyama; Yoshito Ono; Ichi Tanaka; Takashi Hattori; Christophe Clergeon; Masayuki Akiyama; Tadayuki Kodama; Kentaro Motohara; François Rigaut; Céline d'Orgeville; Shiang-Yu Wang; Michitoshi Yoshida
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Emu: a near-infrared wide-field photometer for space
Author(s): James Gilbert; David Chandler; Alexey Grigoriev; Shanae King; Joice Mathew; Rob Sharp; Annino Vaccarella
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GLUV pathfinder mission
Author(s): Nirmal K.; Joice Mathew; James Gilbert; Rob Sharp; Harrison Abbot; R. Ridden-Harper; B. Tucker
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A flexible cost-effective detector controller for space
Author(s): Shanae King; James Gilbert; David Chandler; Michael Ellis; Annino Vaccarella
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Space-situational awareness adaptive optics at Mount Stromlo: data analysis of the first results
Author(s): Visa Korkiakoski; Michael Copeland; Francis Bennet; Marcus Lingham; Doris Grosse; Jesse Cranney; Ian Price; Francois Rigaut; Celine d'Orgeville
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Application of the PPPP method for the determination of DLR pointing, tip/tilt, and wavefront errors
Author(s): James Webb; Nazim Ali Bharmal; Craig Smith; Huizhe Yang; Mark Blundell
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GNAO: an MCAO facility for Gemini North
Author(s): Gaetano Sivo; David Palmer; Julia Scahrwächter; Morten Andersen; Natalie Provost; Eduardo Marin; Marcos van Dam; Brian Chinn; Emmanuel Chirre; Charles Cavedoni; Thomas Schneider; Stacy Kang; Paul Hirst; William Rambold; Angelic Ebbers; Pedro Gigoux; Laure Catala; Thomas Hayward; John Blakeslee; Henry Roe; Jennifer Lotz; Scot Kleinman; Suresh Sivanandam; Anja Krause; Mark Ammons; Chadwick Trujillo; Chris Packham; Franck Marchis; Julian Christou; James Jee; John Bally; Mike Pierce; Thomas Puzia; Paolo Turri; Hwihyun Kim; Meg Schwamb; Trent Dupuy; Ruben Diaz; Rodrigo Carrasco; Benoit Neichel; Carlos Correia; Eric Steinbring; François Rigaut; Jean-Pierre Véran; Mark Chun; Masen Lamb; Scott Chapman; Simone Esposito; Thierry Fusco
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A prototype experiment of the adaptive deformable mirror based on voice coil and Eddy Current Sensor
Author(s): Heng Zuo; Hao Li; Guohua Zhou; Guoping Li
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Active and adaptive CFRP mirror using MFC piezoeletric actuator for thermal deformation and atmospheric aberration correction
Author(s): Hadi Baghsiahi; Martyn Jones; David Brooks; Peter Doel
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Astronomical image restoration and point spread function estimation with deep neural networks
Author(s): Peng Jia; Xuebo Wu; Xiaoshan Yang; Yi Huang; Bojun Cai; Dongmei Cai
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Imaging exoplanets with nulling interferometry using integrated-photonics: the GLINT project
Author(s): M. A. Martinod; B. Norris; S. Gross; A. Arriola; T. Gretzinger; M. Withford; T. Lagadec; P. Tuthill
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Diffraction-limited polarimetric imaging of protoplanetary disks and mass-loss shells with VAMPIRES
Author(s): Barnaby R. M. Norris; Peter Tuthill; Nemanja Jovanovic; Julien Lozi; Olivier Guyon; Nick Cvetojevic; Frantz Martinache
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A photonic solution to exoplanet direct imaging via nulling interferometry
Author(s): Harry-Dean Kenchington Goldsmith; Michael Ireland; Steve Madden
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Kernel nulling: fundamental limitations and technological pathways from ground and space
Author(s): M. Ireland
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Integrated optics-interferometry using pupil remapping and beam combination at astronomical H-band
Author(s): Abani Shankar Nayak; Simone Piacentini; Tarun Kumar Sharma; Giacomo Corrielli; Roberto Osellame; Lucas Labadie; Stefano Minardi; Ettore Pedretti; Kalaga Madhav; Martin M. Roth
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Ultrafast laser inscription of astrophotonic integrated optical circuits
Author(s): S. Gross; T. Gretzinger; A. Arriola; G. Douglass; A. Ross-Adams; T. T. Fernandez; M. J. Withford
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Photonic ring resonator notch filters for astronomical OH line suppression
Author(s): P. Liu; S. Kuhlmann; S. C. Ellis; K. Kuehn; H. Spinka; D. Underwood; L. Ocola; R. R. Gupta; N. P. Stern
