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SPIE Future Sensing Technologies
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Volume Number: 11197
Date Published: 13 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11197
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Performance evaluation of the optical navigation electronics of HAYABUSA2
Author(s): Hiroki Hihara; Junpei Sano; Tetsuya Masuda; Hisashi Ootake; Tatsuaki Okada; Naoko Ogawa; Yuichi Tsuda
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Novel imaging of inner to outer space (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joshua B. Broadwater
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Plastic waste monitoring and recycling by hyperspectral imaging technology
Author(s): Silvia Serranti
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Lidars designed for autonomous vehicles and for monitoring insects and fish (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw
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Waveguide AR HUDs: a critical enabler for autonomous vehicles
Author(s): Jonathan D. Waldern; Alastair J. Grant; Milan M. Popovich
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Multimodal imaging based digital holography
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; Osamu Matoba; Xiangyu Quan; Sudheesh K. Rajput; Yasuhiro Awatsuji
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Using transfer learning technique for SAR automatic target recognition
Author(s): Maha Al Mufti; Esra Al Hadhrami; Bilal Taha; Naoufel Werghi
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Research on submarine terrain reconstruction technology based on laser polarization characteristics
Author(s): Lei Liu; Yefei Li; Jiaxiao Song; Xu Chen
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Multipath angle estimation for low-flying target of multi-frequency shipborne radar
Author(s): Yougeun Oh; Joohwan Chun; Jinbae Suh; Jihyun Jung; Jinuk Kim; Joohyun Lee
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Planar optical sensor for trichlorofluoromethane
Author(s): Maiko Girschikofsky; Dimitrij Ryvlin; Steffen Hessler; Siegfried R. Waldvogel; Ralf Hellmann
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Effect of windowing on a sensing signal generated by self-mixing interferometry
Author(s): Han Wang; Yuxi Ruan; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Qinghua Guo; Jun Tong
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Recovery of defocused 3D data for focusing-optics-based amplitude-modulated continuous-wave laser scanner
Author(s): Chao Zhang; Sifan Liu; Zheyuan Zhang; Fulin Xiang; Neisei Hayashi; Lei Jin; Sze Yun Set; Shinji Yamashita
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Achieving high resolution measurement using laser diode operating at period one
Author(s): Yuxi Ruan; Bairun Nie; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Qinghua Guo; Jun Tong; Zhuqiu Chen
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An absolute linear displacement sensor
Author(s): Chuan Mou; Yang Liu; ZiQiang Zhong; LingLi Peng; Liang Wu
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Study on guide star selection for infrared star sensors
Author(s): Feng Wu; Ruxi Xiang; Qingquan Xu; Jie Zhou; Xiu Yang
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Multi-band optical imaging sensor for coastal ocean color remote sensing
Author(s): Hiroyuki Tan; Tomohiko Oishi; Akihiko Tanaka; Takaaki Katsumata; Masato Niki
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Recovery of phase modulation via residual neural network
Author(s): Yun-Zhen Yao; Jian-Jia Su; Jie-En Li; Zhi-Yu Zhu; Chung-Hao Tien
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Automatic organic light-emitting diode display Mura detection model based on human visual perception and multi-resolution
Author(s): Zhi-Yu Zhu; Jie-En Li; Po-Yuan Hsieh; Jian-Jia Su; Chung-Hao Tien
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Fiber-interferometer-based dynamic displacement sensor with triangle and stepwise phase modulation on the reference light
Author(s): Yuta Ohashi; Shinya Takemae; Yosuke Tanaka
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Enhanced seismic sensing based on epoxy waveguide Bragg gratings
Author(s): Steffen Hessler; Patrick Bott; Stefan Kefer; Maiko Girschikofsky; Bernhard Schmauß; Ralf Hellmann
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High-speed quantum cascade detector with frequency response of over 20 GHz
Author(s): Tatsuo Dougakiuchi; Tadataka Edamura
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Accessing refractive errors via eccentric infrared photorefraction based on deep learning
Author(s): Chia-Chi Yang; Jian-Jia Su; Jie-En Li; Zhi-Yu Zhu; Jin-Shing Tseng; Chu-Ming Cheng; Chung-Hao Tien
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Distributed matrix methods of compression, masking and noise-resistant image encoding in a high-speed network of information exchange, information processing and aggregation
Author(s): Ekaterina A. Kapranova; Vadim A. Nenashev; Alexander M. Sergeev; Dmitry A. Burylev; Sergey A. Nenashev
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Autonomous steel casting recognition and positioning on the unmanned automatic production line based on binocular vision
Author(s): Qingquan Xu; Feng Wu; Ruxi Xiang; Jie Zhou; Xiu Yang
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Adaptive CA-CFAR thresholding based on an optimal number of reference cells
Author(s): Ali Massoud; Zhiping Jiang; Hongbiao Gao; Yilun Zhou; Riliang Su; Hong Wang; Li Zeng
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Features of information processing in the onboard two-position small-sized radar based on UAVs
Author(s): Vadim A. Nenashev; Alexander F. Kryachko; Alexander P. Shepeta; Dmitry A. Burylev
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Short-range supercontinuum based lidar for combustion diagnostics
Author(s): Abba Saleh; Piotr Ryczkowski; Goery Genty; Juha Toivonen
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Image fusion with guided saliency
Author(s): Ruxi Xiang; Xifang Zhu; Feng Wu; Qingquan Xu
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Microplastics characterization by hyperspectral imaging in the SWIR range
Author(s): Silvia Serranti; Ludovica Fiore; Giuseppe Bonifazi; Ayaka Takeshima; Hisato Takeuchi; Shosaku Kashiwada
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A simple dual-frequency noise laser rangefinder
Author(s): Daniel Onori; Josè Azaña
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Utilizing full neuronal states for adversarial robustness
Author(s): Alex Gain; Hava T. Siegelmann
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Single detector polarization lidar for atmospheric studies
Author(s): Mohammed Sharukh; Bhavani Kumar Yellapragada; Rafiq Ayub
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Ultra-rapid large deployable antennas using UAV for HF and lower frequency applications
Author(s): Shu-Yu Lin; Ming-Hsiang Cho; Ming-Yung Lin; Wen-Ying Hu; Jwo-Shiun Sun
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Stability of multiwavelength fiber laser employing semiconductor optical amplifier in nonlinear optical loop mirror with polarization maintaining fiber
Author(s): N. F. H. Husshini; N. A. M. Ahmad Hambali; M. H. A. Wahid; M. M. Shahimin; N. Ali; M. N. M. Yasin; Hamid Ali Abed AL-Asadi
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Breast surface variation phase map analysis with digital fringe projection
Author(s): W. M. W. Norhaimi; Z. Sauli; H. Aris; M. M. Shahimin; M. A. M. Azmi; K. Wong; V. Retnasamy; R. Vairavan
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Output characteristics of polarization-maintaining fiber ring resonator: model and experiment
Author(s): Zhiguo Jiang; Zongfu Hu
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Spectrum selection for imaging polarization sensor
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Huijie Zhao; Xudong Li; Ying Zhang; Qi Guo
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Sensor system for measuring temperature changes using alternative detection of polarization changes
Author(s): Martin Kyselak; Karel Slavicek; David Grenar
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Automatic target tracking with time-delayed measurements for unmanned surface vehicles
Author(s): Jungwook Han; Nam-sun Son; Jinwhan Kim
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Man-made object separation using polarimetric imagery
Author(s): Md Nazrul Islam; Murat Tahtali; Mark Pickering
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