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Biophotonics Australasia 2019
Editor(s): Ewa M. Goldys; Brant C. Gibson
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Volume Number: 11202
Date Published: 30 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11202
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New perspectives for biomedical imaging at depth
Author(s): Kishan Dholakia
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Applications for compressed ultrafast photography to biological imaging and sensing
Author(s): Joel N. Bixler; Allen Keister; Zach Coker; Bennett L. Ibey
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Label-free optical scattering and interferometry microscopy for functional imaging of thrombus
Author(s): Yujie Zheng; Woei Ming Lee
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Noise reduction in ultra-low light digital holographic microscopy using neural networks
Author(s): Zhiduo Zhang; Woei Ming Lee; Lexing Xie; Alex Mathews; Xuefei He
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Hybrid plasmonic-semiconducting fractal metamaterials for superior sensing of volatile compounds
Author(s): Z. Fusco; M. Rahmani; N. Motta; M. Käll; D. Neshev; A. Tricoli
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Interrogation of photonic biosensors using optical frequency combs
Author(s): Markus Knoerzer; Crispin Szydzik; Guanghui Ren; Cesar S. Huertas; Sonya Palmer; Phuong Tang; Thach G. Nguyen; Lam Bui; Andreas Boes; Arnan Mitchell
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Modelling of heat transfer in a laser irradiated eye retina
Author(s): Linh T. D. Truong; Peter J. Lesniewski; Timothy J. Dixon; A. Bruce Wedding
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Highly parallelized optical coherence tomography for ocular metrology and imaging
Author(s): Trevor B. Anderson; Armin Segref; Grant Frisken; Dirk Lorenser; Herman Ferra; Steven Frisken
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High precision pH measurements in biological environments using a portable optical fibre pH sensor
Author(s): Georgina M. Sylvia; Erik P. Schartner; Hanna J. McLennan; Avishkar Saini; Kylie R. Dunning; Malcolm S. Purdey; Andrew D. Abell; Jeremy G. Thompson
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Chemical sensing based on silk coated exposed-core fibers
Author(s): Lu Peng; Asma Khalid; Stephen C. Warren-Smith; Azim Arman; Erik P. Schartner; Georgina Maree Sylvia; Mark R. Hutchinson; Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem; Robert A. McLaughlin; Brant C. Gibson; Jiawen Li
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Multicolor fluorescent nanodiamonds for bioimaging
Author(s): Philipp Reineck; Amanda N. Abraham; Nicholas Nunn; Marco Torelli; Alexander Zaitsev; Adam Dalis; Neeraj Prabhakar; Olga Shenderova; Brant C. Gibson
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UV-plasmonic germicidal radiation beams enabled by sonoluminescence of air bubbles near liquid-metal particles
Author(s): Bradley Boyd; Sergey A. Suslov; Sid Becker; Andrew D. Greentree; Ivan S. Maksymov
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Hyperspectral imaging of the early embryo: can it detect chromosome abnormalities and predict IVF success?
