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High-Power Lasers and Applications X
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Volume Number: 11181
Date Published: 16 December 2019

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Pump-induced scattering in high-power Ti: Sapphire lasers
Author(s): Aleksandr A. Tarasov; Hong Chu
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Research on the cross polarization wave generation based on gadolinium gallium garnet crystal
Author(s): Shunhua Yang; Xinglong Xie; Ziruo Cui; Xiao Liang; Qingwei Yang; Ping Zhu; Meizhi Sun; Jianqiang Zhu
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Applicability of the discrete-dipole approximation to high-power laser scattering simulations of haze particles
Author(s): Qiang Xu; Jiaxu Li; Jinqiang Bai; Feng Pan; Zhensen Wu
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2.9-μm passively Q-switched fiber laser using Au-nanocages as saturable absorber
Author(s): Qingru Li; Chen Wei; Hao Chi; Liqiang Zhou; Shurong Jiang; Han Zhang; Hua Huang; Yong Liu
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Power scaling analysis of single mode fiber amplifiers employing novel cladding-annular-doped ultra-low NA fiber
Author(s): Rumao Tao; Lianghua Xie; Haokun Li; Yu Liu; Benjian Shen; Min Li; Shan Huang; Xi Feng; Jianjun Wang; Feng Jing
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2kW, 22GHz narrow linewidth polarization maintaining fiber amplifier with near-diffraction-limited beam quality
Author(s): Yanshan Wang; Zhe Chang; Yi Ma; Wanjing Peng; Weiwei Ke; Yinhong Sun; Rihong Zhu; Chun Tang
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Pulsed generation of multimode diode-pumped graded-index fiber Raman laser
Author(s): Alexey G. Kuznetsov; Ilya N. Nemov; Alexey A. Wolf; Sergey I. Kablukov; Sergey A. Babin
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Investigation of shortwave edge in high-power supercontinuum with different peak power
Author(s): Yue Li; Kegong Dong; Donglin Yan; Honghuan Lin; Jianjun Wang; Haoyu Zhang
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All-optical arbitrary temporal shaping technology of broadband low-coherence light based on saturable absorption effect
Author(s): Daipeng Sui; Rao Li; Mingying Sun; Xiaochao Wang
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Numerical modeling of passively-Q quasi-three level Ho3+-doped fluorotellurite fiber lasers
Author(s): Cheng Zhou; Xing-yu LI; Peng Song; Tao Chen; Ya-ping Zhang; Wei Xia
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Optimization of the pulse detection structure of the active ranging optical system
Author(s): Jinsuk Hong; Jung-Hwan Shin; Hae Seog Koh; Sug-Whan Kim
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Effective mitigation of mode instability by deuterium loading in Yb-doped fiber oscillator
Author(s): Yi-sha Chen; Hao-zhen Xu; Ying-bin Xing; Gui Chen; Rui-ting Cao; Yi-bo Wang; Hai-qing Li; Jing-gang Peng; Lu-yun Yang; Neng-li Dai; Jin-yan Li
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Analysis of beam direction detection errors in solid-state slab laser beam clean-up systems
Author(s): Shouhu Ma; Shanqiu Chen; Lizhi Dong; Chunxuan Su; Xun Wang; Boheng Lai; Kangjian Yang; Wang Zhao; Shiqing Ma; Bing Xu
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Suppression effect of the spectral dispersion of sinusoidal phase modulated light on formation of hot images
Author(s): Youwen Wang; Xiaohui Ling; Yiqing Zhong; Zhiping Dai; Liezun Chen; Shizhuan Lu
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Development of fiber-based yellow laser for dermatological applications
Author(s): S. Z. Cui; J. Y. Dong; X. Zeng; X. Cheng; Y. Feng
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Selection of LP01 and LP11 modes in multimode graded-index fiber Raman laser by special FBGs
Author(s): Alexey G. Kuznetsov; Alexey A. Wolf; Alexander V. Dostovalov; Sergey I. Kablukov; Sergey A. Babin
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Front Matter: Volume 11181
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