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Fourth International Workshop on Pattern Recognition
Editor(s): Xudong Jiang; Zhenxiang Chen; Guojian Chen
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Volume Number: 11198
Date Published: 22 August 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11198
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effective region-based chroma subsampling method for Bayer CFA images
Author(s): Kuo-Liang Chung; Wei-Che Chien; Yu-Ling Lee; Chao-Liang Yu
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Detection of imitation from authentic shoe apparel using integrated image processing techniques
Author(s): Jessie Jaye R. Balbin; McTroy John S. Mordido; Jhohn Ramses B. Pelayo; Ivan Hur Y. Tacderas; Jucel Adelyn F. Tornea; Leonardo D. Valiente Jr.
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Recaptured image detection based on convolutional neural networks with local binary patterns coding
Author(s): Nan Zhu; Minying Qin; Yuting Yin
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A progressive approach for single image super-resolution
Author(s): Yongbo Liang; Guo Cao; Xuesong Li
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MBNet: multi-scale bilinear convolutional neural networks for fine-grained visual classification towards real-time tasks
Author(s): Tingqiang Deng; Rui Li; Chunguo Li; Rutian Liao; Yang Liu; Zhe Yang; Luxi Yang
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Raw pork and beef quality determination through pH level and lipid oxidation patterns and image processing
Author(s): Jessie R. Balbin; Joseph Bryan G. Ibarra; Carlo Reese F. Borja; Neil Leander A. de Dios; Paul Nicko G. Pangilinan; Miguel Francis B. Yan
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Improved threshold function image denoising method
Author(s): Mengtao Huang; Lu Wang
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SE-dual path networks combined with a navigator for fine-grained classification
Author(s): Liu Yang; Jin Zhong
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Research on Hadoop-based massive short text clustering algorithm
Author(s): Qiang Zhao; Yuliang Shi; Zepeng Qing
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PolSAR image classification based on complex-valued convolutional neural network and Markov random field
Author(s): Xianxiang Qin; Wangsheng Yu; Peng Wang; Tianping Chen; Huanxin Zou
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Unsupervised classification of PolSAR image based on tensor product graph diffusion
Author(s): Meilin Li; Huanxin Zou; Qian Ma; Jiachi Sun; Xu Cao; Xianxiang Qin
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Attention-based multi-scale transfer ResNet for skull fracture image classification
Author(s): Dunbo Ning; Gang Liu; Rifeng Jiang; Chuyi Wang
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Flight trajectory clustering based on a novel distance from a point to a segment set
Author(s): Yingchao Xiao; Yuanyuan Ma; Hui Ding; Qiucheng Xu
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Caries lesion detection tool using near infrared image processing and decision tree learning
Author(s): Jessie R. Balbin; Renalyn L. Banhaw; Christian Raye O. Martin; Joanne Lorie R. Rivera; Jeffrey R. R. Victorino
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Video-based detection and classification of driving postures by feature distance extraction and BP neutral network
Author(s): Hui Tang; Jie He; Youfeng Zheng; Jun Zhang; Lin Wei
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A new method for constructing ensemble polynomial regression model in privacy preserving distributed environment
Author(s): Yan Shao; Zhanjun Li; Wenjing Hong
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Facial expression recognition based on conjugate gradient extreme learning machine
Author(s): Jian Chen
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Heart beat classification and matching recognition based on hierarchical dynamic time warping
Author(s): Si Liu; Enqi Zhan; Yang Wang; Jianbin Zheng
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Swine grunt analysis through intensity and frequency isolation with thermography using Adafruit AMG8833 IR thermal camera breakout for swine stress detection and reduction
Author(s): Leonardo Valiente Jr.; Ramon Garcia; Justin Llyod Catapang; Emmanuelle Allyanna Manalili; Abegail Salapantan
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Multi-scale binary geometric feature description and matching for accurate registration of point clouds
Author(s): Siwen Quan; Jie Ma; Fan Feng; Kun Yu
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Extracting stroke errors from digital ink characters by beginning learners of Chinese as a foreign language based on accurate stroke matching
Author(s): Hao Bai; Xi-Wen Zhang
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Effective vision- and SoC-based fall detection for the elderly
Author(s): Kuo-Liang Chung; Chi-Huang Liao; Li-Ting Liu; De-Hao Liu; Yu-Sheng Chan; Jen-Shun Cheng
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Scale-variant traffic sign detection
Author(s): Sijuan Wang; Zhiqiang You
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An efficient approach combined with harmonic and shift invariance for piano music multi-pitch detection
Author(s): Kai Deng; Gang Liu; Yuzhi Huang
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Replay attack detection by channel frequency response difference enhancement
Author(s): Xingchen Guo; Yibiao Yu
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Customization and optimization of SSD-based neural network model for detection of external force damage on transmission lines
Author(s): Yingying Chi; Rui Liu; Wenpeng Cui; Haifeng Zhang; Yidong Yuan
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Retrospective convolution and static sample synthesis for instantaneous change detection
Author(s): Chao Chen; Sheng Zhang; Cuibing Du
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Second-order convolutional network for crowd counting
Author(s): Luyang Wang; Qiang Zhai; Baoqun Yin; Hazrat Bilal
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Research on the influence of node deployment in cluster for modeling efficiency
Author(s): Yuxiang Liu; Yang Peng; Xin Long; Maojun Zhang
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Second glance framework (secG): enhanced ulcer detection with deep learning on a large wireless capsule endoscopy dataset
Author(s): Sen Wang; Yuxiang Xing; Li Zhang; Hewei Gao; Hao Zhang
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Roaming of oblique photography model in unity3D
Author(s): Guangyue Wang; Yang Peng; Pengfei Zhang; Maojun Zhang
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Multi-parameter geometric measurement of piston based on laser projection
Author(s): Liu Sen; Cheng Wei; Qingzeng Ma; Xinqiang Ma; Hailong Ge
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Radio frequency sensing based environmental monitoring technology
Author(s): Xianxun Zhu; Yang Zhang; Zhiyang Zhao; Jiancun Zuo
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A design framework for adaptive e-learning environment
Author(s): Xuanxi Li; Xiaoxue Wang; Xiaoqing Gu
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Prediction accuracy analysis with logistic regression and CART decision tree
Author(s): Xudong Zhang; Di Wang; Ying Qian; Yingming Yang
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An integrated deep-learning and geometric approach to 1D barcode
Author(s): Yunzhe Xiao; Junxin Jiang; Kai Xu
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Group binary weight networks
Author(s): Kailing Guo; Yicai Yang; Xiaofen Xing; Xiangmin Xu
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Exploring data sampling techniques for imbalanced classification problems
Author(s): Yu Sui; Xiaohui Zhang; Jiajia Huan; Haifeng Hong
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