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CubeSats and SmallSats for Remote Sensing III
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Volume Number: 11131
Date Published: 4 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11131
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparison of second and third generation 135.6 nm ionospheric photometers using on-orbit and laboratory results
Author(s): Scott Budzien; Bruce Fritz; Andrew Stephan; Peter Marquis; Steven Powell; Brady O'Hanlon; Andrew Nicholas; Kenneth Dymond; Charles Brown
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IceCube: spaceflight demonstration of 883-GHz cloud radiometer for future science
Author(s): Dong L. Wu; Jeffrey R. Piepmeier; Jaime Esper; Negar Ehsan; Paul E. Racette; Thomas E. Johnson; Brian S. Abresch; Eric Bryerton
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Compact spectral irradiance monitor flight demonstration mission
Author(s): Erik Richard; Dave Harber; Ginger Drake; Joel Rutkowsi; Zach Castleman; Matthew Smith; Jacob Sprunck; Wengang Zheng; Paul Smith; Melanie Fisher; Alan Sims; Beth Cervelli; Maxwell Fowle; Marc Miller; Michael Chambliss; Thomas Woods; Peter Pilewskie; Christopher Yung; Michelle Stephens; Nathan Tomlin; Malcolm White; John Lehman
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RainCube: How can a CubeSat radar see the structure of a storm?
Author(s): Simone Tanelli; Eva Peral; Ousmane O. Sy; Gian Franco Sacco; Ziad S. Haddad; Stephen L. Durden; Shivani Joshi
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Global observations from a well-calibrated passive microwave atmospheric sounder on a CubeSat: Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems Technology Demonstration (TEMPEST-D) Mission (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Steven C. Reising; Todd C. Gaier; Shannon T. Brown; Sharmila Padmanabhan; Christian D. Kummerow; V. Chandrasekar; Cate Heneghan; Boon H. Lim; Wesley Berg; Richard Schulte; C. Radhakrishnan; Mattew Pallas; Doug Laczkowski; Austin Bullard
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Lunar Ice Cube: ongoing development of first generation deep space CubeSat mission with compact broadband IR spectrometer
Author(s): Pamela E. Clark; Ben Malphrus; Kevin Brown; Nate Fite; Jacob Schabert; Sean McNeil; Cliff Brambora; Jerrod Young; Deepak Patel; Terry Hurford; David Folta; Paul Mason
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Predicted performance for the NASA TROPICS CubeSat Constellation Mission for tropical cyclone studies
Author(s): W. J. Blackwell
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Assessing nanosatellite capabilities for accurate water-leaving radiance retrievals in coastal ocean waters: a forced aerosol model approach
Author(s): Sean McCarthy; Mark David Lewis; Stephanie Anderson; Paul Martinolich; Sherwin Ladner; Adam Lawson; Jason Jolliff; Richard W. Gould
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Advances in the optical design of a spatial heterodyne interferometer deployed on a 6U-CubeSat for atmospheric research
Author(s): Friedhelm Olschewski; Martin Kaufmann; Klaus Mantel; Oliver Wroblowski; Martin Riese; Ralf Koppmann
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In-orbit demonstration of artificial intelligence applied to hyperspectral and thermal sensing from space
Author(s): M. Esposito; S. S. Conticello; M. Pastena; B. Carnicero Domínguez
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Compact total irradiance monitor flight demonstration
Author(s): David Harber; Zach Castleman; Ginger Drake; Samuel Van Dreser; Nat Farber; Karl Heuerman; Marc Miller; Joel Rutkowski; Alan Sims; Jacob Sprunck; Cameron Straatsma; Isaac Wanamaker; Wengang Zheng; Greg Kopp; Erik Richard; Peter Pilewskie; Nathan Tomlin; Michelle Stephens; Christopher Yung; Malcolm White; John Lehman
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Coordinated Ionospheric Reconstruction CubeSat Experiment (CIRCE) mission overview
Author(s): Andrew C. Nicholas; Gemma D. R. Attrill; Kenneth F. Dymond; Scott A. Budzien; Andrew W. Stephan; Bruce A. Fritz; Graham J. Routledge; Junayd A. Miah; Charles M. Brown; Peter J. Marquis; Ted T. Finne; Cathryn N. Mitchell; Robert J. Watson; Dhiren O. Kataria; James Williams
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CIRiS, a CubeSat-compatible, imaging radiometer for earth science and planetary missions
Author(s): D. P. Osterman; P. O. Hayne; R. Warden; G. Reavis; T. Kampe; S. Mitchell
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HYTI: thermal hyperspectral imaging from a CubeSat platform
Author(s): Robert Wright; Miguel Nunes; Paul Lucey; Luke Flynn; Sarath Gunapala; David Ting; Sir Rafol; Alexander Soibel; Chiara Ferrari-Wong; Andrea Gabrieli; Prasad Thenabail
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Electronic alignment for the CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano
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MISTiC winds: a micro-satellite constellation approach to high resolution observations of the atmosphere using infrared sounding and 3D winds measurements: a summary of risk reduction testing
Author(s): K. R. Maschhoff; J. J. Polizotti; M. Janelle; C. M. Gittins; S. Fingerman
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Recycling GPS signals and radiation monitoring: the two payloads onboard PRETTY
Author(s): H. Fragner; A. Dielacher; M. Moritsch; F. Zangerl; P. Beck; O. Koudelka; P. Høeg; J. Wickert; E. Cardellach; M. Wenger; A. Hörmer; R. Zeif; F. Teschl; M. Martín-Neira; M. Semmling; R. Walker
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The GLO (GFCR Limb Occultation) sensor: a new sensor concept for upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS) composition and transport studies
Author(s): Daniel Korwan; Richard Bevilacqua; Sergio Restaino; Justin Bobak; Freddie Santiago; Karl Hoppel; Scott Bailey; Stephen Noel; Justin Carstins; Cora Randall; Larry Gordley; Tom Marshall; Alan Marchant
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The effect of dimensionality reduction on signature-based target detection for hyperspectral remote sensing
Author(s): Sivert Bakken; Milica Orlandic; Tor Arne Johansen
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Interrogating the molecular composition of asteroids from a remote vantage: progress in the laboratory
Author(s): Alexander Cohen; Jatila van der Veen; Maria G. Pelizzo; Jacob Erlikhman; Jonathan Madajian; Euclid Quirino; Sara Saib; Michael McDonald; Jacob Fernandez; Anand Subramanyan; Pedro R. Urbina; Prashant Srinivasan; Philip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes
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A CubeSat receiver for the study of VLF-waves at LEO
Author(s): Daniel Ramos; Gordon Wilson; Austin Sousa; Robert Marshall; Ken Brunetto; John Ballenthin; Ronald Kay; James Patton; Stephen Quigley; Judy Fennelly; Michael Starks; Travis Willet-Gies; Stephen Tullino; Ivan Linscott; Umran Inan
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