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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes and Instruments: Innovative Technologies and Concepts IX
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Volume Number: 11115
Estimated Publication Date: 12 September 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11115
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
WFIRST wide field instrument optical mechanical assembly design overview
Author(s): Jeanette L. Domber; Erik Wilkinson; Dennis Nicks; Thomas Delker; Sarah J. Lipscy
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Spectral and radiometric calibration of WFIRST slitless spectrometer (grism) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Qian Gong; Matthew Bergkoetter; Joshua Berrier; John Chambers; Margaret Dominguez; Wesley Fincher; John Hagopian; Catherine Marx
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Science capabilities enabled by the CETUS NUV multi-object spectrometer and NUV/FUV camera and the driving technologies
Author(s): Stephen E. Kendrick; Robert A. Woodruff; Tony Hull; Sara R. Heap; Alexander Kutyrev
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Raman laser spectrometer flight model assembly and integration verification: end-to-end functional tests for thermal strap assembly procedure redefinition
Author(s): J. Rodríguez-Prieto; G. Ramos ; A. G. Moral ; C. P. Canora; F. Rull; T. Belenguer; C. Quintana; J. Zafra; J. Cabrero; A. Santiago; D. Escribano
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Design of a sky brightness spectrograph with 2.5-5um band for sky brightness measurements
Author(s): Jin-ting Chen; Jie Chen; Qi-Jie Tang; Shu-cheng Dong; Yi-hao Zhang; Jun Zhang; Feng-xin Jiang; Zi-hao Li; Qing-feng Zhu; Hong-fei Zhang; Jian Wang
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First test results on SWIR subsystem optical breadboards: optical mounting characterization, first slit homogenizer, and immersed grating for space applications
Author(s): C. Graziosi; C. Pasqui; F. Brandani; R. Hohn
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Planetary transits and oscillation of stars (PLATO) focal plane assembly (FPA): prototype assembly and integration verification
Author(s): G. Ramos ; A. L. Valverde Guijarro; M. T. Rodrigo; M. A. Sierra; L. J. Gómez; E. Borreguero; L. Álvarez; A. Manjón; A. Balado; D. Barrado; J. M. Mas
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Development and focal ratio degradation optimisation of integral field units on Hector
Author(s): Adeline Haobing Wang; Rebecca Brown; Julia J. Bryant; Sergio Leon-Saval
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Characterization of a silicon photomultiplier for the Ultra-Fast Astronomy telescope
Author(s): Siyang Li; George F. Smoot III
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Ground- and space-based UV observations with EMCCDs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gillian Kyne; Erika T. Hamden; Keri Hoadley; Christopher Martin; Shouleh Nikzad; April Jewell
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The silicon lattice defects in proton and gamma irradiated n-channel CCDs
Author(s): Anton Lindley-DeCaire; D. Hall; N. Bush; B. Dryer; A. Holland
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CCD camera and operatoinal software for CSTAR2
Author(s): Cheng Chen; Hong-fei Zhang; Ming-hao Jia; Ya-qi Chen; Zhi-yue Wang; Yi Zhang; Yi Feng; Qi-jie Tang; Guang-yu Zhang; Jie Chen; Jian Wang
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Ensuring the enduring viability of the Space Science Enterprise (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg; Charles Atkinson
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NPS sparse aperture testbed
Author(s): Brij N. Agrawal; Jae Jun Kim; Jeffrey Baker; Ty Martinez; Bautista Fernandez
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ExoPlanet Optics: conceptual design processes for stealth telescopes
