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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XXIV
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Volume Number: 11152
Date Published: 20 December 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11152
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advances in neural network detection and retrieval of multilayer clouds for CERES using multispectral satellite data
Author(s): Patrick Minnis; Sunny Sun-Mack; William L. Smith Jr.; Gang Hong; Yan Chen
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Comparison of unfiltered CERES radiances measured from the Aqua and S-NPP or JPSS1 satellites over closely matched sites
Author(s): Z. Peter Szewczyk; Susan Thomas; Kory J. Priestley
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Fast PCRTM radiative transfer model covering far-IR to UV spectral range and its applications in cloud and atmospheric remote sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xu Liu; Wan Wu; Qiguang Yang
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Advancing the remote sensing of desert dust
Author(s): Vassilis Amiridis; Alexandra Tsekeri; Eleni Marinou; Emmanouel Proestakis; Antonis Gkikas; Anna Gialitaki; Vassiliki Daskalopoulou; Peristera Paschou; Nikos Siomos; Ioannis Binietoglou; Josef Gasteiger; Volker Freudenthaler; Rodanthi-Elisaveth Mamouri; Albert Ansmann; Lucia Mona
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Assessment of cumulative discriminant analysis for cloud detection in the ESA PROBA-V Round Robin exercise
Author(s): Umberto Amato; Maria Francesca Carfora; Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio
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An automatic light rain detection algorithm on NASA MPLNET lidar observations in the frame of WMO GALION project
Author(s): Simone Lolli; Michaël Sicard; Gemine Vivone; Jasper R. Lewis; Ellsworth J. Welton; Adolfo Comerón
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Fine analysis of clouds and precipitations observed with mm-wave Doppler radar FALCON-I (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Toshiaki Takano
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Macrophysical properties of continental shallow cumuli: diurnal evolution
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; Erin A. Riley; Jessica M. Kleiss; Laura Riihimaki; Larry K. Berg
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Comparing three satellite retrieval cloud fraction data over Tibet Plateau
Author(s): Jian Liu
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An optimal interpolation scheme for surface and atmospheric parameters: applications to SEVIRI and IASI
Author(s): Italia De Feis; Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio
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An approach to retrieve BRDF from satellite and airborne measurements of surface-reflected radiance based on decoupling of atmospheric radiative transfer and surface reflection
Author(s): Alexander Radkevich
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Spatial variation of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration retrieved from AVIRIS-NG images including water vapor correction and spectroradiometric validation for two urban places of India
Author(s): Barun Raychaudhuri; Sasmita Chaurasia; Santanu Roy
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Preliminary validation of high-detailed GSA/Resurs-P tropospheric NO2 maps with alternative satellite measurements and transport simulations
Author(s): Oleg V. Postylyakov; Alexander N. Borovski; Marina A. Davydova; Aleksandr A. Makarenkov
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CO2 retrieval algorithm for the Infrared Atmospheric Sounder Interferometer: the potential of retrieving the vertical profile of carbon dioxide from its hot or laser bands in the 800-1200 cm-1 atmospheric window
Author(s): Carmine Serio; Guido Masiello; Sara Venafra
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Validation of an empirical method for thin cirrus correction with Sentinel-2 data
Author(s): S. Salgado; L. Poutier; X. Briottet; S. Mathieu
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Surface polarized reflectance analysis for aerosol remote sensing
Author(s): Sergey Korkin; Alexei Lyapustin
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International reanalysis cooperation on carbon satellites data
Author(s): J. Zhao; L. Yao; Z. C. Huang; L. C. Zhang; Y. Liu; G. Q. Li
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Development of a multispectral scanning lidar system for measuring wind velocity, air temperature and moisture
Author(s): Björn Klaas; Claudia Baulig; Katharina Predehl; Stefan Schwarzer
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Assessment of three-dimensional, fine-granular measurement of particulate matter by a smart air quality network in urban area
Author(s): J. Redelstein; M. Budde; J. Cyrys; S. Emeis; T. Gratza; H. Grimm; M. Hank; C. Holst; C. Münkel; M. Pesch; E. Petersen; A. Philipp; T. Riedel; J. Riesterer; K. Schäfer; J. Schnelle-Kreis; U. Uhrner; J. Werhahn; V. Ziegler; M. Beigl
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Modelling of airborne pollen dispersion in the atmosphere in the Catalonia region, Spain: model description, emission scheme and evaluation of model performance for the case of Pinus
Author(s): Michaël Sicard; Oriol Jorba; Rebeca Izquierdo; Marta Alarcón; Concepción De Linares; Jordina Belmonte
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Comparison of measured and simulated by SILAM NO2 integral content in atmospheric boundary layer in Moscow region
Author(s): Alexander N. Borovski; Nikolay F. Elansky; Nikolay A. Ponomarev; Oleg V. Postylyakov
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Microwave measurements of variations in night mesospheric ozone over Moscow
