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Polarization Science and Remote Sensing IX
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Volume Number: 11132
Estimated Publication Date: 12 September 2019

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Polarization-color mapping, a user study in visualization (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrew W. Kruse; Scott Tyo; Andrey Alenin
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Material identification from remote sensing of polarized self-emission
Author(s): Bryan L. Holtsberry; David G. Voelz
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Simultaneous determination of 3-dimensional velocity components using a single vector beam
Author(s): Xiao-Bo Hu; Bo Zhao; Zhi-Han Zhu; Wei Gao; Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán
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Polarization to estimate leaf surface reflectance
Author(s): Vern Vanderbilt; Craig Daughtry; Robert Dahlgren
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Polarization enhancement of passive SWIR cloud thermodynamic phase remote sensing
Author(s): Martin Jan Tauc; Elizabeth M. Rehbein; Laura M. Eshelman; Joseph A. Shaw
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Demonstration of LWIR channeled spectro-polarimeter (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kira A. Hart; Giovanni De Amici; Todd Horne; Meredith Kupinski; Kyler Langworthy; Adriana Stohn; Dong L. Wu; Russell Chipman
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Expected performance and error analysis for SPEXone, a multi-angle channeled spectropolarimeter for the NASA PACE mission
Author(s): Jeroen Rietjens; Jochen Campo; Anantha Chanumolu; Martijn Smit; Raj Nalla; Cristina Fernandez; Jos Dingjan; Aaldert van Amerongen; Otto Hasekamp
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Achieving a spectropolarimetric precision better than 0.1% in the near-infrared with WIRC+Pol
Author(s): Samaporn Tinyanont; Maxwell Millar-Blanchaer; Nemanja Jovanovic; Dimitri Mawet; Gautam Vasisht; Jennifer W. Milburn; Eugene Serabyn; Michael Porter; Skyler Palatnick; Connor Hopkins
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A snapshot full-Stokes spectropolarimeter for detecting life on Earth
Author(s): Frans Snik; Christoph U. Keller; David S. Doelman; Jonas Kühn; C. H. Lucas Patty; H. Jens Hoeijmakers; Vidhya Pallichadath; Daphne M. Stam; Antoine Pommerol; Olivier Poch; Brice-Olivier Demory
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NEOPol: Polish polarimeter for NEO observations
Author(s): Agnieszka Sybilska; Andy Shearer; Stanislaw Kozlowski; Agnieszka Slowikowska; Piotr Sybilski; Maciej Pilichowski; Maciej Konacki
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Temporal evolution of sky polarization during solar eclipse totality
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; Laura M. Eshelman; Martin Jan Tauc; Glenn E. Shaw
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Testing universal chirality in photonic nanostructures of beetles through a large-scale polarimetric survey (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Arie van der Meijden; Drisyaman Kashyap; Olivier Burggraaff; Menno Schilthuizen; Frans Snik
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The rainbow beam experiment: direct visualization of dipole scattering and optical rotatory dispersion
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Toshiyasu Tadokoro
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Mixed channels in PEM-based Mueller matrix polarimeters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrey S. Alenin; Farhana Bashar; J. Scott Tyo
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Polarization effects modeling with field tracing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Site Zhang; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Practical design issues for snapshot Mueller matrix spectropolarimetry
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Benjamin D. Chrysler; Yukitoshi Otani
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Improving performance of PEM-based partial Mueller matrix polarimeters
Author(s): Farhana Bashar; Joseph Kurtz; Andrey S. Alenin; J. Scott Tyo
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Measurement of scattered light polarization on surfaces using focused illumination
Author(s): O. Rodríguez-Núñez; Iván Montes-González; Neil C. Bruce
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Spatio-temporal hybrid color-polarization channeled sensors
Author(s): Israel J. Vaughn; J. Scott Tyo
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The power of polymers and liquid crystals for polarization control
Author(s): Tom Baur; Michael Kraemer
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Performance assessment of microgrid polarization cameras
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Shuhei Shibata; Yukitoshi Otani
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Phase-shifting interferometry in fiber-based channeled spectropolarimetry
Author(s): Ali Altaqui; M. W. Kudenov
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Estimation of the correlation distance of one-dimensional random rough surfaces from polarization sensitive bistatic measurements
Author(s): Oscar G. Rodríguez-Herrera; J. Alejandro Franco-Ortega; Neil C. Bruce
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Dynamic calibration of a channeled spectropolarimeter for extended temperature stability
Author(s): Benjamin D. Chrysler; Yukitoshi Otani; Nathan Hagen
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Simulation of the polarimetric response of microscopic semitransparent specimens immersed in water
Author(s): Oscar G. Rodríguez-Herrera; Neil C. Bruce; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Claudio N. Ramírez
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Metasurfaces for polarization sensing and imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Noah A. Rubin; Paul Chevalier; Wei Ting Chen; Zhujun Shi; Federico Capasso
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Oblique incidence performance of achromatic retarders in polarization optics
Author(s): Michael Kraemer; Tom Baur
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Direct correlation spectrometer using polarized light
Author(s): Michael W. Kudenov; Brett Pantalone
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Hybrid modulation schemes for adaptive polarimetry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jiawei Song; Andrey S. Alenin; Israel J. Vaughn; J. Scott Tyo
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Polarization-dependent diffractive optical elements based on photoalignment of liquid crystals
Author(s): Qi Guo; Kexin Yan; Ruotong Wu; Huijie Zhao; V. G. Chigrinov; H. S. Kwok
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Classification of polarimetric SAR data based on subspace projection segmentation
Author(s): Lena Chang; Yi-Ting Chen; Yang-Lang Chang; Yu-Jen Chen
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Improved speckle filtering of polarimetric SAR by target signature preserving
Author(s): Lena Chang; Ming-Hung Hung; Yang-Lang Chang; Yu-Jen Chen
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Retardance parameters measurements by employing a rotating polarizer-analyzer polarimeter
Author(s): Humberto Macias-Mendoza; David I. Serrano-García; Jorge L. Flores; Guillermo García Torales; Azael Mora-Núñez; Hector Santiago Hernández; Geliztle A. Parra Escamilla; Francisco J. Cervantes Lozano
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Differentiation of collagenous changes in scleroderma from unstained thin skin tissue sections using Mueller polarimetric image analysis
Author(s): Mahima Sharma B. S.; Sujatha Narayanan Unni; Leena Dennis Joseph
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Improvement of LiDAR data classification algorithm using the machine learning technique
Author(s): Ali Haider; Songxin Tan
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