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Optics and Photonics for Information Processing XIII
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Volume Number: 11136
Date Published: 14 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11136
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Exploiting data sparsity to enhance sensitivity in medical images (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael F. Insana
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Speckle reduction by macro-pixel separation based on double-phase holographic display
Author(s): Zhentao Qin; Yuan Chen; Jinlei Zhang; Yi Huang; Peng Sun; Zhenrong Zheng
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One-dimensional local binary pattern based color descriptor to classify stress values from photoelasticity videos
Author(s): Juan C. Briñez de León; Domingo Mery; Alejandro Restrepo M.; John W. Branch
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Neuromorphic tactile sensor array based on fiber Bragg gratings to encode object qualities
Author(s): Sahana Prasanna; Luca Massari; Edoardo Sinibaldi; Renaud Detry; Joseph Bowkett; Kalind Carpenter; Calogero Maria Oddo
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Predictive management of polarized light in liquid crystal devices based on average and flicker molecular tilt
Author(s): A. Márquez; F. J. Martínez-Guardiola; J. Francés; S. Gallego; I. Pascual; A. Beléndez
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Interactive three-dimensional display based on multi-layer LCDs
Author(s): Ran Dou; Huarong Gu; Aolei Tan; Pengfei Gu; Yanshuo Chen; Si Ma; Liangcai Cao
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Gamut mapping from HDTV to UHDTV
Author(s): Fenghua Ma; Xiaohui Ma; Zi Wang; Anting Wang; Hai Ming
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Image stitching by projective transformations
Author(s): Juan Zheng; Alejandra Giron; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Calibration of camera-projector fringe projection systems for three-dimensional scanning
Author(s): Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Juan Zheng; Alejandra Giron; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Characterization of 3D printed computational imaging element for use in task-specific compressive classification
Author(s): Gabriel C. Birch; Brian J. Redman; Amber L. Dagel; Bryan Kaehr; Daryl Dagel; Charles F. LaCasse; Tu-Thach Quach; Meghan Galiardi
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Length measurements from monocular images
Author(s): Alejandra Giron; Juan Zheng; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Dynamic color descriptor based Frenet-Serret to classify stress zones from pixel variations recorded in photoelasticity videos
Author(s): Alejandro Restrepo-Martinez; Juan Carlos Briñez
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Surpassing Rayleigh limit: Fisher information analysis of partially coherent source(s)
Author(s): Kwan Kit Lee; Amit Ashok
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Simulation of entire space-based imaging chains of space object
Author(s): Cheng-ming Sun; Yan Yuan; Qun-bo Lv
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Computational modeling of trust factors using reinforcement learning
Author(s): C. M. Kuzio; A. Dinh; C. Stone; L. Vidyaratne; K. M. Iftekharuddin
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Template matching methods for robot navigation assistance
Author(s): Marisol Rodriguez-Cuevas; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Kenia Picos
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Handwritten hiragana classifier with minimal training data utilizing convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Adrián Chouza; Raúl Hernández; Jose Jimenez; Ulises Orozco-Rosas; Kenia Picos
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Evaluation of algorithms for traffic sign detection
Author(s): Miguel Lopez-Montiel; Yoshio Rubio; Moisés Sánchez-Adame; Ulises Orozco-Rosas
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Optical convolution based computational method for low-power image processing
Author(s): Yi Huang; Yuan Chen; Zhentao Qin; Jinlei Zhang; Zhenrong Zheng
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Demonstrating the robustness of frequency-domain correlation filters for 3D object recognition applications
Author(s): Kenia Picos; Ulises Orozco-Rosas; Victor Diaz-Ramirez
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A comparative study of image feature detection and description methods for robot vision
Author(s): Martin Gonzalez-Ruiz; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar
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Autonomous navigation for a differential drive robot in a partially known environment
Author(s): Tomás Olvera; Jesús Alemán; Ulises Orozco-Rosas; Kenia Picos
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Non-invasive blood oxygen saturation detection with video image
Author(s): Fen Li; Yuejin Zhao; Lingqin Kong; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Mei Hui; Xiaohua Liu
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Changes in the characteristics of chaotic optical signals owing to propagation in optical fibers
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh; Nirmal Patel
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28 Gbaud PAM4 real time optical datacom link up to 40 km
Author(s): John Pertessis; Shubhashish Datta; Abhay Joshi
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Development of a screening system based on nano structure photonics crystal in homecare
Author(s): Kana Kodama; Kenji Yamada
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Real-time image dehazing using genetic programming
Author(s): Jose Enrique Hernandez-Beltran; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar
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Fast quasi-static beam steering via conformally-mapped gratings
Author(s): Liang Wu; William Maxwell Mellette; Glenn M. Schuster; Joseph E. Ford
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Characteristics of optical chaos generated by an acousto-optic system in the Raman-Nath mode
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh
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Monocular ranging system based on space geometry
Author(s): Ye Qian; Qian Chen; Wenguang Yang; Fan Wang; Weixian Qian; Zhixiu Li
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Camera internal parameter calibration based on rotating platform and image matching
Author(s): Wenguang Yang; Weixian Qian; Ye Qian; Fan Wang
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Dynamic coherent light scattering during consolidation of polycrystalline structure with short carbon fibers
Author(s): Mykhaylo P. Gorsky; Peter P. Maksimyak
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Blazed grating theory to minimize the non-idealities in LCoS devices
Author(s): A. Márquez; F. J. Martínez-Guardiola; J. Francés; M. G. Ramírez; E. M. Calzado; M. Morales-Vidal; S. Gallego; I. Pascual
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Speckle-based compressive target recognition and reconstruction through scattering media
Author(s): Hui Chen; Yesheng Gao; Xingzhao Liu; Bin Yuan; Zhixin Zhou
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