Author(s): Sergey B. Rozanov; Alexey S. Zavgorodniy; Alexandr N. Ignatyev
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8x8 single photon counting module for spaceborne lidar
Author(s): G. Acconcia; J. Smith; R. Hare; I. Labanca; A. Giudici; M. Ghioni; I. Rech
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Fully integrated high-speed electronics for remote sensing with a large array of single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): G. Acconcia; J. Smith; R. Hare; I. Labanca; A. Giudici; M. Venturini; M. Ghioni; I. Rech
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Intercomparison of ozone vertical profiles in the upper troposphere-stratosphere measured at the Siberian lidar station in Tomsk, Russia (56.5 deg. N, 85.0 deg. E) with DIAL, MLS, and IASI
Author(s): Oleg A. Romanovskii; Sergey I. Dolgii; Alexey A. Nevzorov; Aleksie V. Nevzorov; Olga V. Kharchenko
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Development of near/mid IR differential absorption OPO lidar system for remote gas analysis of the atmosphere
Author(s): O. A. Romanovskii; S. A. Sadovnikov; O. V. Kharchenko; S. V. Yakovlev
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Frequency stability of passively Q-switched non-planar ring oscillator under aircraft vibration
Author(s): Andrew J. Williams; Michael S. Griffith; Andrew G. McCarthy
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Primary cloudbow retrieval of cloud droplet size distribution from POLDER (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Huazhe Shang; Jérôme Riedi; Husi Letu; François-Marie Bréon
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TRMM-retrieved rainfall mechanism over a few tropical locations
Author(s): Rajasri Sen Jaiswal; Siva M.; Rasheed M.; Thirumala Lakshmi K.; Sunakshi Jaiswal
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The Carbon Balance Observatory (CARBO) instrument for remote sensing of greenhouse gases from space
Author(s): Shannon Kian Zareh; Charles E. Miller; Andre Wong; Peter Sullivan; Mayer Rud; Yuri Beregovski; Daniel W. Wilson; J. Kent Wallace; Glenn Sellar; Didier Keymeulen; Cynthia B. Brooks; Annmarie Eldering; Dejian Fu; Amy Mainzer
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Remote sensing of methane in the atmosphere by the OPO lidar system in 3.30–3.43 μm spectral range
Author(s): O. A. Romanovskii; Ya. O. Romanovskii; S. A. Sadovnikov; O. V. Kharchenko; S. V. Yakovlev
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Threshold wind speed and turbulence under LLJs events at Ipero, Brazil
Author(s): Cássia M. L. Beu; Eduardo Landulfo
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Estimation of atmospheric aerosol volume concentration over the East European region by optimal interpolation of AERONET observations
Author(s): Natallia Miatselskaya
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Variation in climate change as a result of reductions in short-lived climate pollutants
Author(s): M. Nakata
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Inheritance of aerosol retrieval by GCOM-C/SGLI from ADEOS-2/GLI
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Itaru Sano; Makiko Nakata
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Mapping of vegetation cover using Sentinel-2 to estimate forest fire danger
Author(s): Elena P. Yankovich; Ksenia S. Yankovich; Nikolay V. Baranovskiy; Alexander V. Bazarov; Roman S. Sychev; Nimazhap B. Badmaev
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Preliminary validation of cloud amount product of FengYun-3D satellite
Author(s): Ruixia Liu; Xiaoqing Li; Jie Liu
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Severe visibility marine fog detection using GOCI/COMS VIS bands
Author(s): Donghee Kim; Myung-Sook Park
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Application of hydrometer profiles from microwave imagers in typhoon numerical simulation
Author(s): Xiaoqing Li; Guoqiang Xu; Ruixia Liu
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Data quality control with multi-source information for FY-3 microwave sounder observations
Author(s): Xiaoqing Li; Chunqiang Wu; Qifeng Lu; Hui Liu; Ruixia Liu
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Correlation between two different real time data acquisition systems: lidar Raman and cavity ringdown laser spectroscopy, for CH4 as a fugitive gas, in Sao Paulo metropolitan area
Author(s): Fernanda M. Macedo; Thais Correa; Elaine Araujo; Izabel Andrade; Antônio G. Arleques; Juliana Tavares de Melo Miranda; Jonatan da Silva; Roberto Guardani; Igor Veselovskii; Eduardo Landulfo
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Fusion of surface ceilometer data and satellite cloud retrievals in 2D mesh interpolating model with clustering
Author(s): Konstantin Khlopenkov; Douglas Spangenberg; William L. Smith Jr.
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On estimation of cloud characteristics from spectral measurements of scattered solar radiation using a neural network
Author(s): Stanislav V. Nikitin; Alexey I. Chulichkov; Alexander N. Borovski; Oleg V. Postylyakov
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Preliminary validation of GF-1/GF-2 surface reflectance products over land using VNIR atmospheric correction method
Author(s): Jiafei Xu; Zhengchao Chen; Hao Zhang; Bing Zhang; Tao Liu
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Monthly analysis of lightning discharges distribution on the territory of the North Caucasus
Author(s): Aida A. Adzhieva; Vitaliy A. Shapovalov; Anton S. Boldyreff; Dmitry A. Bespalov
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Research of lightning discharges characteristics based on the data of remote sensing
Author(s): Vitaliy A. Shapovalov; Aida A. Adzhieva; Anton S. Boldyreff; Dmitry A. Bespalov
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