Author(s): J. B. Breckinridge; J. E. Harvey; R. Irvin; R. Chipman; M. Kupinski; J. Davis; D-W. Kim; E. Douglas; C. F. Lillie; T. Hull
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A new Newtonian architecture
Author(s): Thomas D. Ditto
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Picometer level spatial metrology for next generation telescopes
Author(s): Babak Saif; Ritva Keski-Kuha; Perry Greenfield; Michael North-Morris; Marcel Bluth; Lee Feinberg; J. C. Wyant; S. Park
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LISA: observing gravitational waves from space (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Martin Gehler
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The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx)
Author(s): B. Scott Gaudi; Sara Seager; Bertrand Mennesson; Alina Kiessling; Keith Warfield
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Technology maturity update for the Habitable-zone Exoplanet Imaging Observatory (HabEx) concept
Author(s): Rhonda Morgan; Keith Warfield; H. Phil Stahl; Bertrand Mennesson; Gary Kuan; Bala Balasubramanian; Dimitri Mawet; Shouleh Nikzad; John Hennessy; Ali Azizi; Stuart Shaklan; Eugene Serabyn
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Telling the story of life in the cosmos: the LUVOIR telescope concepts
Author(s): Aki Roberge; Matthew R. Bolcar; Kevin C. France
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The Large UV/Optical/Infrared (LUVOIR) surveyor: engineering design and technology overview
Author(s): Matthew R. Bolcar
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The Origins Space Telescope
Author(s): D. Leisawitz; E. Amatucci; L. Allen; J. Arenberg; L. Armus; C. Battersby; B. G. Beaman; J. Bauer; R. Bell; P. Beltran; D. Benford; E. Bergin; J. Bolognese; C. M. Bradford; D. Bradley; D. Burgarella; S. Carey; R. Carter; J. D. Chi; A. Cooray; J. Corsetti; T. D'Asto; E. De Beck; K. Denis; C. Derkacz; L. Dewell; M. DiPirro; C. P. Earle; M. East; S. Edgington; K. Ennico; L. Fantano; G. Feller; A. Flores; D. Folta; J. Fortney; B. J. Gavares; J. Generie; M. Gerin; Z. Granger; T. P. Greene; A. Griffiths; G. Harpole; K. Harvey; F. Helmich; G. Helou; L. Hilliard; J. Howard; M. Jacoby; A. Jamil; T. Jamison; L. Kaltenegger; T. Kataria; J. S. Knight; P. Knollenberg; C. Lawrence; P. Lightsey; S. Lipscy; C. Lynch; E. Mamajek; G. Martins; J. C. Mather; M. Meixner; G. Melnick; S. Milam; T. Mooney; S. H. Moseley; D. Narayanan; S. Neff; T. Nguyen; A. Nordt; J. Olson; D. Padgett; M. Petach; S. Petro; J. Pohner; K. Pontoppidan; A. Pope; D. Ramspacher; A. Rao; G. Rieke; M. Rieke; T. Roellig; I. Sakon; C. Sandin; K. Sandstrom; D. Scott; L. Seals; K. Sheth; J. Staguhn; J. Steeves; K. Stevenson; L. Stokowski; E. Stoneking; K. Su; K. Tajdaran; S. Tompkins; J. Turner; J. Vieira; C. Webster; M. Wiedner; E. L. Wright; C. Wu; J. Zmuidzinas
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Large ultra-stable telescope system study
Author(s): Laura E. Coyle; J. Scott Knight; Laurent Pueyo; Jonathan Arenberg; Marcel Bluth; Matthew East; Kevin Patton; Matthew R. Bolcar
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Dynamic wavefront error and line-of-sight performance predictions for the 15-meter segmented Large Ultraviolet/Optical/Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR) with non-contact vibration isolation
Author(s): Larry D. Dewell; Alison A. Nordt; Ankur Chopra; Matthew R. Bolcar; Julie A. Crooke; Michael S. Jacoby; Kiarash Tajdaran; Torben B. Andersen
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Open letter to future flagship designers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg; Allison Barto
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Habitable-zone exoplanet observatory (HabEx) baseline 4-m telescope design and predicted performance
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Gary Kuan; William Arnold Sr.; Michael Baysinger; Thomas Brooks; Velibor Cormarkovic; Jacqueline Davis; Jay Garcia; J. Brent Knight; Stefan Martin; Navtej Saini; Hao Tang; Juan Villalvazo
