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Optical Design and Testing IX
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Volume Number: 11185
Date Published: 29 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11185
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-channel freeform optics for glare-free lighting
Author(s): Youri Meuret; Karel Desnijder; Wouter Ryckaert; Peter Hanselaer
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Generalized Monge-Ampère equations for illumination freeform design
Author(s): J. H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp; L. B. Romijn; W. L. IJzerman
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Heat flux simulation irradiation system design
Author(s): Danyi Wang; Shanping Jiang; Shaopu Wang; Linhua Yang
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Novel liquid-crystal computer-generated hologram based on spatial light modulator interference exposure method
Author(s): Shaopu Wang; Shanping Jiang; Yao Hu; Danyi Wang; Pengsong Zhang
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Tissue diagnosis using nanoscale morphological markers extracted from quantitative phase images
Author(s): Masanori Takabayashi; Hassaan Majeed; Andre Kajdacsy-Balla; Gabriel Popescu
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Sparse aperture imaging analysis for quasi four-mirror structure
Author(s): Bin Chen; Quanying Wu; Junliu Fan; Baohua Chen; Haiping Zhang; Wenqing Sun
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Design of optical see-through head-mounted display systems using freeform optics
Author(s): Rengmao Wu; Zhanghao Ding; Yixing Chen
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Al mirrors in vacuum ultraviolet region
Author(s): Fengli Wang; Shuangying Li; Hongjun Zhou; Tonglin Huo; Zhanshan Wang
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Design method for high magnification mid-wave infrared continuous zoom lens
Author(s): Xuan Du Dang; Thanh Dat Vu; Minh Anh Hoang; Dai Cuong Que
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High-precision centering measurement of large-aperture aspheric mirror
Author(s): Jiayi Chen; Haichao Wang; Tengfei Huo; Cong Wang; Bin Li; Yun Wang; Mengjuan Li
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Instantaneous wavefront measurement based on deflectometry
Author(s): Zhongming Xie; Daodang Wang; Hanting Gu; Ming Kong; Rongguang Liang; Wentao Zhang
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Transient microscopic testing method based on deflectometry
Author(s): Hanting Gu; Daodang Wang; Zhongming Xie; Ming Kong; Rongguang Liang; Wentao Zhang
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Automatic detection device for defects of optic fiber imaging elements
Author(s): Yonggang Huang; Peng Jiao; Yun Wang; Yang Fu; You Zhou; Jiuwang Wang; Ran Zhao; Pan Shi
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The optimization of optical system with liquid lenses via hybrid algorithm
Author(s): Zhengda Li; Haibin Sun; Yejin Li; Jinhong Wei; Jin Zeng; Hongjun Wei; Shengli Sun
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The dynamic range of aspheric surfaces by non-null interferometry
Author(s): Baozhu Pan; Jing Tang; Jinghuai Fang
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Liquid crystal hologram for cylinder lens measurement
Author(s): Yao Hu; Shaopu Wang; Zhen Wang; Wanlong Zhang; Qun Hao
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A method of real-time analysis for stray light uniformity of optical telescope
Author(s): Taoran Li; Jianfeng Tian; Xue Yang; Ying Wu
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Alignment of the wedge scanner prism utilizing second order split reflection
Author(s): Jinsuk Hong; Jung-Hwan Shin; Hae Seog Koh; Sug-Whan Kim
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Optimization of the space-borne Infrared optical system by tolerance sensitivity analysis
Author(s): Jinsuk Hong; Kyoungmuk Lee; Youngsoo Kim; Su Seong Jeong; Jeeyeon Yoon; Dai Ho Ko; Eung-shik Lee
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Core mismatching based in-fiber Michelson interferometer for liquid refractive index sensing
Author(s): Liang Han; Min Shao; Haonan Sun; Yinggang Liu; Xueguang Qiao
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Design of infrared optical system based on three germanium lens with low stray radiation
Author(s): Ze-yao Cui; Zhi-feng Pan; Wei-feng Ren; Chen-jie Jin; Xin Yu
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Research on shape factor based on Gaussian radial basis function
Author(s): Jun Yang Li; Wen Qiang Li; You Long; Liang Zhou; Yang Gao
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Global optimization to improve multi-configuration sensors
Author(s): Hua Liu; Mingsuo Li; Ronggang Zhu; Liwei Zhou
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Algorithm of design optics for illumination system with wide beam angle
Author(s): Nikolay Bogdanov; Igor S. Potemin; Dmitry Zhdanov; Andrey Zhdanov
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Photorealistic visualization of fluorescent materials with dual surface scattering
Author(s): Dmitry Zhdanov; Igor Potemin; Andrey Zhdanov; Vadim Sokolov; Andrew Lemeshev
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Possibility of vergence disagreement reducing on the base of approximate restoration of the depth map
Author(s): Andrey Zhdanov; Dmitry Zhdanov; Igor Potemin; Nikolay Bogdanov; Sergei Bykovskii
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Providing the quality control in manufacturing of optical elements
Author(s): Yan Wang; Andrey Zhdanov; Igor S. Potemin; Dmitry Zhdanov
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Design of the illumination optical systems of the washing floodlight
Author(s): Lei Xiao; Jun Zhang; Xiaojie Zhu; Hang Qu; Bin Gao; Yongli Zhu
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The theoretical research on fundamental mode 20/400-μm fiber laser for directed-energy application
Author(s): Xuejiao Wang; Yusheng Huang; Dongxian Geng
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Injection-seeded optical parametric oscillator at 1645 nm for space-borne remote sensing of CH4
Author(s): Xiao Chen; Xiaolei Zhu; Shiguang Li; Xiuhua Ma; Junxuan Zhang; Jiqiao Liu; Weibiao Chen
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An improved photovoltaic agriculture system with groove glass plate
Author(s): Jianan Zheng; Xinyu Zhang; Xiaolong Ning; Jan Ingenhoff; Wen Liu
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Inversion algorithm validation of 1.57-μm double-pulse IPDA lidar for atmospheric CO2 measurement
Author(s): Yadan Zhu; Xiaopeng Zhu; Decang Bi; Jiqiao Liu; Weibiao Chen
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Novel local variable magnification imaging optical system based on liquid lens
Author(s): Dalin Song; Jun Chang; Yifei Zhao; Hongwei Song; Ye Yang; Guoliang Zhao; Yuan Ren; Qing Zhao
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Coaxial near-infrared illumination and imaging optical system design with common aperture
Author(s): Dalin Song; Jun Chang; Yifei Zhao; Hongwei Song; Ye Yang; Guoliang Zhao; Yuan Ren; Qing Zhao
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