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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials
Editor(s): Paul Klocek

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Volume Number: 1112
Date Published: 11 September 1989

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Polycrystalline MgA1[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]4[/sub] Spinel A Broad Band Optical Material For Offensive Environments
Author(s): K. E. Green; J. L. Hastert; D. W. Roy
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Mechanical, Thermal, And Optical Properties Of Yttria And Lanthana-Doped Yttria
Author(s): William J. Tropf; Daniel C. Harris
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Synthesis And Hot Pressing Of Transparent Aluminum Oxynitride
Author(s): C. Martin; B. Cales
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Current Status Of Sapphire Technology For Window And Dome Applications
Author(s): F. Schmid; C. P. Khattak
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Comparison Of Large ALON And Sapphire Windows
Author(s): Richard Gentilman; Edward Maguire; Theodore Kohane; David B. Valentine
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Fluoride Glass Property Requirements For Infrared Bulk Optics Applications
Author(s): R. Mossadegh; P. M. Kutty; N. J. Garito; D. C. Tran
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An Investigation Of Brazing Lanthana-Strengthened Yttria Infrared Dome And Window Material To Metal
Author(s): E. M. Dunn; S. Kang; G. C. Wei
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Synthesis And Hot Pressing Of ZnS Powders
Author(s): Mufit Akinc; Ahmet Celikkaya
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Pressure-Induced Sintering Of ZnS
Author(s): S. Block; G. J. Piermarini; M. Balmer; V. Bean
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Toughening Of Zinc Sulfide
Author(s): Bhaskar S. Majumdar; Peter J. Melling
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High Temperature IR Absorption Of Low Resistivity Germanium
Author(s): K. A. Osmer; C. J. Pruszynski; J. Richter
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Absorption Characteristics Of Low-Resistivity Germanium
Author(s): Jack Thornton
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Preparation Of Compounds With The Tetrahedral Structure Which Transmit In The Far Infrared
Author(s): Y-M. Gao; P. Wu; R. Kershaw; K. Dwight; A. Wold
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Pressure Sintering Of III-V Compounds
Author(s): P. Klocek; D. F. Weirauch
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High Modulus Layers As Protective Coatings For 'Window' Materials
Author(s): R. J. Hand; J. E. Field; S. van der Zwaag
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Ultra-Hard Coatings For I.R. Materials
Author(s): B. C. Monachan; C. J. Kelly; E. M. Waddell
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Some Studies Of Hardened Coatings For The Infra-Red
Author(s): K. L. Lewis; A. M. Pitt; I. T. Muirhead; T. J. Wyatt-Davies; A. G. Cullis; G. M. Williams
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Developments And IR Applications Of GeC Thin Films
Author(s): A. H. Lettington; C. J. H. Wort; B. C. Monachan
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Diamondlike Carbon Protective Coatings For Optical Windows
Author(s): Diane M. Swec; Michael J. Mirtich
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CVD Diamond For IR Applications
Author(s): W. A. Yarbrough; N. D. Rosen; L. R. Pilione; W. R. Drawl
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Optical Characteristics Of Diamond Grown By Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition
Author(s): D. Morrison; J. A. Savage
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Amorphic Diamond Films Grown With A Laser-Ion Source
Author(s): C. B. Collins; F. Davanloo; E. M. Juengerman; D. R. Jander; T. J. Lee
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Optical And Other Properties Of MPACVD Diamond
Author(s): C. J. H. Wort; A. H. Lettington; C. Smith; A. V. Hetherington
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Optical Properties Of Microcrystalline CVD Diamond
Author(s): Peter Taborek
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An Experimental Investigation Of Dome Cooling
Author(s): Dennis Quan; William Hsiong
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Transient Temperature Technique For Measuring Normal Spectral And Normal Total Emittance
Author(s): Robert J. Tiernan; James E. Saunders
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Simple Formulas For Estimating The Microwave Shielding Effectiveness Of Ec-Coated Optical Windows
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Window Evaluation Programme For An Airborne FLIR System: Environmental And Optical Aspects
Author(s): Richard D. Harris; Andrew W. Towch
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A Computer Code For Modeling Optical Properties Of Window Materials
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas
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Lattice Symmetries And Thermal Expansion
Author(s): G. M. Gallatin
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Rain Erosion Testing
Author(s): William F. Adler
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IR Materials Rain Damage Prediction And Tests Results
Author(s): J. J. Cassaing; A. A. Deom; A. M. Bouveret; D. L. Balageas
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"Strength And Rain Erosion Studies Of I.R. Materials"
Author(s): J. E. Field; R. J. Hand; C. J. Pickles
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Multiple Impact Jet Apparatus (MIJA): Application To Rain Erosion Studies
Author(s): P. N. H. Davies; J. E. Field
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Optical Window Materials For Hypersonic Flow
Author(s): Robert H. Au
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Analysis Of The Infrared Emission Due To Aerodynamic Heating Of Missile Domes
Author(s): A. Tofani
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Particulate Trajectories And Impact Characteristics In Hypersonic Flight Involving Gas Coolant Shielding
Author(s): Greg W. Burgreen
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Development And Operating Experience On A Zinc-Sulfide Window For The Infrared Instrumentation System (IRIS)
Author(s): Gerald W. Driggers; Eugene D. Tidwell
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Design Considerations For A Compact Table Top Hypersonic Simulator Of Aero-Optic Effects
Author(s): Rodney L. Clark; D. A. Kalin; S. C. Chan; S. M. Lawson
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Table Top Experimental Simulation Of Hypersonic Aero-Optical Effects
Author(s): D. A. Kalin; R. L. Clark
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IR Uses Of Diamond And Diamond-Like Thin Films
Author(s): A. H. Lettington
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Optical And Semiconductor Properties Of Lead Telluride Coatings
Author(s): K. Q. Zhang; J. S. Seeley; R. Hunneman; G. J. Hawkins
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Novel IR Coating Designs With Improved Environmental Durability
Author(s): R. S. Yalamanchi; G. K. M. Thutupalli; K. S. Harshavardhan
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Recent Progress In The Development Of Boron Phosphide As A Robust Coating Material For Infra-Red Transparencies
Author(s): K. L. Lewis; C. J. Kelly; B. C. Monachan
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Infrared Properties (3-5 m) Of Ion Plated Thin Films
Author(s): K. H. Guenther; P. Sachdeva; Z. Taubenfeld
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Infrared Rugate Filters By Laser Flash Evaporation Of ZnS and ZnSe
Author(s): C. S. Bartholomew; M. D. Morrow; N. P. Murarka
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Measurement Of High Out-Of-Band Filter Rejection Characteristics
Author(s): John Kemp; E. Ray Huppi; Mark Madigan
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