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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XVI
Editor(s): Duncan L. Hickman; Helge Bürsing
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Volume Number: 11159
Date Published: 3 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11159
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silver nanowires: a new nanomaterial with advances for electrical, optical and IR systems
Author(s): Julia Graubmann; Mariacarla Arduini; Günter Baur; Martin Ganß; Georg Maier; Jens Möller; Franz Münzhuber; Robert Nusko; Ralf Wagner; Oliver Zech
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Ghost imaging in the frequency domain with a high brilliance coherent monochromatic source: a novel approach to extend spectroscopy sensitivity beyond detectors limits
Author(s): M. Chiarini; A. Parini; F. Braglia; L. Braglia; S. Braglia; S. Farabegoli; A. Artoni; A. Desalvo; G. G. Bentini
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Theoretic approach to ghost imaging in the frequency domain performed by means of a high brilliance coherent monochromatic source
Author(s): M. Chiarini; A. Parini; F. Braglia; L. Braglia; S. Braglia; S. Farabegoli; A. Artoni; A. Desalvo; G. G. Bentini
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Low-light-level SWIR photodetectors based on the InGaAs material system
Author(s): F. Rutz; R. Aidam; A. Bächle; J. Niemasz; A. Zibold; M. Schepperle; R. Rehm
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Sensor for security and safety applications based on a fully integrated monolithic electro-optic programmable micro diffracting device
Author(s): G. Basti; G. G. Bentini; M. Chiarini; A. Parini; A. Artoni; F. Braglia; S. Braglia; S. Farabegoli
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Ultrathin tunable terahertz absorbers based on electrostatically actuated metamaterial
Author(s): Mingkai Liu; Mohamad Susli; Dilusha Silva; Gino Putrino; Hemendra Kala; Shuting Fan; Michael Cole; Lorenzo Faraone; Vincent P. Wallace; Willie J. Padilla; David A. Powell; Ilya V. Shadrivov; Mariusz Martyniuk
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Fast decay solid-state scintillators for high-speed x-ray imaging
Author(s): Norbert Faderl
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Influence of phosphor screen color on performance with modern night vision goggles
Author(s): Frank S. Weinand; Sven Rommel
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The development of a multi-band handheld fusion camera
Author(s): Duncan L. Hickman
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Comparison of a kaleidoscope-based multi-view infrared system with its TOMBO-based counterpart
Author(s): A. Mas; G. Druart; M. Vaché; S. Favier; A. Alazarine; E. Compain; N. Morin; N. Guérineau
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Developing a control architecture for highly accurate multi-axis inertial stabilized platform
Author(s): Thuan D. Vu; Hiep D. Nguyen; Chinh D. Hoang; Ban D. Nguyen
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ECOMOS software structure and key features
Author(s): E. Repasi; S. Keßler; P. Bijl; R. J. M. ten Hove; L. Labarre; D. Wegner; W. Wittenstein; H. Buersing
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The project SPIDVE: study on EO Sensors Performance Improvement in Degraded Visual Environment
Author(s): Gianni Barani; Gianni Uda; Alessandro Rossi; Mario Greco; Jacopo Viti; Guido Toci; Barbara Patrizi; Matteo Vannini; Andrea Masini
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Architectures for radiofrequency and optronics sensors onboard Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS)
Author(s): Adrián Jimenez; Miguel Alfageme; David Llamazares; Valentín Polo; Santiago Simón; Elisabeth Pérez García
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Radiation-induced degradation of optoelectronic sensors
Author(s): C. Inguimbert; T. Nuns; D. Hervé; A. Vriet; J. Barbero; J. Moreno; A. Nedelcu; S. Ducret; O. Saint-Pé; F. Larnaudie; O. Gilard; C. Aicardi
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Assessing detection performance of night vision VIS/LWIR-fusion
Author(s): Uwe Adomeit
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Data collection and preliminary results on turbulence characterisation and mitigation techniques
Author(s): M. -T. Velluet; C. Bell; J. -F. Daigle; J. Dijk; S. Gladysz; A. Kanaev; A. Lambert; D. Lemaster; G. Potvin; M. Vorontsov
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Infrared system simulation of airborne target detection on space-based platform
Author(s): Hanlu Zhu; Peng Rao; Xin Chen
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Kinematic analysis of imaging seekers with roll-over-nod gimbal and a folded electro-optical layout
Author(s): Kutlu D. Kandemir; Yigit Yazicioglu; Bulent Ozkan
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Feedback control method for limiting interfering Gaussian beams in a bistatic substance-on-surface chemical recognizer
Author(s): Richard Fauconier
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Vessel track summarization by viewpoint selection
Author(s): Richard J. M. den Hollander; Nanda van der Stap; Mike Wilmer; Judith Dijk
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Pixel-wise infrared tone remapping for rapid adaptation to high dynamic range variations
Author(s): Daniel Griffiths; Tony Scoleri; Russell S. A. Brinkworth; Anthony Finn
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Improving the stabilization level of ISP system using feedforward compensators
Author(s): Thuan D. Vu; Thang V. Nguyen; Chinh D. Hoang; Ban D. Nguyen
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A simple method for determining distances by range-gated vision systems with different forms of illuminating pulses
Author(s): B. F. Kuntsevich; D. V. Shabrov
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