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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXVII
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Volume Number: 11128
Date Published: 4 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11128
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spaceborne VIR spectroscopy of small planetary bodies and inherent clues to their composition: a review and discussions of future requirements
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold; D. Kappel; L. V. Moroz; K. Markus; Joern Helbert
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Compact calibration source for thermal infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer
Author(s): Alexey Shakun; Fedor Martynovich; Nikolay Ignatiev; Alessandro Maturilli; Aleksandr Santos-Skripko; Vladimir Savosin; Igor Stupin; Gabriele Arnold; Alexei Grigoriev; Oleg Korablev
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The VenSpec suite on the ESA EnVision mission to Venus
Author(s): J. Helbert; A. C. Vandaele; E. Marcq; S. Robert; C. Ryan; G. Guignan; Y. Rosas-Ortiz; E. Neefs; I. R. Thomas; G. Arnold; G. Peter; T. Widemann; L. Lara
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Image inverting interferometer for extra-solar planet detection
Author(s): Beethoven Bravo-Medina; Marija Strojnik; Azael Mora-Nuñez
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Alternative spectral windows for photonic services distribution
Author(s): Josef Vojtech; Ondrej Havlis; Martin Slapak; Sarbojeet Bhowmick; Jan Radil; Petr Munster; Tomas Horvath; Radek Velc; Jan Kundrat; Lada Altmannova; Vladimir Smotlacha; Rudolf Vohnout; Jan Hrabina; Martin Cizek; Lenka Pravdova; Simon Rerucha; Ondrej Cip; Radan Slavik; Libor Marecek; Pavel Skoda; Michal Hazlinsky
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Resonant tunneling diode photon number resolving single-photon detectors
Author(s): Andreas Pfenning; Jonathan Jurkat; Andrea Naranjo; Dominik Köck; Fabian Hartmann; Sven Höfling
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Threshold wavelength extension with dark current reduction in infrared detectors
Author(s): A. G. Unil Perera; Hemendra Ghimire
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A low-cost interferometric fiber optic gyro for autonomous driving
Author(s): Tsunehiko Imamura; Tomohiro Matsui; Masanori Yachi; Hideo Kumagai
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Mid-Infrared dual-comb spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Fabrizio R. Giorgetta; Gabriel Ycas; Kevin C. Cossel; Eleanor M. Waxman; Esther Baumann; Daniel I. Herman; Nathan R. Newbury; Ian Coddington
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Dual-comb spectroscopy for quantification of greenhouse gasses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ian Coddington
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Feasibility of planet detection in two-planet solar system with rotationally-shearing interferometer
Author(s): B. Bravo-Medina; M. Strojnik; T. Kranjc
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Interferometer with single-axis robot: design, alignment and performance
Author(s): Alexey Shakun; Aleksandr Santos-Skripko; Oleg Sazonov; Igor Maslov; Nikolay Ignatiev; Igor Stupin; Gabriele Arnold; Alexey Grigoriev; Oleg Korablev
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Two-coordinate pointing and tracking system for an infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer
Author(s): Alexey Shakun; Andrey Kungurov; Oleg Sazonov; Igor Stupin; Gabriele Arnold; Alexey Grigoriev; Oleg Korablev
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Optical system design and integration of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation Lidar
Author(s): Shane Wake; Luis A. Ramos-Izquierdo; Bente Eegholm; Peter Dogoda; Zachary Denny; Michael Hersh; Michael Mulloney; W. Joe Thomes; Melanie N. Ott; Hali Jakeman; Demetrios Poulios; Peter Mule; Erich de Leon; J. Bryan Blair
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The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Lidar laser transmitter
Author(s): D. Barry Coyle; Paul R. Stysley; Furqan L. Chirag; Erich Frese; Demetrios Poulios
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Developing causal interpretations for high and low level light used in quantum remote sensing
Author(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
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Generating 2D maps from Fock to Poissonian states on variant maps using random sequences
