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Electro-Optical Remote Sensing XIII
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Volume Number: 11160
Date Published: 21 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11160
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Detection and jamming resistance of quantum ghost imaging for remote sensing
Author(s): D. Walter; C. Pitsch; G. Paunescu; P. Lutzmann
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Range-intensity profile of a SWIR laser gated-viewing system for varying temporal response of in-pixel amplification
Author(s): Benjamin Göhler; Peter Lutzmann
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Development of a novel low-cost NIR gated-viewing sensor for maritime search and rescue applications
Author(s): Enno Peters; Jendrik Schmidt; Zsófia Jurányi; Marco W. Berger; Stefan Scherbarth; Frank Lehmann
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Lidar-based positioning in forest environments
Author(s): Michael Tulldahl; Joakim Rydell; Johan Holmgren; Jonas Nordlöf; Erik Willén
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60 years of advanced imaging at ISL: from the Cranz-Schardin camera to non-line-of-sight imaging
Author(s): F. Christnacher; M. Laurenzis; Y. Lutz; A. Matwyschuk
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Reconstruction of density fields of supersonic flows using an improved Schlieren technique
Author(s): Friedrich Leopold; Daniel Klatt; Masanori Ota; Frédérique Jagusinki
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Active and passive computational imaging for tracking and prediction of three-dimensional MUAV flight paths
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Martin Rebert; Emmanuel Bacher; Stéphane Schertzer
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Illumination-invariant change detection for the protection of vehicle convoys
Author(s): Marco Tektonidis; David Monnin
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SWIR imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence: comparing a focal-plane-array camera and a compressive sensor
Author(s): Gabriela Paunescu; Daniel Wegner; Peter Lutzmann
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Air Laser-based TErahertz SpectroScopy of Explosives (ALTESSE) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Luc Berge; Alisee Nguyen; Stefan Skupin; Sebastian Engelbrecht; Lionel Merlat; Bernd Fischer; Korbinian Kaltenecker; Binbin Zhou; Peter U. Jepsen; Illia Thiele
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Research on LDV stray light suppression technology based on four-wave hybrid interference
Author(s): Xinxin Kong; Bin Xiangli; Wenxi Zhang; Zhou Wu; Dandan Zhang
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Development of a compact gas sensor system using an ECDL by laser Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Y. Ichikawa; I. Asahi
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Transfer learning on GPR data for IED detection in various environments
Author(s): Seniha Esen Yuksel; Mehmet Oturak; Kemal Gürkan Toker
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Design of light receiver system for measurement of resonance Raman spectra in deep ultraviolet wavelength region
Author(s): Shuzo Eto; Yuji Ichikawa; Masakazu Ogita; Ippei Asahi
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Underwater depth imaging using time-correlated single-photon counting at video frame rates
Author(s): Aurora Maccarone; Aongus McCarthy; Julian Tachella; Diego Aguirre Garcia; Francesco Mattioli Della Rocca; Yoann Altmann; Stephen McLaughlin; Robert Henderson; Gerald S. Buller
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Optical sensing during low visibility conditions
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Daniel Svedbrand; Thomas Svensson
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A new target identification measurement based on multi-spectral imaging
Author(s): Jingjing Ge; Danying Fu; Xiaoming Zhong; Xiaojie Yu
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Application of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data to conduct reconnaissance analyses
Author(s): Agnieszka Jenerowicz; Agata Orych; Katarzyna Siok; Michal Smiarowski
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Automatic scene understanding and object identification in point clouds
Author(s): Egil Bae
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Research on image information extraction and analysis method of space-based space debris detection system
Author(s): Dianjun Wang; Wei Zhang; Cheng Wei; Linghua Guo
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Optimal conditions for distance determination by the range-intensity correlation methods using range-gated viewing system with nonrectangular pulses
Author(s): Vitaly Kabashnikov; Boris Kuntsevich
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Evaluation of tunable deep UV lasers for remote identification of hazardous substances
Author(s): T. Somekawa; G. Khosrovian; S. Taniguchi; D. Li
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Measurement of diffusion behavior of hydrogen leaked from buried pipe using Raman imaging
Author(s): Sachiyo Sugimoto; Yuji Ichikawa; Masakazu Ogita; Ippei Asahi; Yu Kamiji; Atsuhiko Terada; Ryutaro Hino
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