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Integrated echélle gratings for astrophotonics
Author(s): Andreas Stoll; Yu Wang; Kalaga Madhav; Martin Roth
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Research progress of 698nm narrow-linewidth lasers applied for Sr atom optical clocks at NTSC
Author(s): Long Chen; Linbo Zhang; Jun Liu; Guanjun Xu; Chenhui Jiang; Le Fan; Tao Liu; Ruifang Dong; Shougang Zhang
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PRAXIS: an OH suppression optimised near infrared spectrograph
Author(s): S. C. Ellis; J. Bland-Hawthorn; S. Bauer; S. Case; R. Content; T. Fechner; D. Giannone; R. Haynes; E. Hernandez; A. J. Horton; U. Klauser; J. S. Lawrence; S. G. Leon-Saval; H.-G. Löhmannsröben; S.-S. Min; N. Pai; M. Roth; L. Waller; R. Zhelem
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Lucky imaging with the Leonardo SAPHIRA at Siding Spring Observatory
Author(s): Annino Vaccarella; Robert Sharp; Michael Ellis; James Gilbert; Shanae King; David Adams
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Vibration measurement and mount design for cryocoolers on GMT and large telescopes
Author(s): D. Adams; A. Vaccarella; W. Schofield; R. Sharp; J. Gilbert; G. Gausachs
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Fiber positioner system selection for the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE)
Author(s): Nicolas Flagey; Kei Szeto
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Steering Starbugs: routing autonomous fibre positioners for TAIPAN
Author(s): Nuwanthika Fernando; Carlos Bacigalupo; Tony Farrell; Nuria Lorente
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Hexabundle optical fibre imaging devices for the Hector instrument
Author(s): Adeline Haobing Wang; Rebecca Brown; Julia Bryant; Sergio Leon-Saval
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Optical performance of the GHOST fiber cable
Author(s): Ross Zhelem; Vladimir Churilov; Scott Case; Yuriy Kondrat; Kristin Fiegert; Lewis Waller; Jon Lawrence; Tony Farrell; Michael Ireland
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Laguerre-Gaussian mode sorters of high spatial mode count
Author(s): Nicolas K. Fontaine; Roland Ryf; Haoshuo Chen; David T. Neilson; Kwangwoong Kim; Joel Carpenter
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Novel metrology for tilting spine multi-fiber positioners
Author(s): Peter Gillingham
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MANIFEST metrology toolkit
Author(s): Michael Goodwin; Sungwook E. Hong
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Building a re-deployable astronomy archive: challenges and solutions
Author(s): Simon O'Toole; Elizabeth Mannering; Lloyd Harischandra; Katrina Sealey
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The impact of fiber fusion splicing on the focal ratio degradation and transmission of LAMOST fiber system
Author(s): Jian Li; Guanru Lyu; Shuqing Wang; Yonghui Hou
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Optical frequency comb generated in micro-ring resonators by modulated pump-light
Author(s): D. Bodenmüller; J. M. Chavez Boggio; M. M. Roth
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Spectroscopic Investigation of Nebular Gas (SING): a dedicated NUV spectrograph to study extended objects
Author(s): Bharat Chandra; B. G. Nair; Ambily Suresh; C. Shanti Prabha; Joice Mathew; Nirmal K.; Mayuresh Sarpotdar; Rekhesh Mohan; Margarita Safonova; Sripadmanaban Sriram; Jayant Murthy
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Comet interceptor's EnVisS camera sky mapping function
Author(s): Claudio Pernechele; Vania Da Deppo; George Brydon; Geraint H. Jones; Luisa Lara; Harald Michaelis
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Rubidium transitions as wavelength reference for astronomical Doppler spectrographs
Author(s): D. Rogozin; T. Feger; C. Schwab; Y. V. Gurevich; G. Raskin; D. W. Coutts; J. Stuermer; A. Seifahrt; T. Fuehrer; T. Legero; H. Van Winckel; S. Halverson; A. Quirrenbach
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Fiber modal noise mitigation by a rotating double scrambler
Author(s): G. Raskin; D. Rogozin; T. Mladenov; C. Schwab; D. Coutts
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Design of optical surveillance system for balloon-base load cabin in near space
Author(s): Zhanchao Wang; Min Huang; Lulu Qian; Baowei Zhao
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