Author(s): Jeffrey Zheng; Xin Zhang; Chris Zheng
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Direct measurement of the two components of the spin-orbit-torque (SOT) in NiFe/Pt bilayers by an AMR-based Wheatstone bridge (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Henri Jaffrès; Malik Mansour; Augustin Jouy; David Vissière; Sophie Collin; Jean-Marie George
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Efficient stimulation technology for the tight oil reservoir
Author(s): Weixiang Cui; Chunpeng Wang; Mingyue Cui III; Chao Wang; Jun Yan V
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Quantum remote sensing secure direct communication
Author(s): Chao Zheng
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Research on quantum remote sensing science and technology
Author(s): Siwen Bi
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The newly improved set-up at the Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL)
Author(s): A. Maturilli; J. Helbert; G. Arnold
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The mercury radiometer and thermal infrared imaging spectrometer (MERTIS) onboard Bepi Colombo: first inflight calibration results
Author(s): Mario D'Amore; Jörn Helbert; Alessandro Maturilli; Indhu Varatharajan; Bernd Ulmer; Thomas Säuberlich; Rainer Berlin; Gisbert Peter; Harald Hiesinger; Gabriele Arnold
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SIMBIO-SYS Near Earth Commissioning Phase: a step forward toward Mercury
Author(s): M. Zusi; E. T. Simioni; A. Cicchetti; R. Politi; R. Noschese; V. Carlier; V. Da Deppo; G. Filacchione; C. Re; L. Tommasi; S. Debei; S. Fonte; Y. Langevin; A. Slemer; M. Baroni; D. Borelli; M. Dami; I. Ficai Veltroni; M. Amoroso; F. Longo; R. Mugnuolo; F. Capaccioni; M. T. Capria; P. Palumbo; M. Vincendon; G. Cremonese
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Scope of using ballistic photons for applications in biological tissue
Author(s): Erick Ipus; Beethoven Bravo-Medina; Marija Strojnik
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Characterization of modified agave fructans used as drug carriers to the colon by spectroscopy techniques
Author(s): Carmen Miramontes-Corona; Marco A. Escalante; Ezequiel Delgado; Rosa I. Corona-González; Humberto Vázquez-Torres; Guillermo Toriz
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Risley prism scanner for biological tissue inspection with ballistic photons
Author(s): Beethoven Bravo-Medina; Marija Strojnik; Erick Ipus; Azael Mora-Nuñez
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Design, manufacturing and testing of a CPV + T based on a Cassegrain: trough configuration
Author(s): M. Valero; M. Strojnik; I. Salgado-Tránsito
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Experimental study of inner structure in Infrared supercontinuum generation pumped by multi-pulse dynamics
Author(s): H. Santiago-Hernández; B. Ibarra-Escamilla; O. Pottiez; M. Durán-Sánchez; M. V. Hernández-Arriaga; Jorge L. Flores; G. García-Torales; D. Serrano-García; G. Parra Escamilla; Joel Cervantes-L.; E. A. Kuzin
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Numerical study of a spherical to plane wave diffuser for shock wave in solids
Author(s): R. Gonzalez-Romero; M. Strojnik; G. Garcia-Torales
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3D shape measurement by two-steps temporal phase unwrapping: hybrid method
Author(s): Jorge L. Flores; Adriana Silva; Jose A. Ferrari; Antonio Muñoz; G. García-Torales; Jesus Villa
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Ex-vivo characterization of human healthy colon and colorectal cancer by multispectral Mueller polarimetric imaging and its polar decomposition
Author(s): Azael Mora-Núñez; Geminiano Martinez-Ponce; Guillermo García-Torales; Marija Strojnik; Beethoven Bravo-Medina; Luis Bernache-Santana
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Rotationally-shearing interferometer: preliminary results with a simulator solar system
Author(s): M. Strojnik; B. Bravo-Medina; R. R. Baltazar-Barron
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One-dimensional Eigenvalue distributions of random sequences for FFT non-stationary randomness
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Jeffrey Zheng
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Processing algorithms for quantum remote sensing image data
Author(s): Siwen Bi; Hao Chen; Yuxian Ke; Siwei Rao; Jiaying Liu
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