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A Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) starshade-only architectures
Author(s): David Redding; Keith Coste; Otto Polanco; Claudia Pineda; Kevin Hurd; Howard Tseng; Stefan Martin; Rhonda Morgan; Kevin Schulz; Jonathan Tesch; Eric Cady; Michael Rodgers; Matthew East; Chris Stark; Gordon Wu; Pei Huang; Bradley Hood; Derek Chan; Dustin Putnam; Suzan Greene; Sandra Johnson; Jonathan Benson
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The HabEx Ultraviolet Spectrograph (UVS): design and science drivers
Author(s): Paul A. Scowen; Stefan Martin; Mayer Rud; Daniel Stern; Alina Kiessling; Bertrand Mennesson; Keith Warfield
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Overview of the optomechanical design of the LUVOIR instruments
Author(s): James Corsetti; Matthew Bolcar; Julie Crooke; Brian Fleming; Kevin France; Joseph Generie; Qian Gong; Tyler Groff; Jason Hylan; Andrew Jones; Lia Sacks; Garrett West; Kan Yang; Neil Zimmerman
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Optical instrument thermal control on the Large Ultraviolet/Optical/Infrared Surveyor
Author(s): Kan Yang; Matthew R. Bolcar; Julie A. Crooke; Jason E. Hylan; Sang C. Park; Regis Venti; Bryan D. Matonak; Michael K. Choi
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Thermal frequency case study for LUVOIR ULTRA
Author(s): Christopher R. Sullivan; Matthew East
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Evolving management strategies to improve NASA flagship’s cost and schedule performance: LUVOIR as a case study
Author(s): Julie A. Crooke; Matthew R. Bolcar; Jason E. Hylan
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Fast steering mirror disturbance effects on overall system optical performance for the Large Ultraviolet/Optical/Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR) concept using a non-contact vibration isolation and precision pointing system
Author(s): Lia W. Sacks; Christine Collins; Gregory Walsh; Michael Eisenhower; James Corsetti; Garrett West; Joseph Howard; Sang Park; Matthew R. Bolcar; Jason E. Hylan; Julie A. Crooke
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Optical design of the Origins space telescope
Author(s): James A. Corsetti; Edward G. Amatucci; Ruth C. Carter; Tom D'Asto; Michael J. DiPirro; Benjamin Gavares; Joseph M. Howard; David T. Leisawitz; Gregory E. Martins; Margaret Meixner; Len Seals
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Spectral response of the stereo imaging channel of SIMBIO-SYS on-board the ESA BepiColombo Mission
Author(s): A. Slemer; V. Da Deppo; E. Simioni; P. Chioetto; P. Zuppella; C. Re; G. Aroldi; M. Dami; D. Borrelli; I. Ficai Veltroni; L. Tommasi; M. Teresa Capria; G. Naletto; R. Mugnuolo; M. Amoroso; G. Cremonese
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The impact of fiber fusion on the focal ratio degradation and transmission
Author(s): Jian Li; Guanru Lyu; Shuqing Wang; Yonghui Hou
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Design and improvements of the control system for LAMOST spectrographs
Author(s): Guanru Lyu; Jian Li; Yonghui Hou; Shuqing Wang
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Rapid-prototyping a tabletop integral field spectrograph
Author(s): Michael Galvin; Christian Delacroix; Mary Anne Limbach; Tyler Groff; Maxime Rizzo; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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MVIC engineering array characterization in the SwRI detector calibration lab
Author(s): Todd J. Veach; Amanda J. Bayless; Peter W. Roming; Greg Bredthauer; Joseph Tufts
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Radiation tolerant, photon counting, visible and near-IR detectors for space coronagraphs and starshades
Author(s): Bernard J. Rauscher; S. E. Holland; Laddawan R. Miko; Augustyn Waczynski
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