Author(s): Tiffany C. Y. Tan; Carl Campugan; Saabah B. Mahbub; Jared M. Campbell; Abbas Habibalahi; Sanam Mustafa; Ewa M. Goldys; Jeremy G. Thompson; Kylie R. Dunning
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Optical fiber based in-vivo oxidative stress biosensor
Author(s): Roman Kostecki; Bin Zhang; Abdeljalil El Habti; Azim Arman; Mark R. Hutchinson; Penny J. Tricker; Delphine Fleury; Roger J. Narayan; Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
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Nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond for laser threshold magnetometry
Author(s): Zahraa Al-Baiaty; Felix Hahl; Sarath R. Nair; Lachlan Rogers; Brant C. Gibson; Richard P. Mildren; Thomas Volz; Jan Jeske; Andrew D. Greentree
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Understanding the input-output transfer function of cortical neurons
Author(s): Michael L. Castanares; Vincent R. Daria
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Quantitative biosensing by surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Md Abdullah Al Mamun; Nerida A. Cole; Saulius Juodkazis; Paul R. Stoddart
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Assessment of pork freshness based on changes in constituting chromophores using visible to near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Peyvasteh; A. Popov; A. Bykov; I. Meglinski
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Discovery of a robust optical fibre pH sensor based using polymer microarrays
Author(s): Jingjing Gong; Seshasailam Venkateswaran; Michael G. Tanner; James M. Stone; Mark Bradley
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Cardiac troponin detection using silicon photonic biosensor for the accurate and timely diagnosis and prognosis of acute myocardial infarction
Author(s): Siew Joo Beh; Markus Knoerzer; Crispin Szydzik; Guanghui Ren; César Sanchez Huertas; Arnan Mitchell
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Orientation information added to IR hyperspectral imaging: silk and paracetamol
Author(s): Meguya Ryu; Soon Hock Ng; Jitraporn Vongsvivut; Mark J. Tobin; Junko Morikawa; Saulius Juodkazis
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Electrospun diamond-silk membranes for biosensing applications
Author(s): Asma Khalid; Amanda N. Abraham; Dongbi Bai; Amit Jadhav; Denver Linklater; Duy Nguyen; Alex D. Matusica; Chaitali Dekiwadia; Achini K. Vidanapathirana; Philipp Reineck; Christina A. Bursill; Elena Ivanova; Shadi Houshyar; Andrew Greentree; Brant Gibson
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How deep are your centres? Probing the distance of nitrogen vacancy centres from the surface of nanodiamonds
Author(s): Qiang Sun; Brant C. Gibson; Andrew D. Greentree
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Light source spectra effects on optical coherence tomography A-scans
Author(s): A. Guan; S. Hinckley; S. Richardson
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Achieving 3D FRAP using multiphoton polygon scanning microscopy
Author(s): Yean J. Lim; Yongxiao Li; Woei M. Lee
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Software package for off-axis digital holographic microscopy imaging processing
Author(s): Tienan Xu; Xuefei He; Zhiduo Zhang; Samantha Montague; Elizabeth Gardiner; Woie Ming Lee
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Structured back focal plane interferometry (S-BFPI)
Author(s): A. Upadhya; Y. Zheng; L. Li; W. M. Lee
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Exploring the temperature dependent dielectric properties of adipose tissue in the THz range
Author(s): Zoltan Vilagosh; Alireza Lajevardipour; Andrew W. Wood
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Optical imaging of organic pollutants: real time detection and identification
Author(s): Farah Qazi; Esmaeil Shahsavari; Steven Prawer; Andrew S. Ball; Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic
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Upright aNd inverted polygon microscope (UNI-SCOPE)
Author(s): Tao Xu; Yongxiao Li; Woei Ming Lee
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Towards bi-directional electro-optic neuronal interfaces
Author(s): Han Wang; Udo Römer; Xinyue Lei; Yuan Wei; Amr Al Abed; Francois Ladouceur; Leonardo Silvestri; Nigel Lovell
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Optically measuring nerve activity based on an electro-optical detection system
Author(s): Yuan Wei; Amr Al Abed; Nathalie Gouailhardou; Han Wang; Xinyue Lei; François Ladouceur; Torsten Lehmann; Nigel H. Lovell; Leonardo Silvestri
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Higher order correlation scaling for optical super-resolution imaging: implications of photon counting and quantum imaging for practical nanoscopy
Author(s): Joshua Gray; Josef G. Worboys; Daniel W. Drumm; Shuo Li; Andrew D. Greentree
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Quantum diffraction unlimited protocol for single-photon fluorophores
Author(s): Josef G. Worboys; Daniel W. Drumm; Andrew D. Greentree
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The effect of nitrogen concentration on quantum sensing with nitrogen-vacancy centres
Author(s): Marco Capelli; Hiroshi Abe; Takeshi Ohshima; Brett C. Johnson; David A. Simpson; Jan Jeske; Andrew D. Greentree; Philipp Reineck; Brant C. Gibson
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Bright upconversion nanoparticles under light-emitting diode excitation
Author(s): Yueying Cao; Xianlin Zheng; James A. Piper; Nicolle H. Packer; Yiqing Lu
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