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Propagation Engineering
Editor(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Walter B. Miller

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Volume Number: 1115
Date Published: 11 October 1989

Table of Contents
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Effect Of The Turbulence Inner Scale On Scintillation In The Atmosphere
Author(s): Mark J. Beran; Alan M. Whitman
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Numerical Experiments Of Partial Phase Conjugation Due To A Random Phase Screen
Author(s): Gisele Welch; Ronald Phillips
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New Temperature Spectrum Model Based On Fluctuations In The Average Dissipation Rates
Author(s): L. C. Andrews; R. L. Phillips
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Extended Communication Path Length Scintillation Measurements And Model: A Discussion Of Results
Author(s): Robert J. Feldmann
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Experimental Verification Of The K Distribution Family For Scattering
Author(s): Arthur R. Weeks; Ronald L. Phillips
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Experimental Measurements Of Partial Phase Conjugation By Random Phase Screens
Author(s): Arthur R. Weeks; Paul R. Tapster; Eric Jakeman
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White Light Speckle: A Comparison Of Some Aspects Of Theory And Experiment
Author(s): David L. Fried; Douglas T. Sherwood
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Measuring The Impact Of Atmospheric Turbulence On Target Recognition In FLIR Imagery
Author(s): Donald L. Durack
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Measurement Of The Refractive-Index Structure Parameter By Incoherent Aperture Scintillation Techniques
Author(s): Gerard R. Ochs
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Comparison Between Different Techniques Of Turbulence Measurements For Horizontal Path
Author(s): J. Laurent; G. Rousset; G. Fertin; J. F. Carlin; A. Kohnle; V. Thiermann; M. Drumez
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Modeling of structure constant and inner scale of refractive index fluctuations - an experimental investigation
Author(s): Volker Thiermann; Ehud Azoulay
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Phase Detection Algorithm
Author(s): Alexander D. Poularikas
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Method For Estimating The Refractive Index Structure Parameter C[sub]n[/sub][sup]2[/sup] In Low Stratus Clouds And Subcloud Regions
Author(s): Henry Rachele; Neal Kilmer; Walter B. Miller
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Extending The Range Of Validity Of Optical Scintillometer Measurements
Author(s): R. G. Frehlich; G. R. Ochs
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Optical Scintillometer/Doppler Radar Instrument For Profiling Turbulence
Author(s): James H. Churnside; Steven F. Clifford
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Field Testing Of A Crosswind Scintillometer
Author(s): Christopher A. Biltoft
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Transmission Measurements With The Target Contrast Characterizer
Author(s): W. R. Watkins; F. T. Kantrowitz; S. B. Crow
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An Analysis Of Nonlinear Broadband Transmissometer System Response
Author(s): W. Michael Farmer; Roger E. Davis; Laura Rust
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Effects Of Ionospheric Propagation Disturbances On Space-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
Author(s): Lester L. DeRaad Jr.; Morgan K. Grover; Brian M. Lamb
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Phase Structure Function Measurements With Multiple Apertures
Author(s): Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines; James J. Drexler; Arthur H. Waldie; David B. Soules; John A. Qualtrough
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Temporal Characteristics Of Turbulence-Induced Image Motion
Author(s): David B. Soules; James J. Drexler; Arthur H. Waldie; John A. Qualtrough; Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines
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Fluctuations In Millimeter-Wave Signals Caused By Clear-Air Turbulence And Inclement Weather
Author(s): R. J. Hill; R. A. Bohlander; S. F. Clifford; R. W. McMillan; R. J. Lataitis
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The Enhanced AFGL RADTRAN Transmittance/Brightness Temperature Computer Code
Author(s): Ronald G. Isaacs; Shepard A. Clough; Robert D. Worsham; Vincent J. Falcone
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Multi-Wavelength Transmittance Through Falling Snow
Author(s): D. L. Hutt; L. R. Bissonnette; D. St. Germain
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Prediction Of Image Quality Through The Atmosphere As A Function Of Weather Forecast
Author(s): N. S. Kopeika; I. Kogan; R. Israeli; I. Dinstein
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Wind Speed Dependence Of North Atlantic Aerosol Spectra
Author(s): Michael H. Smith; Pauline M. Park; Ian E. Consterdine
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Modeling Of Aerosols In The Marine Mixed-Layer
Author(s): Gerrit de Leeuw; Kenneth L. Davidson; Stuart G. Gathman; Ray V. Noonkester
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Temperature Dependence Of Atmospheric Transmittance In The 2.8-5.5 Gm Region
Author(s): J. M. Theriault; P. L. Roney; F. Reid; A. Kohnle
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Accounting For The Atmosphere In Extrapolating System Performance To Different Environments
Author(s): Donald W. Hoock; John C. Giever
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Unified Low Stratus Cloud-Subcloud Microphysics Model
Author(s): Henry Rachele; Neal Kilmer
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Model For Approximating Extinction, Backscatter, And Absorption Profiles Associated With Low Stratus Clouds And Subcloud Regions
Author(s): Neal Kilmer; Henry Rachele
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Alexandrite Laser Propagation Experiments
Author(s): Robert D. Barber; John K. Dempsey; D. Jones; William F. Friday; William D. Mullins
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Propagation Studies At Millimetre, Infrared And Optical Wavelengths Over A 500m Path
Author(s): Christopher J. Gibbins
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The Forward Scattering Formula Of Tam And Zardecki Evaluated By Use Of Cubic Sections Of Spherical Hypersurfaces
Author(s): Konrad Altmann
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Vaporization And Recondensation In Propagation And Imaging Of Laser Beams
Author(s): A. Zardecki; S. A. W. Gerstl
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A Rayleigh-Gans Model Of Millimeter Wave Scattering By Randomly Oriented Snowflakes
Author(s): James A. Weinman
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